A Kiss Can Save The World

My very first fanfic

Chapter 1

The brown eyed, bushy haired girl was leaning against the corridor wall as she waited for her best friend to finish speaking with her favourite professor. While waiting, she couldn't help but ponder the changes in her life over the last few months, hell the last few years and realised that 'best friend' no longer covered what he meant to her – quite simply he was the most important person in her life.

She had finally admitted to herself that she loved him after their escape on Buckbeak. All her life she had been terrified of heights but when Harry held out his hand and looked at her, pleading with those gorgeous green eyes, she didn't hesitate. Riding behind him, while holding on tight of course, was the greatest thrill of her life so far and an instant cure for her phobia. So much so that they now repeated the experience, though on his Firebolt under the pretence of helping her learn to fly as part exchange for her input into his training for the tournament.

The Tri-Wizard tournament left her in a bit of a quandary; she couldn't make her mind up whether she hated it or loved it!

On the hate side the whole school, Merlin the whole country thanks to that bitch Rita Skeeter, thought that he had cheated his way into the tournament and was a poor lost attention-seeking child. Even his so-called best mate, Ronald Bilius Weasley didn't believe him and worse, wouldn't even talk to him; Hermione was sure that under Bilius in the dictionary it would say: jealous, insensitive, insecure, childish GIT!

Then there were the tasks themselves.

When she hugged him before he had to go and face a dragon, yes a bloody dragon - it took all of her willpower to let him go. Watching the seemingly tiny figure on his broom, dodging the flames, teeth and spiked tail of that monster gave her nightmares. It was even worse after the task when she flew back into his arms and, drawing on all her Gryffindor courage, was set to finally kiss her best friend when Bilius shows up.

He arrived with some mumbled half hearted apology and Harry, being Harry forgave him, she was left standing there with her arm still round Harry and trying to smile, while running through her head were some of the worst curses and hexes she knew.

Imagining what they would do to the red haired prat was the only way to maintain the phoney smile.

On the good side of the tournament it had brought Harry and her closer than they had ever been. One look at his face when his name was drawn from that flaming goblet and she knew he hadn't entered, she told him so before he left the hall to try and resolve the situation. When she found out later they were forcing him to compete she was livid, but volunteered to help with his training and anything else required.

With no one else speaking to Harry they spent all their time together and she was in Heaven. Harry also had a whole new, more mature attitude to studies, training and life in general which made her love him even more. The hours the spent together studying and training were some of the happiest she'd spent at Hogwarts.

When Harry forgave the prat, she had expected him to go back to goofing off with Ron and for her to be relegated back to her role of nagging big sister and homework helper. To her amazement Harry had continued their training and study schedule though he did offer Ron the chance to join them.

She had mixed emotions regarding this confrontation as Harry continuing with their schedule pleased her more than he knew, while Ron's quite verbal refusal that had finished her friendship with him there and then:


Harry and Hermione walked through the portrait hole and were immediately pounced on by Ron

"Hi you two, hey Harry fancy a game of chess? Hermione have you done that potions essay for Snape yet?"

Harry looked at Hermione and seeing the trepidation in her eyes replied, "sorry Ron, we're just collecting some books before heading down to the library to do some studying, though you're welcome to join us mate."

A flabbergasted Ron was almost lost for words, though did manage to choke out, "eh, no I think I'll give it a miss and we can have that game after dinner."

Still looking at Hermione, "out of luck again mate, we're going to be working on my egg for the next task." Harry was rewarded with a smile that lit up her full face.

Ron just got louder, "but that's months away – you've got plenty of time! Hell mate, you've been spending too much time with Hermione. You're even beginning to sound like her. A good game of chess is just what you need to get your mind of your troubles, not spending time in the library with our resident bookworm here."

By this time quite a few people were paying attention to the ongoing troubles of the Gryffindor trio. Harry watched as the smile was replaced by a look of hurt and embarrassment on Hermione's face, which seemed to ignite a cold rage in his soul. When he looked round at Ron, his green eyes seemed to blaze with fire while power radiated off him, demanding the attention of everyone in the common room. Suddenly, the Harry Potter that could out fly a dragon, slay a basilisk and defeat Voldemort THREE times had made an appearance.

The reactions of the watching students seemed to be mainly gender driven, with the wizards backing away while the witches seemed like moths to a flame. Ginny Weasley appeared about ready to pass out with a look of utter bliss on her face. When Harry put his arm around Hermione's waist and pulled her to him, the power seemed to radiate of them both and was now illuminating the whole common room.

Ron was totally oblivious to the amount of power being displayed, but when Harry put his arm round Hermione there was a Weasley explosion.

" Bloody hell Harry, surely …."

He never got any further as Harry held his hand up and Ron was instantly silenced. Harry spoke in a voice that was barely above a whisper but could easily be heard by everyone in the common room, it chilled their blood. "Ron, choose your next words very carefully as I'm through making allowances for you – and everyone else! Last week I was a cheat who was out for money, glory and fame, no one wanted to speak to me. Now everyone wants to be my friend again, well you tell me what's changed because I'm the same person I was last week."

He looked at Hermione, "if it wasn't for the friendship and help of Hermione I probably wouldn't be here this week, at best I'd still be in the infirmary. So if you think I'm channelling my best friend then that's the biggest compliment anyone could ever pay me."

Hermione was positively glowing and it had nothing to do with the power they were both now radiating, her Harry (her Harry?) yes, her Harry had defended her against Ron in front of the whole of Gryffindor.

But Harry wasn't finished yet, "Oh, as to your second question, of course we've got our potions essays done. I would suggest that you forgo the chess and get yours finished, assuming you've started, because we have a very full schedule and bailing Ronald Weasley out of his homework mess isn't on it."

It is a very rare occasion when all the students of Gryffindor house agree on something, they were all sure that if Harry had looked and spoken to them like that, new underwear would have been required. Ron was just too stupid to realise how much trouble he was in and no one was going to mess with Harry to tell the prat. There was also one hundred percent agreement amongst the witches that Harry's look when he turned to Hermione to speak would have melted any of their hearts.

"Anything you want to add to that Hermione?" Harry asked.

Hermione tried to be stern but nothing could disguise how happy she was, "No Harry, I think you covered it quite well. OK, so everyone knows exactly where we stand now, scenes like this one should be avoided in the future."

As they walked towards the stairs, with Harry's arm still around her waist, not a sound was heard.

End of Flashack

That had been yesterday, she had floated up the stairs to her dorm before being rudely interrupted a minute later by her two dorm mates, Lavender, and Parvati plus a raging Ginny.

"OK girl, spill the beans," said Pav, "and no more of this best friend crap! Merlin I wish I had a best friend like that, every girl in the common room was ready to throw her knickers at him. I've never even heard of power like that, far less seen and felt it. How can you not be affected?"

She just gave them a knowing smile, "I've no idea what you witches are talking about, so if you don't mind Harry's waiting on me."

Ginny had stood the whole time at the door as if petrified while giving Hermione a look that was pure hatred. As Hermione went to leave, Ginny still stood blocking the door.

"Ginny, Harry and I just lost one friend tonight; I'd hate to make it two because of that famous Weasley temper," Hermione said.

This seemed to bring the youngest redhead to her senses, she immediately moved aside. The look on Ginny's face was now one of embarrassment as a mumbled, but sincere apology left her lips.

While walking back down the stairs, Hermione heard Lavender ask Ginny how much she wanted for her Harry Potter poster. She couldn't help but chuckle at Ginny's breathless reply, "not for sale at any price."

Hermione had been so caught up in her thoughts that she failed to notice Harry had left McGonagall's class. He was now standing right in front of her with a strange, mischievous look in his eyes.

"A galleon for them Hermione?" He offered.

"A galleon, isn't that a bit pricy? The going rate is usually a Knut," she laughed.

"For your thoughts, I'd empty my vault," Harry replied.

Hermione could see he was only half joking and, wondering where this conversation was heading, decided to change the subject, "So what did Professor McGonagall ask you to stay behind for?"

Harry gave her a strange look before answering her question, "well apparently, as part of the Tri-wiz, Hogwarts are hosting a Christmas ball."

Hermione bit her lip, waiting on the rest of the story.

Harry continued, "yes, and as a champion I have to have a date and lead of the dancing."

Hermione couldn't find her voice.

Harry kept going, "McGonagall also told me I'll be representing Gryffindor, so I've already decided to ask the most beautiful witch in the school to be my date."

Hermione lowered her head until she was looking at her shoes.

Harry was confused, he was sure this would work, just have to do it the old fashioned way then. Reaching out, he placed his hand under her chin and gently raised her head until she was looking into his eyes, "Hermione Jane Granger, I would be honoured if you would consent to being my date for the Yule Ball?"

Hermione went from despair to elation quicker than she believed possible, he'd asked her – did he think she was beautiful? She knew she wasn't ugly but considered herself plain at best, and her hair! Her thoughts were interrupted by a certain dark haired boy who was standing right in front of her.

"Hermione, I'm dying here! If you don't want to…" She placed a finger on his lips before he could say any more.

She asked, "why me Harry? Why me, when you could have anyone in the castle?"

OK, thought Harry, it's not a refusal yet. Its Hermione, you know she needs an explanation for everything. Just don't blow this, it's too important. "Well Hermione, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I hope some growing up, I started asking myself 'what do I want in life.' Every situation that I imagined, you were right there at my side. Do you know that, apart from Hagrid telling me I'm a wizard, every happy memory in my life, you were there with me."

Harry was starting to get really worried at her lack of an answer but just kept talking, "Now I may not be as smart as you but even I can see the connection. My feelings for you just keep getting stronger and I have desperately been trying to figure out how to ask you to be my girlfriend. This seemed like an ideal opportunity so please say something, I am literally dying here," he pleaded.

A beaming Hermione just said, "Kiss me!"

It was now Harry's turn to have serious problems with his vocal cords, though a startled "what?" did manage to escape.

In her best professor voice Hermione replied, "Well if you're going to be my boyfriend I think you should kiss me, don't you?"

As Harry's arms went round her waist, "absolutely splendid idea Miss Granger, five thousand points to Gryffindor," he muttered.

Her hands seemed to find their way into his hair as their lips travelled towards what would be, for both of them, their first kiss.

A kiss that would change their world.

When their lips met, a golden glow surrounded the couple and as they deepened the kiss, the glow became a pulsing light, which brightened every corner of the corridor. Then the young couple's feet left the floor as they floated about a meter into the air. Harry and Hermione were oblivious to their changing environment, both were to busy pouring their feelings into this wonderful kiss. It seemed to capture the love that they were no longer hiding from each other.

Suddenly, an excruciating pain exploded inside both of their heads causing them to scream in pain. A green mist appeared from behind Harry's scar and took an almost human shape before it also appeared to scream.

The screaming stopped just as suddenly as it began as a pulse of energy left Harry and Hermione with the force of a sonic boom, causing the green mist to explode into nothing while the couple collapsed to the floor unconscious, still held in each others arms.

Riddle House, Little Hangleton

The self-styled Dark Lord, AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle, was beyond angry. He was administering his favourite curse to his useless servant, Wormtail, for having the audacity to question HIS decision. He knew the drain of power was probably doing more damage to this thing of a body he inhabited than it was to his victim but the rule of fear had to be maintained, his word was law.

He lifted the cruciatus curse as Wormtail was now unconscious. An enormous snake waited in anticipation of a green light from her master's stick, this would signal meal time. The creature that was Voldemort unexpectedly emitted an ear-piercing scream then collapsed on the ground, writhing in agony. The snake meanwhile was enveloped with a golden glow, which had it thrashing around the room, trying to find release from the pain induced. A green mist left the snake's now dead body where it seemed to form a humanoid shape before starting screaming.

Head teachers Office

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore sat in his office with scrolls containing reports of the latest developments from the Ministry of Magic. He couldn't help but be reminded of the muggle proverb, 'a camel is a horse designed by a committee!'

Albus thought that what the magical world needed was an outstanding leader, one who could take them into the next millennium. Having a little chuckle to himself, he thought he knew just the Order of Merlin winner for the job when all his plans came to fruition. He was rudely awakened from his pleasant daydream as the magical tsunami that had its epicentre with the unconscious couple hit his office.

All his silver instruments and measuring devices, arranged throughout his office exploded. Albus was lifted out of his chair and knocked flat onto his back on the floor as every piece of glass, including the windows, shattered into thousands of pieces.

Potions Lab

Severus Snape was not a happy wizard, but then again Severus Snape had never been a happy wizard. He loved brewing potions but the only thing he hated more than children was teaching children potions. He considered teaching anyone below seventh year and not from Slytherin a waste of his valuable time and talents, since the vast majority of his time was spent outside this endeavour, he was not best pleased.

To add insult to injury Potter had got past the dragon relatively unscathed. While contemplating the injustice that is life, he consoled himself with the thought that at least it couldn't get any worse. Fate can sometimes have a sense of humour. Snape's arm felt as if it was on fire as the dark mark suddenly delivered pain through his body, dropping him to the floor writhing in agony.

Though nothing could convince him of this at the time, being on the floor turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the magical pulse impacted on the potions lab, exploding thousands of containers of all shapes and sizes. This created a virtual hail of glass, which sliced through the space he had occupied a heartbeat ago, only being behind his desk saved the potions master's life.

Great Hall

As the students were sitting down to lunch, the behaviour from the top table of Professors Moody and Karkaroff largely went unnoticed. Both wizards simultaneously clutched their left arms and fell to the floor in agony. The reason this strange behaviour went unnoticed was due to the pulse arriving seconds later, knocking every window in the hall onto the thankfully empty courtyard below.

The sound created by this phenomenon had a pair of red haired Gryffindors dreaming of recreating the effect in their newest firework, which they immediately named 'Shock and Awe' because that's exactly how they felt.

Apart from some spilled pumpkin juice, not one person received any injuries and everyone considered themselves very lucky.


The castle recognised the pulse and knew where it originated and even more important what it signified, Hogwarts immediately switched allegiance from the current headmaster to its new protector and rightful owner.

Hogwarts had the largest number of house elves in Britain and they were working like a well-oiled machine, during one of the busiest periods of the day. When the pulse reached the kitchen, only minimal damage was caused, one elf in particular though couldn't contain his excitement and bounced up and down on the spot because, like the castle the elves recognised their new owner.

Room of Requirements

In a massive storeroom of forgotten and discarded possessions, an old dusty tiara suddenly began to float. While floating, it became surrounded by a golden aura, this was then disturbed by a green mist which seemed almost sentient and started screaming. As it was trying to escape the glow, the magical pulse hit resulting in no trace of the mysterious mist being left.

The magical pulse swept the length and breadth of the country and seemed to have predetermined targets as a ring, a cup and a locket succumbed to an identical fate.

Ministry of Magic

The "clutching arm and falling to the ground" epidemic seemed to select specific wizards and witches throughout the country. Even the Minister for Magic and his Senior Undersecretary were affected as they were found on the floor of his office, partially clothed, by an Auror. The ashen-faced Auror immediately closed and locked the door, then rushed to find an obliviator to remove a memory that would otherwise haunt him for the rest of his life.

The magical pulse engulfed the ministry building but the damage was limited to only one department. Nobody from the Improper Use of Magic Office would ever use the word "limited" to describe the chaos caused when all their monitoring apparatus exploded, leaving the Ministry blind to any underage magic, illegal apparition, portkey use and many other activities that the wizarding public were unaware the were being monitored for.

Gringotts Bank

In his office Ragnok, the General Manager of Gringotts Bank and Leader of the Goblin Nation, had a look that would put the fear of death into any witch or wizard who had the misfortune to gaze upon it, a fellow goblin would recognise a very large grin on their leaders face. He pushed a button on his desk and immediately his assistant appeared in front of the extremely happy goblin and awaited his instructions.

"Tell Griphook he will be having visitors soon and to offer them any and all the assistance of the bank and the Goblin Nation," said a still smiling Ragnok.

The assistant couldn't believe what he was hearing but with Ragnok seemingly in an exceptionally good mood nothing more than a "yes sir" was going to be uttered as he hurried to carry out his order, wondering just who the visitors could be.

Riddle House, Little Hangleton

As the pathetic creature fought through the pain of its dying body, with one last Herculean effort the thing that was Voldemort reached out to the green mist and absorbed it into itself. Barely a second later the magical pulse hit the mansion but passed through causing no damage whatsoever.

Head teachers Office

It had been many, many years since anything had been able to knock Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore down and as he lay there, with the destruction of his office all around him, he felt control of the castle leave him. While trying to formulate a plan of action, he was hindered by two words that kept repeating over and over in his mind, "deep shit!"

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