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Flasback or last chapter

Demon talking

Demon thinking

Human talking

Human thinking

Demonic form

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Chapter 2: Wave part 2

Last time

While Kakashi and his team were watching over the workers (well Sasuke, Kira and Sakura were watching over the workers Kakashi was just reading his book) a errie mist rolled onto the bridge. A minute later Zabuza, Meizu, Gozu, Fox, Dragon, and Wolf. (Naruto, Takashi and Haku in that order) appear.

"I was wondering when you would get here" said Kakashi not taking an eye off of his book.

"We got a little side tracked" replied Zabuza.

"Shut up you little whiner" said Dragon.

"Shut up the both of you we don't have time for this" stated Wolf as she wacked the both of them in the head.

"So why dont you tell me about your genin and i'll tell you about mine" Asked Kakashi?

"And why should we do that it kinda destroys the whole enjoyment of the fight you know" Said Zabuza.

"Well then let's get started" said Kakashi.

"You know what you have to do" said Dragon.

"Now then lets dance" yelled Fox.

Fox (A.K.A Naruto) vs Sasuke

Fox"Lets have some fun. Fox appeared behind Sasuke just as he activates his Sharingan and used Kaze Naguru but just before it hits Sasuke dodges and then gets in and starts punch and kicking as fast as he can suddenly Fox uses Kaze Keru and misses Sasuke but his left left leg starts cut then Fox Jumps back and starts doing hand seals Futon: Rekudan and shot a huge blast of wind but at the sametime Sasuke uses Katon: Gokakyu no jutsu but Fox used Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu to counter and used the steam that was to created to his advantage and appeared behind Sasuke and knocked him out with a hit to his neck.

Kakshi vs Everyone else

"So are we going to fight" Kakashi asked?

"Nah just watch and see what Konoha missed out on" said Zabuza

"What" asked Kakashi?

"Just watch" said Zabuza

Dragon (A.K.A. Takashi) vs Kira

Dragon Lets get wild. Kira activated her Sharingan. Dragon started running toward Kira and just as he got half he blurred out and appeared behind Kira and used Doton: Dohakia Keru and created a crater where Kira would havebeen if she hadn't jumped out of the way but just as Dragon landed on the ground he blurred out again and appeared infront of Kira and used Suiton: Taki Naguru and hit her in the gut and she starts flying across the the bridge but Dragon appears behind her and kicks her up high and Dragon follows her and starts punching and kicking at the height of their jump he kicks her back down to the ground and shouts Ryu Rendan and then lands beside her and starts to walk away but then Kira yells where are you going we arent done. Dragon So you still want to fight. Kira YES. Dragon Your fault.

"Your kids good but not good enough to stand up to mine" Zabuza said.

"We'll see" said Kakashi.

Kira started off with Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu but Dragon dodged all of them but he didnt notice the kunai inside which had wire around them and wraped him up and Kira called out Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu and a fire was sent down the wire and when it finally died down it showed a log that was burnt completely to cinders. Then behind was heard I'm sorry just before she she was knocked out.

"Well it seems both your students failed Kakashi and now it is our turn you ready" said Zabuza.

"I was born ready Zabuza but you know your just gonna get beat again especially with this eye of mine" said Kakashi.

"We'll see" said Zabuza.

(Im just gonna skip the fight the only difference is Zabuza doesn't get killed but is still weakened a lot)

"I can't believe you got beat by a bunch of kids Zabuza" said Gato. "I thought you were the best out there"

"Oh well now i dont have to pay you" Said Gato with a gleam in his eyes.

"Hehe" laughed Zabuza.

"Whats so funny Zabuza are you glad you're gonna die right now" said a surprised Gato.

"No we just already knew u were gonna double cross us why did you think Dragon and Fox only knocked out their opponents get em boys and Wolf" said Zabuza.

Our pleasure as Fox and Dragon went all demonic and Wolf used her ice mirrors. It wasn't a battle it was a slaughter and when the villagers came well lets just say the water was died red that day.

A Week Later

"Thank you so much for saving our village" said Tazuna.

"Listen Zabuza do you and your team want to come with us and join Konoha you and your team would be a great asset and would help Konoha immeansly" asked Kakashi.

All of a sudden Dragon and Fox Tense up.

"Why are you two so scared of Konoha" asked Kakashi.

"No reason" they said in unison.

"Well why don't you take off your masks Haku as already shown us hers so why won't you" asked Kakashi.

"no reason" they said again.

Then before they could react Sasuke and Kira took off their masks.

"It's you" said a surprised Kira.

Their standing in front of everyone was Uzumaki Naruto and Uzumaki Takashi.

"You both are alive I cant believe it a looked for you both for a year and i never found why dont you want to go back dont you want to see the Sandaime again he and Iruka would be incredibly happy" said Kakashi.

"well we have been gone along time brother do you think we ahould go back" asked Naruto.

"I guess we could give Konoha one more chance but if they mess this up we are so gone for good this time" said Takashi.

Kira started walking up to Takashi.

"So it was you I was fighting the entire time huh" Asked Kira.

"Yes" said Takashi.



"How could you do that to me you jerk" yelled Kira as she stormed off.

"What I say" said a surprised Takashi holding his cheek

"Lets just go" said Zabuza.

"Ok" yelled all the genin.

"No really what I say" said Takashi.

"Hey Naruto wait up god dammit" yelled Takashi.

"Come on guys" yelled Takashi as they ignored him.

Our heroes are on their way back to Konoha.

"Hey Grandpa what should we call this bridge" yelled Inari.

"The Great Uzumaki Bridge" said Tazuna.

Whats this they are going back to Konoha. Now give me a hand people have fun and I am thinking of giving Takashi Zangetsu as his sword still trying to find one for Naruto give me a hint everybody. Give me a idea for who should be in whos harem allright everybody. Have a nice day.

Kaze Naguru-Wind Punch

Kaze Keru-Wind kick

Futon:Rekudan-Wind Release:Drilling Air Bullet

Katon:Gokakyu no jutsu-Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Suiton:Daibakufu no Jutsu-Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique

Doton:Dohakia Keru-Earth Release: Earth Destruction Kick

Suiton:Taki Naguru-Water Release: Waterfall Punch

Ryu Rendan-Dragon Barrage

Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu- Fire Release: Art of the Phoenix Flower

Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu-Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique


"I hate you Uzumaki Takashi ill kill you" as she brought out Zangetsu.

"Hey thats my sword" Yelled Takashi.

"NOT ANYMORE" yelled Kira as she started chasing Takashi all the way back to konoha using Getsuga Tenshou to make him dance while running.

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