West of the Moon

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West of the Moon


It wasn't supposed to have been quite so easy. Naturally, Naraku had never been a real threat, not as far as Sesshomaru was concerned…an annoyance really.

But destroying him wasn't supposed to have been that easy.

Not so easy that it could be accomplished by Inuyasha at any rate.

Rin murmured something unintelligible through her fevered sleep and Sesshomaru brushed the backs of his fingers over her cheek. He wasn't sure why it worked, but Rin was always comforted by his presence and, given the current situation, it was his duty to calm her.

Damn Naraku.

If Inuyasha hadn't beaten him to destroying that bastard he would have made that Hanyou pay for his crimes against Rin.

He still couldn't comprehend what had happened exactly…Rin had been safe one moment and then…then she was gone. Just the thought made him growl low in his throat. Naraku had snatched her again. Had he not learned the first time that kidnapping Rin only angered him rather than distracted him?

He had hunted Naraku down and, in the process, caught up with his hanyou brother and his pack in mid battle.

Sesshomaru had leapt into battle, ready and willing to destroy Naraku once and for all, but Naraku seemed to have realized that he was in trouble because suddenly Rin – limp and battered – had been dangling from Naraku's tentacles. With his damn brother charging straight at her.

Impatient bastard.

In the end Inuyasha had killed Naraku and Sesshomaru had all but killed Inuyasha, but the results of the battle were favorable so it didn't really matter who had done what exactly.

Except for the part where Naraku had hurt Rin and Jaken had allowed it to happen. That still mattered.

If Sesshomaru were in the mood to be forgiving, which he most certainly wasn't, he could acknowledge the fact the Rin was relatively prone to ending up in dangerous situations, even with his protection, and that her current injuries were relatively minor. They were certainly less severe than he had feared when she had fallen from Naraku's grasp and crumpled so pathetically against the prone form of Inuyasha's miko.

He should probably have thanked that girl for cushioning Rin's fall, saving her from further pain, even if the miko had been unconscious at the time. Then again, if he were going to do that then he would probably have to thank his bastard brother as well, and that was never going to happen.

Rin moaned again and Sesshomaru pulled her a little closer, settling her more securely against the warmth of his fur, and stroked her mussed hair out of her face. Her skin was a little too warm and her cheek was turning a sort of malted purple, but he knew that she had really only suffered a few bruises and a few scratches, which was remarkable considering she had been in Naraku's clutches for nearly three days.

Three days.

Sesshomaru realized he was growling again only when Rin's face scrunched a little and her hand tightened around his fur.

"Quiet," he told her, but he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because her sweaty hands were tugging at his fur uncomfortably. He tried prying her fingers loose with little success…she released his fur only to clutch at his fingers.

"Rin," he warned. She only snuggled closer and he relented, surrendering his fingers and wondering where exactly Jaken had gotten to. Sesshomaru was quite sure he had survived the battle, but the toad had yet to make an appearance, which didn't really bother him beyond the fact that Sesshomaru had the strong desire to kick something.

Rin gurgled something that might have been his name and clutched at his fingers, her eyes popped open and darted around the trees frantically. "Sesshomaru-Sama!" Her fists opened and closed on around his hands reflexively. "Sesshomaru-Sama."

"Rin." He caught her chin gently, trying to avoid piercing her with his claws. "Rin." Her eyes caught his briefly but she didn't seem to know who she was looking at.

"Sesshomaru-Sama, please."

He shifted a little closer, coming nearly nose to nose with the girl and settling down next to her. "Rin."

She exhaled raggedly and relaxed a little. "Sesshomaru-Sama. Rin was scared that Rin was dreaming," she admitted. "Rin was afraid she was still alone."

Sesshomaru responded by gently smoothing his hand over her cheek and her fingers tightened around his. "Sleep Rin. You're safe."

She nodded a little, taking the comfort he rarely offered for what it was…a one time reassurance that he was going to protect her and would broke no more questions about that fact.

"Sesshomaru-Sama?" He blinked at her. "Sesshomaru-Sama, where are we?"

"Hn." She nodded as though that was enough of an answer to pinpoint them. But then again her eyelids had begun to droop, so it seemed that any answer would have done.

"Sesshomaru-Sama, don't go away anymore," she whispered. "Rin doesn't like being alone." But then her eyes had drifted shut and her hand was lax around his. He pulled it away just to prove to himself that she had no hold over him, but he was still curled up beside her and his other claw was still ghosting over her cheek and stroking down her hair.

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