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"Hello Kitty"
by DragonDancer5150

He couldn't help it. He just had to. He could taste it on his tongue. And so it was that he found himself making his stealthy way out of the bedroom, along the hall, and down the stairs. He knew that Grandpa kept a stash in the store, by the cash register, but those weren't the ones he was after. Instead of heading straight from the foot of the stairs, he turned right.

He knew the way by heart, and could see well enough in the meager light peeking in through the windows from streetlights outside. That light shone coldly across the surfaces of the room, most notably in the twin eyes gazing back at him from the counter.

He cocked his head with a grin. "Heh, hello, kitty," he whispered into the still silence as he reached for the creature.

And then the dreaded voice of conscience spoke up in the back of his mind.

-Other Me, what do you think you're doing?-

Yami froze, mind working frantically. -Ah . . . thought I'd come down and check out the house, make sure there weren't any intruders . . . -

Yugi yawned, then directed a reaction at him that was the mental equivalent of a disapproving raised-eyebrow stare. -Uh-huh . . . Other Me, does the phrase 'red-handed' mean anything to you?-

Yami looked down at the molded cat head that he held in one hand . . . and gingerly withdrew the other from the matching ceramic body. He even let go of the handful of cookies he'd had in his grasp first.

He felt a sensation like Yugi shaking his head. -If Mom catches us again, I'm not taking over to cover for you. And you heard her . . . she threatened the rice paddle if she caught . . . well . . . 'me' getting into her cookies again!-

Yami looked properly chagrined. No, he couldn't get his aibou a paddling for his sweet tooth. He replaced the lid of the Hello Kitty cookie jar, then turned to head back to bed . . . only to find himself facing Mutou Michiko. "M-mom!" The word came out awkwardly, unused to it as he was. He swallowed as Yugi slammed his soul room door shut. "Ah, what . . . what are you still doing up?"

"Finishing a report for work, and thought I'd come get a drink." She raised her eyebrows. "Good thing I did?"

"Sure. Can I get you something?" He started for the refrigerator.

Michiko tilted her head at him, and he knew he wasn't getting out of this. "Yes, actually, you can." She pointed.

Yami's shoulders slumped as he crossed to the rice cooker and pulled the flat, wooden paddle-spoon from the slot on its side. He didn't argue when she directed him to the table next, bending over to lean on his elbows. Never mind that he was a champion duelist twice over and the spirit of a former pharaoh of Egypt – even he knew better than to resist a punitive parent. He flinched when he felt her tap for aim.

Sorry, Aibou . . .

But dammit, those cookies were good!

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Heh . . . wrote this in, like, an hour but have had it nagging at me for some three days. The fic containing the line that inspired this is "Lesser Deities" by Talia Ali (.net/s/1029205/1/Lesser_Deities ). That's a VERY amusing little one-shot that I highly recommend.