Running Through Raindrops

"I sure do hope that Professor Hart is up to par with McGonagall, we do have-"

"O.W.L.s. I know Hermione." Harry said gently. "Come on, we'll be late if don't hurry, we never did get to talk to Si- Professor White, we only saw him long enough for him to change his appearance"

Hermione nodded as the two ran at full speed, eventually skidding into the Transfiguration Classroom.

"Ah, you two would be Miss Hermione Granger and Mister Harry Potter?" Professor Hart said sternly from underneath his golden glasses.

"Yes sir, sorry, we were just talking to Professor White and-" The professor held up a hand to stop Harry from speaking any further.

"Do you have a note?" Hermione and Harry shook their heads 'no'.

"Five points from Gryffindor and please don't make a habit of it, sit down please in the two remaining seats. They are arranged, Miss Granger you are in the back." He spoke not unkindly. Harry for one, was relieved that the Professor wasn't too upset and Hermione was in a disbelieving state, *Hermione*? In the *back* of a classroom?

"Today, we shall be taking a brief exam to see how you students are doing in Transfiguration, both demonstrative and written," Professor Hart said, walking down the aisle, passing out pieces of parchment and small rabbits to each student.

Harry was aghast at the thought of having to sit next to Neville all year lon- Wait, wasn't Neville one of the ones to go to Beauxbatons? He would have to sit next to. Either Jack Meemay, or whatever his name was or, Harry gulped at this thought, MALFOY?

"Mister Potter?" the Professor broke into his thoughts with a bemused voice. "Begin," he spoke motioning to the paper and rabbit that was trying in vain to hop away.

"Oh right," Harry said, a bit dazed, "sorry." Harry adjusted his glasses and looked up, the blackboard said, "THE THEORY ON TRANSFIGURING PEOPLE."

Harry was shocked, they weren't even supposed to go into this until their seventh, nevertheless, Harry did happen to know, being very talented in Transfiguration and set to work on the essay, filling up the parchment front to back. "Neville, what are we transfiguring them into?" Harry whispered under his breath when the teacher had looked away.

"A rock in the shape of a radio, with buttons and dial, any model."

"Thanks." Harry took a breath and quickly transfigured the rabbit into stone, still in the shape of a rabbit though. Then he started to alter the shape of it with Transfiguration, until it looked like a common wizarding radio. (I honestly don't know how they have radios without radio waves, which they need electricity for, but it WAS in the second book *shruggz*.) Harry noticed that most of the class had already brought up the written part of their tests, he wondered how they finished them so quickly when he was in the top five of the class.

Professor Hart suddenly chuckled, startling the silent classroom. He looked up, seeing the surprise on their faces. "Mister Potter? You have a break after class today, correct?" Harry nodded. "Very well, please see me after class," he said and went back to grading the essays.

~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~

"Professor? You er- wanted to see me?" Harry said nervously after the class had dispersed.

"Yes, it seems that, since you had nor paid any attention when I was explaining the written part of the test, you went with what was on the board. Correct?" the professor asked as he sat on his desk, facing Harry. Harry looked ashamed and scratched his head, nodding.

"That would explain why you wrote the Seventh Year's homework essay, but doesn't explain, how you managed to get it right." Harry's face vaulted. "Listen Harry, I don't want to have to give you a zero for not doing the assignment, so I will count this as extra credit, and you can do the written part now if you want. It's on the theory of turning an animal into stone without killing it," Hart said with a smile.

"Thanks Professor." Harry mumbled, taking the piece of parchment being handed to him, accidentally touching the teacher. "Ah!" Harry fell to the floor and clutched his scar tightly.

"Harry!?" Hart said frantically, "Are you all right? Damn!" Harry had fallen unconscious.

~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~

I'm sorry this one is soooooo short, but at least it's an update, hopefully when I say I'll write more soon, it will actually be SOON this time! ^.*