"Why don't you ask her yourself?"




Rose Tyler.

That smile… that grin… it'd haunted my thoughts, my dreams and now it was back, before me in reality.

I didn't realize I was moving, at first. Ever since Donna had said the woman she'd met was blonde, I'd known Rose was coming. Throughout everything, that thought, that knowledge had been there and I couldn't fully focus on anything, Rose was always there in my mind, threatening to take over if I didn't find her soon. And now we were running, sprinting towards each other. I could see it now: in just seconds she'd be in my arms and her hair would be in my face and I would kiss her head…

"I missed you," I'd say.

"I missed you, too," she'd reply.

And I couldn't hold the truth from her any longer. I had tried to tell her last time I'd seen her, but I'd hesitated and the rift had closed. I couldn't hesitate this time. Who knew what would happen? Who knew how long we had, what would be our fate? I had to tell her, I had to tell her…


But things hardly ever go as planned.

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