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(This prologue is written in Piper's POV by the way...)

A Phoenix Among Hawks

Amazonian Avenger


Well, it's now been a month since I first rediscovered my shape shifting abilities; it's kind of hard to believe actually.

I've been hiding the secret of my abilities since I was five, and now suddenly Aerrow knew.

He knew.

He hasn't said anything to anyone else in our squadron yet, and as far as I know, he hasn't even told Radarr, and that's saying a lot considering Aerrow's co-pilot can't even talk.

I'm not sure if Aerrow knows or not, but I kind of broke my promise to him after only a few days after making it. So I hadn't actually promised Aerrow that I wouldn't use my shape shifting abilities until I was better, but it was implied that I would heed Aerrow's request. And I had, even if it was only for a few days.

But I couldn't help but feel guilty even though technically I didn't have a reason to be.

The truth is that I can't imagine how I could have gotten through this last month without my nightly excursions.

I've been constantly thinking about everything leading up to and after our run in with the Cyclonians about a month ago when Master Cyclonis had used the knock out crystal and black out stone against myself and the rest of the Storm Hawks squadron.

So many questions have been flitting through my head, it's amazing that I've kept them all to myself and haven't randomly blurted them out, but it makes sense considering I haven't talked to everyone as much as I usually do.

Questions – I have too many of them.

I wanted to know why Master Cyclonis had ordered the Dark Ace to throw the guys into the wastelands, whereas she told him to put me in the prison.

I wanted to know what happened to my parents on that night all those years ago when the Cyclonians attacked my village.

I wanted to know if I was truly the only Amazonian left – if the Talons really had taken 'no prisoners'.

I wanted to know what the deal was with the Amplifying Stone. No, I just didn't want to know the secrets behind the Amp Stone and my abilities, I needed to know.

I wanted to know why Master Cyclonis seemed so shocked when I revealed that I wasn't a Talon when I had been helping Aerrow escape. How did Cyclonis know what the Amazonian Guardian looked like anyways? Wouldn't she have been almost too young to remember anything about the Guardian like I was?

Or did Cyclonis even know who the Amazonian Guardian was? She hadn't specifically called me that when I was disguised as how I remembered my mom to look. I know it's silly, my parents are dead… right? But I still can't help but remember the look that showed in Master Cyclonis' eyes when I was about to attack her as the Black Amazonian Panther. It was a look of recognition, although I still wasn't sure what exactly she had recognized.

But I think that the question that weighed heaviest in my heart was the one I already knew the answer to. Was Aerrow really my true love?

I know what we both saw in the cavern and everything, but I still couldn't help the feelings of denial I was going through. I've known Aerrow for over ten years now and it never really occurred to me until about a year ago that Aerrow was well… a guy? A guy that I might actually have the potential to well, like. As in, like like.

Up until then I had always thought of him as a close friend, or even a brother considering we had practically grown up together.

So, the reason why I loved my nightly flights as a phoenix so much was because I had to lend all of my concentration to the Amp Stone and building up enough energy to shift. This didn't give me the ability to think about much else, let alone all of the relentless questions buzzing around inside of my head.

The discreet midnight flights have probably been what's kept me from going crazy with all of these thoughts and questions that are currently swimming in my head. But just because I had to lend most or all of my concentration to shifting, it didn't mean I went completely brain dead.

It was actually during one of my more recent flights that I remembered the promise that I had made to myself, and to my parents a few weeks ago when I went to retrieve Aerrow's skimmer from Amazonia after he had been knocked out and captured by Cyclonians.

I had promised that I would do all I could to liberate my home terra from the rule of Cyclonia, even if there wasn't anything there for them to rule besides plants and the odd animal.

I had mainly made that promise to myself because I knew it would crush my mom to see Amazonia under Cyclonian rule – that is if she were still around….

Another part of me wanted to send those Talons back to Cyclonia with their tails between their legs though because of the legacy that I shared with my mom and who knows how many ancestors - the legacy of the Guardian of the Amp Stone.

Besides, plucking Amazonia out of Cyclonia's grasp was a way to get rid of my growing hatred against Cyclonia.

I know, I know. I should hate them anyways. And I do – its just too much hate isn't a good thing, especially when you're in a war.

Too much hate clouds your vision and judgment, makes you do stupid things, and makes you do things on an impulse or whim without thinking of the repercussions you may cause.

I didn't necessarily want revenge for my parent's deaths. I didn't want to kill anyone purposely. I just wanted to send my message across to Cyclonia that they hadn't gotten all of the Amazonians that night all those years ago, and I'd have to say that had to be one of their biggest mistakes yet.

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