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"Alice! Would you mind telling me why we need swim suits?" I asked her as she rummaged through the swim suit racks. I woke up at nine o' clock this morning and was shoved into the shower. I didn't know what was happening until the cold water hit my back. Rosalie did my hair and makeup and Alice picked out my outfit. I was wearing a black split front halter with a flutter hem. Alice was wearing a white one and Rose was wearing a red one. Alice and Rose were wearing the same black mini skirt and I was wearing a white one and to top it off we all wore black stiletto heels. I don't see why we have to dress up to go shopping.

"I told you, Bella. We're going to the pool in the gym. One of my friends at work told me the eye candy there is to die for! We need new swim suit." She answered.

"But why do we have to get all dressed up to go shopping?"

Alice gasped. "Bella, you break my heart! You should get dressed up everywhere you go. Haven't I taught you nothing!"

"Whatever Alice. Lets get this shopping over so we can go check out that eye candy at the pool."

"That's the spirit Bella!" Rosalie said and patted my back.

The next two hours was spent running through different stores in the mall. We all bought our swim suits from a different store. I tried on about twenty, but only ended up buying one. One the way home, we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. We pulled up in the parking lot for our apartment at about two o' clock.

"So Alice, when are we going to the pool?" I asked as we walked up the stairs to level three. Rosalie, Alice, and I have lived together for the past three years. We decided to share an apartment once we got out of high school. We go to Washington State College and live in Seattle. Rosalie and Alice are studying fashion and I am studying photography.

"We leave in forty-five minutes! Go put your suits on." She shoved me and Rose into our rooms and then ran off into hers. I put my suit on and walked into the living room. Rose was wearing her swim suit. It was a zebra print bikini with pink strings holding it all together. Alice walked out of her room and I was stunned by hers too. It was yellow with light blue polka dots and was outlined in red string. There was a little flower on the top left corner where string met the material.

"Oh my god! Bella you look great! Don't you think so Rose?" Then she looked at Rose for the first time and let out a long whistle. "Looks like we're some eye candy too. This swim suit is so much better then the last tankini you got! I've never seen you in a bikini!"

My bathing suit was showing more skin then I'm used to, but I look great in it! It is light blue and white striped halter top with yellow ribbon in the middle of the top and on the sides of the bottom.

Alice gave Rose and I each a black wrap to put around our waist. She gave us both a pair of really dark sunglasses and a beach towel.

"Alice, why do we need really dark sunglasses? The sun isn't that bright today." I asked. Alice laughed.

"Silly Bella." Rosalie said. "We need dark glasses so we could look around without anyone knowing. Watch this." She put her glasses on. "Who am I looking at? You or Alice?" I couldn't see her eyes.

"Okay, I got you. We look at people but they won't know it because they are so dark. Great idea Alice." I gave her a high five.

"Now lets get going! I'm in the mood for some candy!" Alice said and lead us outside to her car.


"Who wants to go to the pool?" Emmett asked coming in the kitchen where Jasper and I were eating sandwiches.

"What's at the pool?" Jasper asked.

"Chicks, man. It's a Saturday afternoon and we don't have any plans. This guy I work with said there are chicks galore in the pool in the gym. Heaven, if you ask me."

"I'm up for some swimming." I said.

"Same here." Jasper said. Emmett was jumping up and down like a little kid.

"Awesome! We're leaving in a half hour! Be ready." He went into his room and came out a few minutes later in a yellow speedo. Jasper was laughing so hard he was falling off of the chair. I just sat there speechless.

"How do I look guys? I haven't worn this thing in years!"

"He has no shame, does he?" I asked Jasper. He got up off the floor and nodded. "You look…crazy Emmett. The girls will be drooling over you." Jasper started to laugh again.

"Come on. Don't be jealous!" I had to laugh at that.

"I'm far from jealous, Emmett. Where did you get that?" I asked.

"When I was a stripper for Halloween. I wore this under the see through dress. I also had yellow shoes, but I can't find them." He walked back into his room. I busted out laughing with Jasper. Pretty soon we were both rolling on the floor laughing.

"Do we have to go in public with him?" Jasper managed to ask. I waited a minute to answer so he could understand me.

"We already agreed to go with him. You know how he gets if we cancel on him. Maybe we could convince him to wear something else." I thought about it for a minute and then we chook our heads at the same time and said no.

"Well, we better go put our trunks on. It's going to be a long afternoon." I said and then went into my room to change. I change quickly and grabbed a t-shirt to put on. I walked into the living room and found a very yellow Emmett. He found yellow flip flops and a yellow t-shirt. Yes, this is going to be a long day.