Chapter Four: Early Rising

Draco rose bright and early the next day, as per usual. There was nothing he disliked more than not having enough time to get ready in the mornings, and then having to rush. However he did not expect to see anyone else up this early.

Harry was sat on the window sill, stroking a content snowy owl with a dark scowl imprinted on his face.

"Okay, what's the matter?" Draco asked, sitting next to him.

"Nothing, just couldn't sleep."

"Yeah, okay, and I'm Merlin."

"Merlin actually existed?" Harry's feeble attempt to change the conversation was met with a sharp look from Draco that clearly stated that he was hardly stupid enough to fall for that.

"Is it the feast?" The blonde asked remembering the events after the sorting.

The Slytherin table had attracted a large amount of attention at the welcoming feast. The legendary Harry Potter, golden boy of the Wizarding world who had saved them all from Lord Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard ever known, had been sorted into the house of Salazar Slytherin, a power crazed pure blood fanatic, or so the books said. Voldemort himself along with the majority of his followers were also from this house, and the main reason it was notorious for turning out evil wizards. This event supported the idea that Harry Potter had to be a dark wizard himself to be able to bring about the demise of the most powerful evil wizard ever known and the students did not seem to have a problem voicing that opinion.

"Just ignore them, you shouldn't care so much about what other people think," Draco comforted after Harry nodded, "Just be yourself. They'll soon realize that you're not a Dark Lord in the making." Harry snorted as if to say 'yeah right' and received a playful shove from Draco in return.

"Lighten up! It's the first day of classes, we get to use magic." A grin spread across the previously depressed boy's face. "Now that you're happy, I'm going to go shower."

The warm water pounded against his back, massaging his muscles whilst he pondered. Someone was bound to have written to his father by now, casually mentioning the fact that he had become friends with none other than Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. Most likely it would have been Crabbe and Goyle. Those two were practically clones of their fathers in every way, shape and form, including their thirst for dominance. However, ironically enough the Crabbes and Goyles always turned out to be the lackeys, Must be something to do with their complete and utter lack of intelligence, he contemplated. Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were also sorted into Slytherin house, along with Blaise Zabini. Blaise was not a problem; he and Draco were friends back when they were infants, until the Zabinis moved back to Italy, and it seemed that they would be once again. Vincent and Gregory, on the other hand, had been forced upon Draco in early childhood. According to his father, the two boys' families would do anything to be associated with power, which was ideal for the Malfoys - they could be easily manipulated, and would be useful in future endeavors. In spite of this, upon arriving at Hogwarts Draco made a point of making it blatantly obvious that he did not want to be associated with them; he was rather proud of his serpent like tongue.

The grey eyed boy stepped out of the blissfully hot shower into a room full of steam, tying a fluffy white towel around his head. He cleared some of the mist of the mirror with the back of his hand and stepped in front of it to admire his appearance. There were a lot of people who thought he was vain, but in his opinion you couldn't be the richest boy in Wizarding Britain and go around looking like a scruff, could you? Sweeping a hand through his platinum locks he re-entered the bedroom.

"You know if your insane enough to get up before dawn you could at least have the decency not to wake the rest of up as well." Blaise was sat up on his bed cross legged glaring daggers at Draco, who was sauntering around the room with nothing but a towel around his waist.

"And by 'the rest of us' you mean you, Harry was up before me."

"Yeah, well I couldn't get back to sleep, could I? I have no idea why you would willingly get up this early."

"I have to style my hair, don't I?"

"Ha! Woman!" Yelled Harry at the same time Blaise launched a pillow at him.

"You really do love yourself!" Blaise accused.

"Confidence is an attractive feature, thank you very much!"

"Humph! Yeah well if you get anymore confident, your head won't fit through the bleedin' door!" Harry snorted.

"Your just jealous of the very fine specimen stood before you!"

"I think I must need new glasses, 'cause I can't see one!"

"Ha! Good one Harry! Come on Drake, you have to admit that was good."

"My name is Draco, not Drake!"

The extremely frustrated blonde flounced towards the oak dressing table next to his bed and took up the task of drying his hair in attempts to ignore the jibes coming from his newly acquired friends. Just as he put down his towel a gigantic snore propelled itself around the room. Draco grabbed the pillow Blaise had thrown at him and sent it flying across the room at the gormless looking sleeping form of Ronald Weasley.

"Way to vent your anger Drakey," said Blaise patronizingly, patting him on the head before going to shower himself. Harry soon followed him.

Gilderoy Lockhart's Grooming Products were easily the best styling merchandise around, so naturally Draco had the full set. Using the Straightening Serum and the Magical Firm Hold Gel he was able to tame his usually wavy hair and slick it back into its usual authoritative style, whilst trying take no notice of Ron whimpering in his sleep. Another grunt like snore erupted from the dreaming red head followed by more whining, making him sound like a cross between a frustrated pig and a moaning dog. Draco slammed down his gel, grabbed his glass from the side of his bed and stormed into the bathroom muttering obscenities under his breath. Blaise gave Harry a questioning look as Draco filled the glass with freezing cold water before storming back into the bedroom. A shriek echoed throughout the room followed by hysterical laughter. The two boys rushed into the dorm with toothbrushes in their mouths to see Ron sat up in his bed, wet hair stuck to his forehead, completely and utterly drenched, and an evil looking Draco laughing so hard he was having trouble holding himself up.

"What the bloody hell was tha' for?" Ron yelled.

"To stop you from sounding like a tormented pig and pissing me of!" he retorted.

"Now now, boys, there's no need to start a fight, is there?" said Blaise, talking to them like five year olds but still attempting to head off an argument. Harry had already left them to it and gone back to the bathroom to finish getting ready for the first day at school. Shortly afterwards, Ron joined him. The quartet managed to get to breakfast without any more upsets, although Ron was still in a bad mood from his rather spectacular wake up call.

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