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Retribution of Tyria

Chapter One-Versatile Differences

"Ok, this is simple, just take a name from the box, hand it to me, and then proceed to the waiting area." Half of the people were all scurrying forward to draw a name from the box which was placed on a table in front of the man who had spoken these words. He was a pale man, bald, with tattoos where you could only assume hair must once have sat, and wearing robes of bright white. This mans name was Mhenlo, and he was in charge of the tournament that the Prince himself had organised.

The hopefuls from the academy had been whittled down to sixteen people, all of different professions, waiting patiently for their turn to draw an opponent. An intimidating looking man had just walked over to the waiting area, as he was one of those who was going to be selected from the box, he did not need to select anyone himself.

A man then approached the table, however unlike the other man, he looked more anxious about the tournament. He was tall, with dark hair which was all neatly slicked back so that it nearly touched his shoulders, and wearing robes of a vibrant red colour. No one knew this mans real name, as he chose not to disclose it to anyone, and so therefore went by the name of Blaze, a name which he had adopted due to his love of fire.

Blaze placed his hand into the box and drew out a piece of yellow parchment which was folded roughly. He unfolded it carefully and looked at the name which was written on it. To his horror, it was none other than 'Quickshot', the man who had walked over to the waiting area. Blaze handed the parchment over to Mhenlo, and then went to sit down in the waiting area, being sure to keep a fair distance away from Quickshot, who was watching him with an evil look in his eyes.

One more person drew a name from the box, and then a small woman approached the table, looking calm and collected. She had a bright shade of blue hair, a pale complexion and in great contrast to Blaze wore robes of light blue, which blended well with her hair. Her name was Carrie Senyah. Carrie made a piece of neatly folded parchment fly straight into her hand. Mhenlo smiled at this unnecessary use of magic, but she handed him the parchment which said 'Elissa' who Carrie knew was a monk, then went to sit next to Blaze, who she had always got on rather well with.

Two more people drew names from the box. A man now approached the table, he was tall, with spiked up jet black hair, was thin yet not too thin to be like a corpse, and had a mysterious scar across one cheek. This man's name was Seregei 'Spellcaster', and right now he had a look of shear determination on his face. He drew a name, and saw that he would be facing a warrior by the name of Sara Nirtchot. He smiled, then walked over and sat down on Carrie's right side.

One more person drew a name from the box, until at last they were down to the last person. This woman had a very strange hair colour, as though it had been dyed in blood. She was medium height and thin, but everyone knew that despite her size her strength was still something to reckon with, especially in the heat of battle. One thing that made her most mysterious was a scar that she had across her right eye, which looked as though it should have blinded her, yet her vision was still perfect. She usually covered up the scar with her hair however, as she did not like people questioning her about it. Her name was Kaska Zurik. Kaska drew the remaining name from the box, which was a Mesmer called Malachi. She smiled, handed the parchment over to Mhenlo, then walked over and sat down to the left of Blaze.

"...So?" Carrie whispered to Blaze, who was staring at the floor, trying not to think about the duel he was about to have, "Who did you get?"

Blaze looked at her, about to answer, but then...

"Ok people, I need to let you know how this is going to work." Mhenlo had walked over. He had just finished writing down the pairs for the first round. "Most of the academy has turned out to watch this, so no pressure, now...the rules..."

Everyone was now listening intently to his words, as he unravelled a scroll, and started to read down the list of rules.

"I thought anything goes? Why do we need rules...?" Kaska asked, evidently just wanting to get on with the whole thing.

Mhenlo looked over at her. "Not that this rule applies to your necrotic self Kaska, but the first rule is no decapitation. We do want to be able to bring people back in the event of death..." Some people laughed. "Right, now without any more interruptions the rest of the rules are... Use of pets is strictly forbidden as it is seen as an unfair advantage..." Blaze perked up a bit at this, as Quickshot relied a lot on his pet stalker, "...Winners must proceed directly to the platform to observe the rest of the fights...if you surrender you must drop your weapon and come back here to the waiting area, and when surrendering, no surprise attacks or you WILL be disqualified."

Mhenlo then rolled up the scroll. People were surprised at how short the list was. "Good luck to all of you...and remember…he who kills first, wins." He then left towards the arena, as he was acting as the healer.

The scribe whom Mhenlo had been handing all the names too then walked over to them. "The first round will begin shortly, those not participating must remain here until it is their turn to battle. The first round will be between Blaze and Quickshot."

Carrie's mouth opened slightly in shock. She knew that this was about the last person that Blaze would have wanted to fight. Quickshot however merely scoffed and said "Let's hope whoever I fight in round two is more of a challenge..."

Carrie made a movement as if to go and slap him, but Blaze stopped her and said "It's not worth it..."

"Blaze...Quickshot, please follow me to the arena. The rest of you, wait here for your turn..." Everyone watched as the two of them walked slowly behind the scribe.

There was a deadly silence which filled the room now. Kaska broke the silence. "Bet Quickshot gets his ass kicked..." Seregei and Carrie laughed, "...I mean think about it, he is useless without that ugly pet of his..."

"But still, Blaze is going in with a lack of confidence. Those two hate each other and I think it is going to put him off." Carrie said, looking concerned.

"Well you are a right little ray of sunshine aren't you?" Seregei replied.

They heard the sound of a whistle, which could only mean one thing, the tournament had begun...

Nobody spoke, the only sounds that they could hear now were from the audience; horrible gasps and many screams at what must have been a terrible fight taking place. After about five minutes, there was a loud burst of applause, and then murmuring from the audience again, which could only mean that it was over.

Everyone was waiting to see who was going to come back into the waiting area in defeat. A few seconds later the door was opened, and a warrior walked in with none other than Quickshot slung over his shoulder.

He looked awful, Mhenlo had revived him, but now he had to go and be seen to by many other monks so he could be restored to fighting health.

"Ok...I won the bet, where's my money?" Kaska said with a broad smile.

" didn't bet any money." Carrie pointed out.

"Blaze was the winner!" The scribe exclaimed, to the remaining participants. There was a round of applause, and then the scribe led the next two people out to the arena...


"Well...that was interesting." Blaze said to Carrie, Sergei and Kaska. All of them had managed to get through, and now they had an hour to go until the second round began.

"Yeah...I thought I was done for!" Carrie said, sporting a fresh cut down her leg which was healing at an amazing rate before their very eyes.

"Too easy...!" Seregei said who seemed to be the only one who was unscathed out of them all.

"Delicious." Kaska chimed, licking the blood from her lips that she had missed. "I am glad they didn't ban vampiric skills as one of the rules..." She smiled widely, and Blaze felt a little bit sick.

The four of them decided that it would be best to rest before the next round of the tournament. Blaze didn't really object to this, he just wanted to be as far away from Quickshot as he possibly could when he was brought back to health, as he had the nasty feeling that he was going to attempt to put an arrow through his head.

As they walked, trying to find somewhere to settle down, they eventually came to the library, which they thought would be a suitable place to stay. Seregei and Kaska immediately started up conversation once they had sat down, not bothering to keep their voices down as they were the only people present.

"Did you see him though? The idiot thought that slowing me down was going to stop me, what a coward…" Kaska laughed, as did Seregei.

Carrie did not feel much like joining in on the conversation, and so went to pick out a book which would best help her in the matches to come. She finally settled on a book entitled 'Water, the more tranquil way to kill'.

"You are only saying that because he nearly hexed you to death by the time you got there." Seregei said in a joking way. Kaska laughed, which was remarkable, as she did not usually take to jokes like that.

Blaze was the only one not doing anything, he was too focused on being nervous about the upcoming match more than anything. Since all of them had got through, there was a high chance that two of them would be facing each other, something that was ok in training, but in a competition like this he was afraid it would make their relationships falter.

The hour went past in what seemed like no time at all. Before they knew it there was a voice ringing out in what must have been the whole academy. The four of them recognised the voice as Mhenlo's.

"Will those who are participating in round two please return to the waiting area, those who are watching, please make your way to the arena now." His voice sounded perfectly calm as it always did.

Carrie decided to mark where she was in her book by folding over one of the corners of the page. Blaze quickly looked over at it to see the title of a chapter 'Farewell Fear of Fire' before she replaced it upon the bookshelf.

"Who are you hoping to get?" Kaska asked, as if addressing everyone with very little effort.

"None of you." Blaze replied, very quickly. He was hoping beyond anything that he was going to be facing someone that he either didn't know very well, or disliked. It was that, he thought, which had carried him through round one.

"Same." Carrie added.

"Oh I don't know…" Seregei said, not a tone of worry in his voice, "…I don't mind who I get as long as I have… 'Fun'…"

Kaska snorted, now deeply hoping that she would be against him for round two, but knowing that the odds of here getting what she wanted were very slim. They all received a shock to find themselves standing outside the door which lead to the chamber that was being used for the waiting area, all of them had forgotten just how close it was to the library.

They entered, Kaska in the lead. They were the first there, evidently the rest of the participants had wandered further off for their break. They sat back down in the seats which they had used previously, then waited for everyone else to arrive. The only other people present in the room at this time were Mhenlo and the Scribe.

Slowly but surely, the remaining four who had made it into this round entered the room. They could all also hear the noise from the crowd who were outside, waiting. It sounded like there were more people there than before, though it was very difficult to tell without actually seeing them. The four that had entered looked like it would make an interesting line up for round two. Fortunately for Blaze, he knew none of them that well. There was a Monk, who he knew by sight but had no idea what she was called. A Warrior, who he vaguely remembered from the first round, and finally, a male and female ranger who he could not recall ever seeing in his life.

"Just so you all know, so as to keep the tournament unpredictable we have randomised the pairings for this round." Mhenlo announced. "I wish you all the best of luck, so do your best out there." He walked back out into the arena.

"Right!" Said the Scribe, walking forward to address them all. "The first two heading out into the arena will be…" They all seemed to be holding their breath as he consulted his parchment, "…Eva and Hayden."

At this, the two rangers looked at each other nervously. Then without saying a word to each other, they followed the scribe out to the arena. There was a huge cheer from the crowd, which died down rather quickly.

Carrie, Blaze, Seregei and Kaska all looked at each other. It was now inevitable that two of them would be facing each other, and it was only a matter of time before they found out whom. Kaska got up and started pacing back and forth in front of all of them. Seregei had dropped the brave face he had put on earlier, and looked like he was trying to master his nerves. The only one out of all of them who looked completely calm was Carrie.

The fight seemed to go on for a good fifteen minutes. Obviously the two rangers had trained together, and must have known each others fighting styles particularly well compared to anyone else. Seregei however, had the feint idea that they were not trying too hard against each other. Unlike the rest of them, he knew that there was something going on between them.

Eventually there was a huge roar of cheering from the crowd, and they all waited with baited breath to see who had won. The man, Hayden, was being carried off by the usual warrior. Kaska smirked, she had privately been hoping that the female would win.

Now the tension was really mounting. If the Monk and the Warrior were put against each other, it would mean that all four of the friends would be put against one another.

"Ok, moving on. The next two are…Blaze…" Blaze looked up, this was the moment of truth, to see if he would be fighting one of his best friends, "… and Carrie…Oh no wait! I'm sorry, I meant Creisa."

Blaze breathed a sigh of relief as he got to his feet and walked with the Monk to the arena, following the Scribe. The usual cheer sounded, and the fighting began. The tension was now so high in the waiting area, that Carrie was sure if she said a word Kaska would have cursed her into pieces. Seregei got to his feet and started pacing next to Kaska.

"Well…could be anyone couldn't it? I mean they have already demonstrated that they aren't afraid to put people of the same profession up against each other…" Seregei voiced, cautiously, so as not to test Kaska's nerves.

Not a moment later, the battle was over. This was the shortest one of the whole tournament, and seconds later, Creisa was being carried off.

Carrie looked over at her as she was being taken to the medics. "To be honest I don't think she stood a chance…I was talking to her before the match, said she was going to concentrate on offence rather than defence throughout the tournament… stupid girl…"

The scribe returned, parchment unfolded at the ready. "Right…Carrie and Seregei, you next, follow me please."

Carrie blinked, she had tried to expect the worse, but that didn't prepare her for this. Seregei looked down at her. He opened his mouth, tried to say something, but nothing happened.

Carrie got to her feet and walked alongside Seregei to the arena. Kaska looking dumbstruck in their wake.


"You fight very well." Eva said to Blaze as they awaited the next pair to enter the arena. "It is different though, when you are put against one of your friends…"

Blaze looked at her, and was startled to see that she looked miserable, even though she had made it through into the semi finals. Right on cue, the next pair walked out into the middle of the Arena. He was shocked to see Carrie and Seregei standing there.

Blaze could distinctly see Carrie say 'Good Luck' to Seregei, before they walked off to opposite ends of the massive dome shaped arena. It was the duty of the most recent winner to announce the start of the round; Eva had fired an arrow into the air which exploded to start off Blaze's round.

He did not want to set the game in motion, but knew he had to. A second later, he began manipulating a flame in the nearest torch, sent it high, high into the air, and it exploded with the sound of a bomb right above the centre of the dome.

If anything, Blaze was more worried for Carrie, as she was using water magic. She would be hard done by to use any of it when there was not a drop of water close than the Diessa Lowlands. She seemed however, to be prepared for this. A faint aura appeared around her of what appeared to be mist, making her difficult to see, which was lucky, as Seregei sent a blast so powerful at her from his truncheon he was sure it would have finished her off if it had hit.

Looking more carefully at her, Blaze noticed a small hip flask attached to her waist, which must have been where she had gotten the water from to manipulate.

The fighting was almost too much for Blaze to watch. More than once, Seregei removed the aura from around Carrie, and then caught her with a terrible blow from a curse. Carrie was obviously more powerful than she looked, as it did not even knock her down.

The fighting went on for what must have been even longer than Eva's fight. "You see? Different when you know them too well…"

Blaze was not sure who he wanted to win, but it was torture to see them fighting, and wished that one of them would finish it. Seregei performed a curse which made Carrie fall to her knees with weakness, and it looked like it was all over. Then, with strength that must have consumed all of her remaining energy, Carrie conjured a gale so powerful that it knocked Seregei down, she then threw her remaining precious water into the air, turned it into sharp, dagger like ice shards with a swish of her staff, and brought them down on Seregei.

He was now, quite clearly, dead. Carrie fell forward, panting in exhaustion. Mhenlo ran forward and hurriedly revived Seregei as another monk removed the dagger shards. They then tended to Carrie, which seemed to take no time at all. She walked over to them, a smile on her face very faintly, and watched as Seregei was carried off.

Author's notes: Ok, so you're starting to get to know our main characters, on an interesting note all of them (except Seregei) are based on our own characters from the game.

Erik The Phantom- Blaze

Kaska Zurik- Kaska Zurik

Carrie Senyah- Carrie Senyah

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