A Kiss Can Save The World

Chapter 2

Harry and Hermione were shaken awake by their worried looking head of house, "Are you two OK?" asked McGonagall

After glancing at each other they both nodded neither trusting their voice at the moment

"Well wait in my classroom until we can find out what happened, you should be safe there for now," as she hurried down the corridor with her wand in hand.

After entering the transfiguration classroom Hermione closed the door and cast locking and silencing charms before turning to Harry and rushing into his waiting arms.

As they embraced Harry thought 'I never wanted to let her go'

When Hermione answered "don't worry Harry now your mine and I'm never letting you go"

It took a few seconds for him to realise that he hadn't actually said the words out loud

Hermione answered him again "but I heard it loud and clear oh Harry I'm getting worried, this is not normal"

"Hermione when is my life ever normal, one kiss and we get woken up on the corridor floor by McGonagall no less."

This caused Hermione to smile in remembrance of that wonderful kiss.

Harry continued, "I just wish I knew what happened back there and is it safe to kiss you again because I plan on doing that a lot."

He was moving his lips to hers while talking and was just about to have the second kiss of his life when two loud cracks reverberated around the classroom as a couple of house elves appeared before them.

"My Lord and Lady, how may we be of service?"

Harry and Hermione had to look twice to make certain that the very formal elves bowing and curtsying to them were actually Dobby and Winky. "Dobby what's with the Lord and Lady? I thought we agreed that my name is Harry and how are you feeling now Winky?"

"I is feeling much better my Lord and thank you for asking."

Harry was starting to get annoyed, "Could we please stop with the Lord stuff and why so formal?"

"We is required to be formal for the request we wish to make my Lord," answered Dobby

The fact that Dobby was in Harry's presence and wasn't bouncing about like a two year old on their third cup of espresso set Hermione's alarm bells ringing, "And just what is this request?' she asked.

"Well now that you are bonded and have all your houses to take care of we would like to be bonded to the noble Lord and Lady Gryffindor," said an expectant Dobby.


Harry led Hermione to a seat before sitting down himself though as soon as his girlfriend realised they were no longer touching she immediately change position to sit on his knee with her arm on his shoulder. This brought a knowing smile to the faces of both elves, while the teenagers paused to figure out their next move.

It was Harry who spoke though for some reason he knew exactly what Hermione wanted to ask, "Ok you two come over here and have a seat, and then maybe you can tell us what the hell is going on."

Normally this would have led to tears of joy and much proclaiming of what a great wizard Harry was but as both elves calmly approached and sat facing them Hermione was now seriously worried.

Dobby then calmly proceeded to turn their whole world on its head, "When you kissed a soul bond formed, which in the wizarding world counts as legally binding marriage, so you both immediately became adults thus releasing your inheritance. You are now Lord and Lady Gryffindor, owner of Hogwarts and all the land for miles around including the village of Hogsmead."

The teenagers were to stunned to react even when Winky added her bit, "That's not counting the Potter inheritance and the properties included means that you require house elves and, since we are not bonded we would be honoured to serve such wonderful people as you."

Hermione sat on her boyfriends, no her husbands knee and tried to process the information they had been given but all she got was 'Mrs Hermione Potter' and a smile lit up her face as her greatest wish seemed to have come true. She started feeling apprehension radiating off Harry, doesn't he want to be married to me? Hermione turned and could see the worry in his eyes when suddenly the words 'her dads going to kill me' formed in her head so she did the first thing that she could think of to calm him down, she kissed him.

A few minutes later it was a much calmer Harry who spoke to the elves, "You know neither of us believes in owning slaves but we both like you two very much so we offer you the bond of friendship rather than servitude. If this is acceptable we can work out the other details as we go along as you seem to know more about our situation than we do."

Dobby and Winky barely glanced at one another before answering together, "We accept!"

Getting off their chair Harry and Hermione, still craving contact by holding hands approached their little friends and placed their free hand on top of each elves head. No sooner had contact been made when a golden glow enveloped the quartet with magic seeming to pour out of the couple and into the elves.

As the glow dissipated a much changed Dobby and Winky were revealed. Both were now at least four inches taller and while Dobby seemed to have gained a fair bit of muscle, Winky was now noticeably female but it was in their facial features that the most striking changes had occurred. Their cartoonish features had been redrawn and the effect was startling. Gone was the overly large round head, tennis ball eyes and bat like ears to be replaced with an oval proportioned head, smaller eyes and although their ears were still pointed they were less than half their original size.

Before anyone could speak Dobby took charge, "My Lord and Lady it's not safe here. We must get you somewhere that no one can find us. There is still much we need to explain and many questions to answer. Please come with us."

Allowing no time for discussion Dobby took hold of Harry while Winky clasped Hermione and the four of them disappeared without a sound, just seconds before Dumbledore and McGonagall burst into the room.

Finding the classroom empty and knowing that the locking charms he had just disabled must have been cast from inside the room it was a very worried looking Dumbledore who turned to his Depute, "Are you sure they were in here?" he asked.

Only to be meet with an angry "YES" from the now scowling McGonagall "and it's high time you told me what's going on Albus, start talking!"


The four appeared silently in a room that was almost familiar, as it resembled the Gryffindor common room in size, shape and colour of décor but there all similarities ended as the furniture, fixtures and fittings could only be described as luxurious.

There were shelves filled with ancient looking books while one wall was almost completely made from glass with a door leading onto a large balcony which had stunning views of the lake confirming they were still inside Hogwarts castle.

The corridor at the back of the room led to a maser suite and three other very large bedrooms but before they could explore further their attention was drawn to a magnificent fireplace or rather to the portrait above.

The portrait was of a knight but this was no Sir Cardigan, no this knight had nobility etched into every feature and with his long dark hair and goatee beard combination he really was hansom in a sort of roughish fashion, but it was the sword he carried that attracted Harry's attention, he knew that sword, he had killed with that sword.

"Godric Gryffindor!" he whispered.

No sooner had the words left his mouth when the painting came to life, "At last, welcome heirs to the Gryffindor apartments, it's been so long since I've had company please take a seat and we can have a chat."

Harry and Hermione had received so many shocks lately that they just took the fact that one of the founders wanted to have a chat with them as an everyday occurrence, 'Harry said his life is never normal, maybe this is what it's like to be Mrs Potter' thought Hermione. She started laughing then found she couldn't stop until Harry pulled her over to sit beside him on the sofa facing Godric where she buried her head into his chest and the laughter became tears.

Harry was going to ask what was troubling her when the thought came 'she doesn't want to marry me, can't really blame her and now she's afraid to tell me.'

This sent Hermione off on a rant, "Harry James Potter, stop that right now. I've dreamed about marrying you for years. I've even chosen the bloody dress but never for one minute did I think you would want to marry a bushy haired, bucktoothed, book…" The rest was lost as Harry returned the favour from earlier and they kissed until she calmed down although both were now anything but calm.

When they next took notice of their surroundings a teapot and two cups as well as an unbelievable range of snacks and cakes covered the table in front of them.

Harry glanced at both Dobby and Winky and raised his eyebrow in a questioning manner. He held their gaze until Dobby snapped his fingers and another two cups appeared beside the other sofa which both elves sat down as the four of them smiled and enjoyed their tea together.

This short oasis of normality revitalised Hermione who moments before was suffering from information overload and had more questions needing answers than at any time since discovering magic existed. Suddenly she felt as if she had regained some of the control that had been spiralling away from her as she withdrew parchment, quill and ink from her bag. Hermione was trying to get some solid ground under her feet, "Ok lets write down the facts we know and we can add to them as we get questions answered," she said with authority in her voice.

They all smiled at this, even the portrait, "Harry and I have a soul bond which effectively means we're married," she stated.

Both elves nodded their heads in agreement while Harry had a smile from ear to ear as Hermione continued, "because of this bond we are now emancipated adults."

Again both elves nodded while Harry suddenly realised the implications of this fact, "No more Dursleys!' he shouted.

The look of joy on his face melted Hermione's heart and she mentally placed 'dealing with the Dursleys' onto her list of things to do. She then summed up their information, "Now Harry is the heir of Godric here so we are now Lord and Lady Gryffindor and own the castle and Hogsmead."

At this Godric decided to help the lovely young Gryffindor couple, the talking painting added, "Well actually there's more to it than just owning the castle, Hogwarts is so much more than a building. When we constructed this wondrous castle we wanted her to be sentient so each of the founders entrusted a part of our soul into the castle. This has nothing to do with those abominations called horcruxes which we'll cover later but rather as a labour of love. Hogwarts answers to the sitting headmaster unless he strays away from the light and our current one has done some things that he should go to prison for."

A memory came to Harry and Hermione and as they watched it unfold the anger that it evoked was unparalleled to anything the teens had ever felt and at the end only one word was whispered "bastard!'

Before anything else could be said Godric interrupted, "The portraits and ghosts have just reported that Albus is going to find someone called Sirius and then a family called the Grangers. For some reason he is desperate to stop you getting to Gringotts and from past experience he will go to any lengths."

"We have to do something Harry, my parents wont have a clue what's going on."

"We have some advantages," said Godric "his phoenix just had a burning day and the castle has closed the floo system so he is having to walk to the edge of the wards while anyone touching an heir can apparate from the castle."

Harry now had a task with defined goals so sprang into action, "Hermione and Winky get a room ready for Sirius and see if you can find any clothes he could wear, Dobby and I will grab him and be right back then the four of us will collect your parents. Let's go Dobby."

Dobby grabbed Harry's arm and they were gone before any of the ladies could object to the plan.


A large black dog was curled up trying to stay warm in a chilly cave overlooking the village of Hogsmead. He was passing the time dreaming of a hot bath, large meal and a soft bed when his enhanced senses screamed red alert as realisation that he had uninvited company hit home.


Albus couldn't remember ever having a day this bad, first Fawkes had a burning day just as he needed him then the floo system broke down and now the bloody stairs were playing silly buggers. If those Weasley twins had pranked the stairs then Argus Filch would get to use his thumbscrews as an early Christmas present.

He eventually made it out the main doors and hurried down to the gates before passing through them and the protective wards immediately apparating to the cave he placed Sirius in.


"Sirius, it's me! You need to transform."

The black dog suddenly became a man with all the obvious signs of living rough, "What the hell are you doing here? Merlin's beard, you frightened the life out of me"

"Sorry Sirius but we haven't got time for this, you're coming with me now."

The cave was now empty!


At the Gryffindor apartment Hermione had found some robes that should fit Sirius while Winky had a hot meal on the table as they waited for their men returning.

Harry, Dobby and Sirius apparated into the apartment but before Sirius could vent his anger at the situation he was bowled over by the bushy haired missile that targeted his godson leaping at Harry and enveloping him in limbs while kissing him senseless. Sirius was beyond shocked, just what the hell was going on? He made 'clearing the throat' noises to try and get the young couples attention.

When Godric said "I don't think that's going to be enough, I think you're going to have to try something louder than that."

Sirius nodded his head in agreement before placing two fingers into his mouth and producing an ear splitting whistle.

Harry and Hermione slowly parted although still wrapped in each other's arms, "Oh hi Sirius, good to see you again," said Hermione "there's a meal on the table, plenty of hot water and clean robes left out for you. We need to leave now to collect my parents but we won't be long."

"Yea need to go and collect the in-laws so best behaviour from the godfather as we're trying to make a good impression here," said Harry.

The two couples joined hands and left a bewildered animagus wondering what was in that last bit of grub he scavenged because this couldn't be real. Then the scent of the food reached his nostrils and hunger dispelled all doubts as he prepared to eat his first real meal in years.


Dumbledore found the cave empty but knew Sirius couldn't be far away, sitting down on a boulder he decided to give him ten minutes to show up.


At the Granger Dental Practice in Kensington both doctors were drinking coffee while completing paperwork and looking forward to heading home for the weekend when they were disturbed by a very familiar voice that had no business being here.

"Mum. Dad are you still here?"

"We're in the office dear," said Emma.

The door opened and Hermione burst through and raced to embrace her parents while Harry and the elves entered at a more sedate pace.

Dan Granger hugged his daughter while his mind raced trying to find a reason for this visit. He noticed that the boy and Hermione were still wearing Hogwarts school robes in Kensington and what the other two visitors were he had no idea. Taking into account the speed she came through the door and the ferocity of the embrace Dan knew something was seriously wrong with his studious daughter.

"Well darling I think we should have the introductions and then the explanation, don't you?" said a worried Emma Granger who was every bit as smart as her husband and had came to the same conclusion about the seriousness of the situation.

"Oh sorry, I was so worried I forgot my manners. Mum, Dad meet Harry Potter."

"So finally we get to meet the boy mentioned in all your letters and who you never stop talking about," said Emma shaking an embarrassed Harry's hand.

"Pleased to meet you," said Harry as he shook hands with his as yet unaware in-laws.

"This is Winky and Dobby who are elves," as Hermione introduced the bowing couple to distract her parents attention away from Harry. She knew they had to get away as quickly as possible so had decided that all explanations would need to wait for a more secure location.

Hermione took a deep breath and prayed that she could convince her parents to leave without delay, "Mum, Dad, something happened today which will affect all our lives but at the moment we don't have all the facts. The one thing that's definite is that we are in great danger if we remain here. I need you both to trust me and come with us to a safe location where we can hopefully answer all of the questions that I can see in you eyes. Please believe me that we need to leave NOW!"

The urgency in her voice and the pleading of her eyes convinced Dan and Emma who understood they were out of their depth in the magical world so had to trust that Hermione knew what she was doing.

"Let us get our coats though I don't think the six of us will fit in the car dear," said Emma as she moved to collect them from the combined store and cloakroom in the corridor.

Relief flooded through Hermione as Harry released a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding, "Don't worry Mum we won't be taking the car," smiled Hermione.


Albus patience was wearing thin as he sat waiting for Sirius.

He hadn't anticipated an empty cave and was starting to get seriously annoyed with people not following his instructions, 'Stay in the cave and no one will find you!'

How hard was that but here he was sitting waiting while that moron Black was probably roaming the countryside instead of following his orders. He decided he'd waited long enough; it was time to move on to his next targets.

An old man with a ridiculously long beard and attention seeking wizard robes appeared in the enclosed back garden of the Granger residence only to find the house unoccupied so sitting on a garden chair while casting a warming charm on himself Albus settled down to wait.


The group of six who appeared on the top step of Gringotts caused quite a few heads to turn. When considering that the group was comprised of two muggles, two Hogwarts students in Gryffindor robes with two house elves walking beside their masters with their heads held high it was probably unsurprising that the group gathered attention.

While the senior Grangers recovered from the side along apparition they were ushered into the bank by Hermione, "Can you explain how we're safer in Diagon Alley than we were in our office and why is everyone staring at us?" said a still nauseous Emma.

"It's impossible to apparate into Gringotts as it is a bank after all so we got as close as allowed and since it's run by goblins it's against their laws for a wizard or witch to draw a wand in the bank far less use one. You never want to mess with goblins," said Hermione.

Harry made his way to a counter only to be intercepted by Griphook offering his assistance. Minutes later the party were shown into a rather plush office with an impressive desk that looked centuries old. Griphook proceeded behind the desk while conjuring four chairs for his guests. Hermione's parents looked in dire need of a seat so took the offered chairs with thanks while Harry and Hermione remained standing, both stared at Griphook who was deeply worried.

His orders came from the top and he seemed to have offended Lord and Lady Gryffindor but had no idea what he'd done. Harry's glare left Griphook for an instant as he glanced at the standing elves and the now perspiring goblin realised that they wouldn't sit while their house elves stood so it was a shocked Griphook who offered an apology while another two chairs appeared. It would seem that these were not ordinary wizarding folk.

Regaining his composure Griphook got down to business, "Lord and Lady Gryffindor may I on behalf of Gringotts Bank and the Goblin nation offers our congratulations on your bonding and asks how we can be of assistance."

Hermione watched as her parents nearly fell of their chairs in shock.

Harry replied, "Thank you Griphook now could I please see a list of our holdings, my parents will, a copy of any transactions from the accounts and we would really appreciate any literature you could provide on soul bonds and our names are Harry and Hermione."

"That may take some time my lo…Harry, would you and your guests like some refreshments while waiting?"

"That would be splendid though could we have some brandy for my parents as they've just had a bit of a shock!" replied Hermione.

A very rare sighting of a chuckling goblin was seen as Griphook waved his hand and a table full of refreshments appeared, "I will return with your requests very soon," leaving the room as both Grangers glared at the teenagers.

Harry turned to the Grangers, "I think we owe you an explanation but please understand this is all new to us as well."

Dan gave Harry a look that said 'continue and this better be good' so he did

"When we finished classes today I asked Hermione to be my date for the ball and my girlfriend, she said yes, we kissed and now we're married."

Dan waited but when Harry didn't say any more he exploded, "You ran away from school, dragged us out our office to the other side of London then give us this bullshit! Are you serious?" asked an angry Dan Granger

A giggling Hermione got up and perched on Harry's lap before saying, "No dad, that's his godfather you'll meet him later."

The sight of their bookish daughter giggling was such a shock that neither of the parents commented on her new seating arrangement.

"Sir I just wanted to assure you and Mrs Granger that nothing inappropriate took place and that I love your daughter with all my heart. She's been my best friend since I was eleven and had things progressed along normally we would have had a few years for you both to get to know me better before I asked for Hermione's hand in marriage but the instant we kissed a soul bond formed which is a legally binding marriage for all time."

Hermione continued, "Now for some reason this really upset our Headmaster which is why we had to get our families to safety and we hope Gringotts holds the answer."

Dan Granger was in a quandary, the fact that his daughter was giggling and now sitting on this young mans lap, arms wrapped around his neck gave such a feeling of relief that his lonely little girl had found someone who obviously thought the world of her but the problem was she's still his little girl. He looked at his best friend and they realised they had to get this right, all the parenting manuals had went in the bin as soon as magic entered the equation! What do you look up when your daughter gets attacked by a mountain troll in a girl's toilet or petrified by a basilisk in a school corridor? They looked at their daughter and neither had ever seen her look happier which for both of them was more important than anything else.

Hermione could see her parents struggling with the situation so tried to help, "Mum, dad we don't have all the answers yet which was why Harry asked Griphook for any books on soul bonds. While in the muggles world this would be called a marriage made in heaven the wizarding world can actually detect the effect and recognise it legally. When Harry and I kissed and the bond formed it was so powerful it knocked us both unconscious."

This comment brought about loud laughter from both the elves before Dobby was able to explain, "Begging your pardon my Lady but it was more powerful than you thought as you broke half the windows in the castle," as both elves dissolved into more fits of laughter.

"We're not going to get a bill for this are we and what's with the Lord and Lady, does your mum have to curtsy when she brings you breakfast?" said a smiling Dan trying to keep the mood light.

"Actually dad we own Hogwarts, my official title is Lady Hermione Jane Potter Gryffindor and I wouldn't expect mum to bring my husband and I breakfast as it would upset the elves."

She managed to hold her emotions under control but the look on her parent's faces started her giggling which soon became fits of laughter which everyone couldn't help but join. It was to gales of laughter that Griphook re-entered the room weighed down with folders and scrolls. He began to understand director Ragnok's delight as this young couple who were going to stand the wizarding world on its head, the treatment of their elves had shocked Griphook but he now understood that they were not considered slaves.

The whole Goblin Nation was set to align itself behind this couple with the hope that they could be considered equals to wizards and all other magical beings. He arranged the documents across his desk while everyone regained their composure, "Where would you like to begin Harry?" asked the goblin

"I think we have to do this in chronological order and hopefully a pattern will emerge as we have our suspicions but at the moment no proof," said Hermione while Harry nodded in agreement.

Griphook then lifted the will of James and Lily Potter, "I will be summarising the main points of all the documents we cover here and will have copies of everything sent to a location of your choice. As expected your parents left everything to you but it's the placement of yourself with the Dursleys that concerns us in that the will lists six different placement options and specifically states under no condition were you to be left with your aunt. Dumbledore basically kidnapped you and with the imprisonment without trial of your godfather he declared himself your magical legal guardian."

The silence in the room was deafening.

"As your magical guardian he had access to a portion of your account and paid Vernon Dursley the total of one hundred and twenty thousand pounds sterling over a fourteen year period. In that same period he has also paid the Hogwarts tuition fees for all the Weasley children."

Just when they thought it couldn't get any worse it did!

Griphook knew the next revelation would get a reaction and he wasn't disappointed, "Dumbledore also arranged a marriage contract for Harry's sixteenth birthday with Ginevra Molly Weasley."

Hermione exploded, "The manipulative old bastard! I'm gonna kick his bony arse all the way to Hogsmead and I'm not forgetting the bloody Weasleys or the Dursleys. A lot of people are going to pay for hurting my Harry."

The power radiating off Hermione was actually shaking the bank while inside the room a goblin, two Grangers and both elves were taking shelter behind anything the could find as the air crackled with energy. The door burst open and director Ragnok with four guards tried to enter but was forced back.

Harry, who still had his arms around Hermione spoke, "I love you Mrs Potter!" This distracted Hermione long enough for Harry to pull her into a kiss draining off her anger as their passion deepened and nothing else existed in the moment.

As the kiss ended Hermione gasped, "Thanks Harry, I needed that. You do realise that if Ginny comes within twenty feet of you I'm going to squash her like a bug?"

Harry just nodded before turning to the goblin, "Griphook try and break it to us a little bit gentler could you as my wife seems to be the possessive type, now I need you to tell us what our options are as there's no way, what did you call him love? Ah yes that manipulative old bastard is getting away with this," they were once again staring into each other's eyes totally unaware of the chaos around them.

"What the hell was that?" a stunned Emma Granger demanded.

"That was the unstoppable force of nature known as Hermione Potters temper," said Harry who deliberately used her surname to remind her who it was he loved.

Dan had quickly caught on to Harry's tactics and could see it was working so approached the couple and hugged them both saying, "Just as well you took her off our hands Harry she really can bring the house down."

Emma joined what was now a four way hug, "Welcome to the family Harry, it will take us some time to get our heads round this but our daughter's happiness means everything to us and we can already see what Hermione means to you," she said as tears ran down her cheek.

"Don't worry mum Harry already knows I've chosen my dress so you still get a wedding and wait till they hear down the golf club that your bushy haired bookworm is marrying a lord."

"Lord and Lady Gryffindor please let me introduce myself. My name is Ragnok and I'm the director of Gringotts. Oh it may interest you to know Mr Granger that you son in law owns several golf courses."

Dan's interest was immediately peaked, "Where exactly are these courses then?"

"The Potters were one of the founders of the R & A and own all the courses in St Andrews," replied Ragnok.

"Oh he's a definite keeper," joked Emma while Dan fainted!

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