I enjoy reading wrestling fanfiction. However, I'd like to clear this up right now - I am not homophobic. I have plenty of friends that are homosexually oriented, and I am a huge activist when it comes to gay rights.

I do not, however, condone incestual relationships. If you are writing a Matt and Jeff Hardy - called "Hardycest" by you freaks - story, I can't even imagine what must be going through your fucking head. It's not because they're both guys - please, I'm not petty. They are entitled to have pathetically written butt sex if they want to. But they are BROTHERS. Brothers, usually, do not have butt sex. Now, I know this is fanfiction, and you creeps can write whatever the fuck you want, but please don't ask why I actually make my stories believable and have both the Hardy brothers have separate, heterosexual relationships. I try to be as realistic as possible - and since most of the guys on wrestling are not gay or incestual creeps, they tend to usually swing toward the girlfriend relationship.

And another thing - if you want to write Randy Orton - or any other wrestler, for that matter - as a homosexual, PLEASE keep him in character. He wouldn't be begging his "baby" to "get it done" or whining and giggling. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he has to act like a four year old girl. Talk about stereotypical.

And if you're writing fiction in which some wrestler is dating a diva - such a typical cliche amongst wrestling fanfiction - come up with your own fucking moves! Just because your character is dating Randy Orton does NOT mean she can use the RKO on her opponent. Or if she's fucking Jeff Hardy, does she really have the right to use a Swanton Bomb? (By the way, Jeff Hardy has more moves than a Swanton Bomb or the Twist of Fate. Just putting that out there.) It makes no sense, people. If Mr. Kennedy was friends with Triple H, would he use The Pedigree? No. Because they are different people with different moves. Be a writer and use some creativity.

And speaking of Triple H - if you are writing a story about him, HIS REAL NAME IS NOT HUNTER. I hate it when I read stories with him in it and people say, "Well, I was hanging out with Hunter... " NO. Triple H stands for Hunter Hearst Hemsley. Hunter Hearst Hemsley is Triple H's original wrestling name - his gimmick if you will. His REAL name - to you fake wrestling fans - is Paul Levesque. DO NOT call him Hunter, unless you want to look like a moron.

ONE MORE THING about wrestling fanfiction. To whoever writes Hardy stories - they do NOT talk like Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel. He does not say "ain't" or "juss" every other word. He doesn't cut off required lettering when he talks. He's from North Carolina. He has a southern accent. Just because he's from the south doesn't mean he needs to be wearing overalls with no shirt underneath, picking cotton with the pant legs rolled up into flood pants. (And, I'm not over-exaggerating - I have actually READ a story when all of that takes place. It was quite hilarious to think people really think like that.)