Helloooooo. Well, this wasn't supposed to be funny but it kinda came out funny. Oh well! Tis dedicated to Pencil, cos she rules, even though she thinks Fall Out Boy is better! (So wrong...Elliot Minor rules!!)

He was running. He was running and nothing could stop him. Nothing in the world, in the Universe would stop him running towards Rose Tyler. No Daleks, no Cybermen not even if a Teletubby popped up with Barney the Dinosaur singing 'We're All Going on a Summer Holiday', though that would be rather distracting.


But she was slowing, suddenly, gasping and trying to call out. And then there was pain. Lots of pain.

But she was there. Kneeling over him, cradling his body, Rose, his Rose, crying. He'd give anything for Barney and the Teletubby to be here now, if only to make her smile. Distracting. Distracting her.

Donna was there. And Jack. Were they Barney and the Teletubby? No.

Not fat enough.

Or purple enough.

Rose was wearing purple. He remembered seeing her. He looked at his hand. It was orange. Orange and purple...would that work?

Then he remembered as Jack pulled Rose away. Regeneration. He was going to regenerate. Change. No.

"Sorry," Then lots of orange. Orange seemed to be a recurring theme. Like purple. And Barney.

Then suddenly is thoughts cleared. Why on Earth had been thinking about Barney?

"Oh my god, Doctor!" Donna gasped and Jack looked equally shocked.

"Doctor...you're...you're..." Rose stepped forward tentatively. "You're a purple dinosaur!"

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