Untitled- Wrestling Story

A Twist of Fate


Summary: After a one-night-stand 21 years ago, Shawn Michaels forgot all about the woman known as India David. Now said 21 years later at a show in Houston, Texas, Shawn meets someone he thought he knew, but turns out he has a lot more in common with this girl than he thought. (By the Way- Triple H will be called Hunter in this story by everyone except Steph so as not to confuse everyone."

--21 Years Ago--

"Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, I bet that I could get any chick in this room to go to a room with me." A very drunk Shawn Michaels said to his best friend Hunter Helmsley.

"Fine, you're on. 50 bucks says that you can lay that… um… that brunette chick over there, the waitress." Hunter said.

Shawn turned and saw the woman that his friend was pointing at. He smirked before standing up. He walked over to her and started talking.

Hunter looked on shocked when Shawn walked off hand-in-hand with the woman. Shawn looked over his shoulder and smirked at his friend and mouthed '50 bucks Hunter'. Hunter grinned, shook his head and raised his glass to Shawn.

--Present time--

Shawn rubbed sleep from his eyes as he woke up in his hotel. His head was throbbing from the hangover he had and he just had the weirdest dream.

It was of a brown haired waitress in Houston, Texas. He had had a one night stand with her 21 years ago but he had forgotten about her until now.

Shawn groaned and looked around his hotel room. Bodies were littered across the floor amidst the beer bottles and food packets. Shawn carefully stood up and when he did, everyone else began to wake.

A loud knock was heard and everyone moaned. Shawn walked slowly to the door. He opened it to find the Divas standing at the doo, their arms laden with the perfect hangover food, McDonalds.

"We thought you all would need some hangover food." Steph McMahon whispered.

Shawn smiled and granted the Divas access to the room. The men, who had now pried themselves from the floor and grinned as the girls handed them the food. Their smiled widened when the food reached their stomachs.

The men who had by now pried themselves from the floor grinned as they ate their food and the smiled even wider as it hit their stomachs.

"Feeling better?" Torrie asked as she kissed John on the cheek before sitting next to him and snuggling under his arm.

The guys all nodded and continued eating their McDonalds. When all the food was done, the men all sighed before hugging up to their significant others and sitting down to talk.

Shawn smiled at his friends but he felt a small pang of loneliness realising that all of his friends had someone. Jeff was with Trish, Hunter was with Steph, Dave (Batista) was with Lillian (Garcia), Mark had Sara, John (Cena) had Torrie, Paul (Big Show) had Kelsey (his wife), Glenn (Kane) had Lucy, Chris (Jericho) had Melina and Randy had Maria. He, Matt and Lita were the only ones not currently in a relationship.

"Hey guys, tonight I booked us a table at Mizone for 6:30." Steph said. Mizone was a famous restaurant in Houston that was really good. The food was amazing and the staff were too. The wrestlers had been hoping to go there at least once during their week off.

"That's great Steph. I can't wait. We've been wanting to go there for a while now." Hunter said giving Steph a kiss on the cheek.

Everyone agreed with Hunter. After a while, the men all stood up and left Shawn's room for their respective rooms so they could have a shower before heading down to the gym to burn off all the calories their night of drinking had made them put on the night before.

6:30 that night

That night, the 23 wrestlers and divas were waiting outside a packed Mizone. A young blonde girl soon walked up to them and said "Hi and welcome to Mizone. Do you have a reservation?"

The men (mainly the younger men) stared at what she was wearing with wide eyes. She had on a pair of Daisy Duke shorts, boots and a red gingham flannelette shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and it was tied just under her bust. Perched on her blonde hair was a white cowboy hat.

"Um yes. We have a booking for 23 people under the name McMahon." Steph said to the young girl.

The young girl looked at the book on the bench in front of her and said "Oh yep. Here you are. That's Danni's table. She'll be here in a minute. She is stuck in traffic. I'll just get you settled."

The WWE stars followed the girl to a long table. She placed the menus in front of all of them and said "Can I get you something to drink? Danni should be here soon."

After ordering drinks, the superstars all continued with their conversations.

Soon the young girl returned with their drinks. She handed them out and walked away.

Not 5 minutes later did a young woman walk over to their table and all the men (and this time it was all of them) gaped at her. She was absolutely stunning. Her brown hair with blonde streaks was in loose plaits that hung over her shoulders under a white cowboy hat. In the hair that hung around her face, you could see a streak of purple and one of orange. She had amazing blue eyes, tanned skin and a heart shaped face. She was wearing the same as the other girl except her top was purple. She had legs that rivaled those of Stacy Keibler and her top showed off a well toned stomach. It took all their might for the men not to drool.

"Hey guys. My name is Danni and I'll be your waitress this evening. Just to let you know, tonight is steak night so all steak meals are 15" The waitress said "Are you ready to order?"

Shawn was transfixed. This girl looked so familiar. Where have I seen her before?Shawn thought to himself. Hunter noticed his friend's sudden change in attitude and made a mental note to ask him about it when Danni was gone.

"Yes we're ready thanks Danni. Can we get 10 macaroni and cheese with leek and pancetta. Oh sorry Lita did you want the same?" Steph said.

"No thanks Steph. I'll have the chicken parmigana please." Lita said.

Danni nodded and wrote it all down. She turned to the men and smiled.

"Now what can I get you guys?" Danni asked.

"Ok can we get 12 steaks with chips and salad but can we get 4 with Dianne sauce, 4 with pepper sauce and 4 with seafood mornay sauce." Hunter listed.

"Yep that's cool. How would you like them done?" Danni asked.

The men all exchanged a glance before saying "Well done."

Danni laughed as the Divas shook their heads.

"Ok so that was 10 mac and cheese with leek and pancetta, a chicken parmigana and 12 steaks, well done, with chips and salad, 4 with Dianne sauce, 4 with pepper sauce and 4 with seafood mornay sauce." Danni clarified.

"Yep that's it." Chris said.

Danni took away the menus and walked away. When she was gone, Hunter turned to Shawn and said "Can we have a quick chat outside?"

Shawn nodded and the two men left. Everyone looked a little confused but they let it pass.

"Ok mate, what's wrong?" Hunter asked Shawn when they were outside.

Shawn looked confused but finally caught on to what Hunter was saying.

"Do you remember when we were in our 20's and we came here to Houston?" Shawn asked.

Hunter raised his eyebrow and said "We cam here a lot in our 20's mate."

"Ok, well do you remember the time you bet me 50 bucks that I couldn't bed the brunette waitress?" Shawn asked. His hands were beginning to shake.

"Oh yea her, what was her name and what about her?" Hunter said.

"Her name was India, India David and if you look at our waitress, Danni, she looks similar to India." Shawn said.

Hunter was about to answer when John came out and said "Food is here."

The three friends walked in and sat down just in time for Danni to place their food in front of them.

"Good timing. Now what sauce did you want on your steak?" Danni asked with a beautiful smile.

"Diane for me please." Hunter said.

"Mornay for me please Danni." Shawn said.

Danni nodded and handed the two of them their steaks.

"Ok. If there is anything you need, just call me over." Danni said. She smiled before walking away to serve another table.

A little while into dinner, Melina announced "I'm gunna order another drink. Anyone else want one?"

The Divas nodded but the wrestlers shook their heads and continued eating.

Melina signaled to Danni who came over and said "Can I get you something?"

Before Melina could reply, a young voice was heard shouting "DANNI!"

Danni spun around and caught a young girl around 8 years old in a hug.

"What are you doing here little De'Layah Matthews?" Danni said before kissing the girl on the head and tweaking her nose.

"We're here for dinner." De'Layah said.

"Ok well just let me finish serving this table and then I'll be right with you." Danni said.

The little girl in Danni's arms looked out at those sitting at the table from her perch on Danni's hip. Her eyes went wide and she buried her face in Danni's neck.

"What's wrong Layah?" Danni asked.

Layah whispered something in Danni's ear and Danni laughed.

"Yes baby girl they are." Danni said.

Layah whispered something again to Danni who smiled.

"Ask yourself baby girl." Danni said.

Layah shook her head, squirmed out of Danni's grip and ran off to a table where a man who looked to be her father was sitting. Danni waved at him and he blew her a kiss.

Danni laughed before turning back to the superstars and saying "Sorry about that. What can I get you?"

"Was that your sister?" Matt asked.

Danni nodded before pulling out her notepad and pen.

"What did she want to ask?" Ric asked.

"Well, we went to your show last week and she bought some merchandise but she was too shy to come and ask you guys to sign it." Danni said.

"Oh that's sweet. Does she have anything here with her? We would sign it for her." Lillian said.

"She doesn't have anything with her but she'd be too shy to ask anyway. I think just seeing you all up this close was good enough in her mind. So what can I get you?" Danni said.

Melina and the Divas ordered their drinks and Danni walked away. Steph said "How about I make another booking tomorrow night for dinner but tomorrow, we will get her a shirt from each of you-signed- and a poster of all of you signed?"

"That's a great idea Steph." Dave said.

The stars all agreed and continued eating. Danni arrived back with the drinks, smiled and went to serve her sisters table.

Shawn followed Danni with his eyes and nearly chocked on a mouthful of steak when he saw the woman sitting at the table get up and hug Danni.

Everyone turned to Shawn as he coughed and coughed. Matt hit his back gently a few times and Jeff said "Mate, you ok."

Shawn had a quick drink and nodded. Hunter followed his gaze and his eyes rested upon Danni and the woman. His eyes widened and he turned back to Shawn. Shawn was gasping for air and Hunter indicated for him to go outside. Shawn practically ran outside and Hunter followed him.

When Hunter found him, he was sitting on the stairs leading to the boardwalk across from the restaurant. Shawn's breathing had almost gone back to normal but he held his head in his hands. Hunter sat next to him and put a hand on his best friend's back.

The two men sat in silence until they heard footsteps approaching. Hunter lifted his head but Shawn didn't. Hunter smiled at the person before getting up and heading back to the restaurant.

The person sat next to Shawn and rubbed his back. The person placed his head on her shoulder and smoothed his hair down.

"Shh Shawn. It's ok. Take deep breaths." Lita said as she smoothed his hair.

Lita kept rubbing his back and when he finally calmed down, he lifted his head and gazed into Lita's beautiful hazel eyes.

"What are you doing out here Lita?" Shawn asked her.

"Well, I was a little worried and since Hunter hadn't finished his dinner and I had I thought I'd come and sit with you." Lita explained.

"Thanks Lita." Shawn said. He gently lifted her hand and kissed it.

Lita blushed and smiled at Shawn. Their eyes locked and Shawn smiled.

He kissed her on the cheek, stood up and held out his hand. Lita took it and stood up. They both walked back to the restaurant hand-in-hand.

In the restaurant with Danni and her family

India sat down after hugging her daughter.

"Now baby. What should I get tonight?" Indi asked her daughter.

" I dunno mum. Depends. What do you feel like?" Danni asked.

"I'll get the Gnocchi with pesto please." Indi said.

Danni nodded and turned to her step-dad.

"Ray, what do you want?" Danni asked.

"Can I get the T-bone steak with mushroom sauce, chips and salad please." Ray said.

"Sure. Lay-lay what would you like?" Danni said turning to her sister.

"Can I get the chicken nuggets please Danni." De'Layah said.

Danni nodded. She got the orders of her younger brothers as well (Chase 6, Aaron 4 and Mason 1) before walking off.

As Ray and the kids were ordering, Indi looked around the restaurant. When her gaze rested on the table the WWE stars were, she nearly stopped breathing. There was Shawn Michaels. The man she had a one-night-stand with 21 years ago. He was coughing but he looked no different. Indi watched as he stood up and practically ran outside, his friend following.

Indi spun back to her table and took some deep breaths. Her family looked at her but she ignored it. Indi reached down and pulled a pen out of her bag, picked up a napkin and wrote down a note.

Danni returned a few moments later with their drinks and Indi said to her "Honey, can you give this note to Shawn Michaels for me please."

Danni looked a little confused but said "Sure mum."

Back to normal

Danni walked back over to the WWE superstars' table and began clearing away. When it was done she said "Can I get any of you some coffee, tea or dessert?"

Shawn, Mark, Sara, Dave, Chris, Matt and Lillian ordered some tea and coffee and everyone ordered a slice of cake.

Danni came back, passed out the cake before turning to those who ordered drinks and said "Okay, who had the white tea with 1 sugar?"

As soon as the coffee and tea was handed out, Danni walked away to start adding up their order.

Shawn lifted his coffee cup and found a folded up napkin on it. He glanced at it before putting it in his pocket. He saw the outline of writing on it and decided to read in the privacy of his room.

After coffee and dessert, the stars all walked up to the front counter.

"How was everything?" Danni asked as she continued calculating.

"Fantastic. Now we know why this place is so famous." Randy said.

Danni smiled and said "Ok so that comes to 4725.75 minus a 15 discount of 708.86 so your total tonight is 4016.89 thanks."

Steph gave Danni a credit card and the meal was placed upon it.

"Can I also make a booking for tomorrow night please?" Steph asked.

"Sure same time and number of people?" Danni asked pulling out a pen.

"Yes please Danni." Steph said.

"Ok sure. You are booked in." Danni said.

She waved to them as they left and the stars piled into 3 different limos that were taking them back to the hotel.

When they got there, the wrestlers all headed up to their rooms.

Shawn POV

I got out of the elevator with Matt and Jeff. We were all staying on the same floor. They were in the room next to me.

I said goodnight and walked into my own room.

I pulled the napkin Danni had given me from my pocket. I carefully opened it and sat back to read it.

Dear Shawn;

What a shock it was to see you. I haven't seen you in 21 years. Congratulations on your long career.

We really need to talk.

Call the number below and we'll schedule a meeting.


Indi Matthews nee David


I put my head back against the seat and sighed. I can't believe that Indi wants to talk to me. I slept with her 21 years ago then left.

I decided to ring her in the morning. I took my dress clothes off, threw on a t-shirt and hopped straight into bed.

Matt POV

In the limo back to the hotel, I was quiet. I could only think about our waitress Danni. She was beautiful. More than hot but beautiful.

Jeff kept looking at me strangely but he must have decided not to push any subject because he didn't speak to me.

When we got back to the hotel, he kissed Trish goodnight and we hopped into the elevator with Shawn.

We said our goodbyes to Shawn and walked to our room.

After the door was shut, Jeff rounded on me.

"Alright big bro," he said "What was with you in the car?"

I raised an eyebrow at him even though I knew what he was talking about.

"You know. You were quiet for the whole ride. Come on mate, I'm your brother you can tell me." Jeff said.

I flopped down on the couch and groaned. "Jeffro, why does it bother you?" I asked him.

"Cause you're my brother and I can tell when something's bugging you. Okay, who's the bird?" Jeff asked me.

I spun and glared at him. How could he dismiss Danni as a simple bird?

"Ahhh so you like our waitress Danni. Good choice bro." Jeff said.

I mustn't have been talking in my head.

"Nope you weren't." Jeff said with a smirk.

Man I gotta stop doing that

"Yea you really do bro. Soon everyone will know your secrets." Jeff said

"Shut up. Fine I like Danni. She was so friendly at dinner. She is also sassy, smart and hot to boot." I said to Jeff.

Jeff smirked and said "Bro, I'm behind you all the way."

He gave me a hug and went to bed. I sat and stared at the ceiling thinking about Danni for a while before I went to bed as well.

That night, Danni consumed my dreams.