Chapter 1

It was late in the evening in the Valley of Peace and the guards were already closing the gates to the city. However, just before the gate was completely closed, a white paw suddenly reached in and held the gate firm and kept it open, making one of the guards jump in fright. The paw pushed the gate open and walked through, the owner, a large white tiger, stared at the cowering guards, their spears pointed up at him, ready to strike the moment he seemed suspicious, until he smiled at them.

"Sorry about the fright…didn't know you closed the gates so early…"

The guards sighed with relief upon seeing that he was friendly and lowered their spears. "Yeah well, security has been pretty uptight lately…that's all." One of the guards explained, but the tiger wasn't paying attention to him. Instead, he was looking at a piece of paper tacked to the wall behind the guards. The paper read: Kung Fu students will now be accepted at the Jade Temple. No prior training needed.

"Students, eh?" The tiger thought aloud.

The guards turned around and saw what the tiger was looking at. "Yeah, it was big news when the Furious Five started taking on students."

"The Furious Five you say? Interesting…"

"Yeah, it is interesting." One of the guards agreed. Then it hit them that they had yet to close the village gates. "Excuse us…" The guards hurried off to complete their task, but the tiger paid little attention to them as he started forward, towards the palace and the Jade Temple.

At said temple, students filled the courtyard, reviewing their form as their masters watched.

"They're progressing nicely, aren't they, Mantis?" Viper asked, her eyes roaming across the various students.

"Yes, they are…but if something happens like the incident last year…"

"Mantis, Tai Lung is dead…nothing like that's going to ever happen again…" Monkey said, holding himself up with his tail as he sat cross-legged in the air.

"But even if something were to happen, we're ready for it. We're not unprepared like we were last time." Crane interjected.

"Crane's right, we've been training long and hard. Even if someone like Tai Lung comes along…" Tigress said, saying Tai Lungs name like it was something foul. "We'll defiantly be ready."

Suddenly, the gates burst open, the large white tiger from the village gates standing behind them. Everyone dropped their posture as the Furious Five leapt in between them and the newcomer, each in their own stance.

"Easy…easy…" The tiger said, holding his hands up to show them he meant no harm.

"Who are you?!" Tigress growled, menacingly.

"Felix, at your service…" The tiger smirked at Tigress, bowing.

"Are you here to enroll as a student?" Monkey asked, lowering his guard slightly as did Viper, Crane, and Mantis.

Felix scoffed, standing straight again. "A student…? That's not what I'm here for…"

"Then what?! You're certainly not being a master…" Tigress sneered at Felix, her stance still firm.

"Easy, kitty…put those claws away before you hurt yourself…"

Tigress snarled and leapt at Felix, fist clenched, and threw it at Felix, though holding it back just before it made contact. Felix, however, didn't move and seemed unfazed.

"You didn't try and dodge?" Tigress asked, looking at Felix in the eyes, fist still held high.

"There was not enough malice…I knew you were faking…" Felix said, looking down at Tigress, who barley reached his chin.

Tigress, enraged at being taunted, spun around and aimed a kick at Felix's head. Just before she hit, Felix ducked, the kick soaring over his head and he aimed an uppercut at Tigress' chin, who managed to catch his fist with her own hand just in time to block him, but was pushed back by the follow-through. Felix smirked at Tigress and stood up straight, facing her.

This only proved to enrage Tigress even more and she ran forward and started to punch and kick Felix, while he parried every one of her attacks. Felix started to attack Tigress back and she began to dodge his blows skillfully until a solid punch caught her just below the waist. Tigress fell to the ground, doubled over and clutching her body.

"TIGRESS!" The four other members of the Furious Five rushed to her side to make sure she was ok.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Tigress screeched as Monkey reached a hand out for her shoulder, which he withdrew immediately. She got shakily to her feet and stumbled off into the temple, the students moving hastily out of her way.

They all stared after her until Crane shouted "Class dismissed!" in which they bowed their four masters and quickly left, avoiding getting near Felix as they moved towards the exit.

Not until the last student left and closed the temple gate did Felix's smirk slowly fall. "Maybe it is best if I'm merely a student here…I still have to resort to cheap shots to win…"

"What are you saying…? You beat her easily…our most ferocious fighter…" Mantis said, a tone of annoyance at complimenting someone who just beaten one of his comrades.

"No…if that had continued like it was…I would've lost…" Felix sighed.

"Just how is a blow to the stomach a cheap shot?" Viper asked.

"I didn't hit the stomach…it's…nevermind…I should apologize to her…" Felix started forward before looking at the others. "Unless you four wish to stop me…"

"It's not us you should be asking…" Monkey corrected.

Felix sighed and headed into the temple.

Meanwhile, Tigress stumbled into the sleeping quarters and fell onto her bed, still holding her body and began to cry. Never in her life had she ever been so humiliated. Not only did she get beaten in front of her own students, she was ashamed to admit it, but there was a huge spike of physical pleasure that came out of that hit, not that anyone would have know from just watching. She was thankful that Master Shifu and Po were on a journey as training for Po. If Master Shifu were to see her in such a pitiful state, she would probably have died from humiliation.

"So another layer is peeled back from the famed invincible Tigress…"

Tigress spun around to see Felix standing there, leaning against one of the support beams of the building.

"What are you doing back here?! Haven't you humiliated me enough for one night?!" Tigress shot at him.

"I came to apologize…" Felix said, not looking Tigress in the eye. "That punch I gave you…I knew what effect it would have on a female as yourself…it was a despicable act and I'm sorry…"

"Kinda late for that…" Tigress glared at Felix, a mild blush caming to her face after hearing that the feeling that was lingering in her stomach was what Felix was aiming for.

"I'm sorry…but I was kinda hoping…that you could….teach me…so I wouldn't have to resort to a move like that to win…please…" Felix bowed low to Tigress.

Tigress' expression slowly softened, but just as it almost relaxed, she snarled, as if taking her thought back. "Get out of my sight…!" And with that, she slammed the her door closed.