"Oh, for Merlin's sake Longbottom, could you take any longer?"

Exasperation and not a little frustration easily recognisable in the tone, blue eyes annoyed at the constant interruptions. A warm laugh as footsteps pad along the gravel road.

"Says the boy who stands in front of the mirror for half an hour perfecting his hair?"

A small glare of annoyance and brown eyes dance merrily.

"That is a lie and you well know it. Now, may we proceed or are there any other girls you'd like to try and 'romance'?"

A shrug and a quick grin, followed by a wink to a passing girl.

"You make it seem like I'm not good at it. Girls love me Malfoy, your just jealous."

A snort, followed by a quick twitch of the eyebrow, which said everything without words, but even so words followed.

"Jealous? Of what exactly?"

A fake stumble backwards, and a mock shocked expression, there for a moment, but replaced soon afterwards with a grin.

"Cruel, and oh so cold! You'll never get a girl that way."

Blue eyes rolled, a cross between bemusement and resignation.

"They're not worth it Longbottom."

An annoyed sigh.

"I swear I think you're a robot sometimes!"

A confused look spreads across the pale face, and a hand reaches up to smooth back some stray hair.


Brown eyes glance sideways, their mischievous light partially hidden, and not likely to be seen by the other.

"A muggle thing. And don't look so disgusted! You think I don't know about that secret stash of muggle porn you have hidden under your mattress?"

A short huff of breath, possibly of annoyance, possibly a small soundless laugh, it is difficult to tell.

"When have you ever been in my dorm?"

A bright grin spreads, stretching up arms cross behind his head; brown eyes wander appreciatively over another passing girl.

"Oh, I have my ways Malfoy, I have my ways!"