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One-Shot of a Terrible Future

Mary walked quietly down the isle, face straight forward and a stoned expression. No smile, her eyes focused on the priest as she neared. She reached the altar and her father turned to her, kissed her brow

"This is for the best," he whispered with a confident smile. Her blank and cold eyes gave nothing away and Mr. Bennet squashed the discomfort he suddenly felt. This was for the best. Mary turned to her future husband. He disturbed her and she did her very best to show no emotions.

As Mr. Bennet watched the proceedings and his daughter and her future husband he smiled. It was for the best. While her husband might not be intellectual he could at least provide for her. They'd learn to have a companionship, if not love. Her husband was rich, it was good.

A sinking feeling stirred in him. He recalled a loveless marriage. Separate bedrooms and no respect. Mary, her eyes hard and lifeless stood in great contrast to her enigmatic future husband. He was a simpleton; a rich simpleton.

Mary was no simpleton, he slowly realized. She had proven her intellect. But there were no other men, she HAD to marry someoneā€¦ didn't she? Who would choose becoming a spinster to a rich life?

Mary would.

Dear God, what had he done?

"I now pronounce you Man and Wife"

He had sentenced her to an equally loveless marriage as his own and given her no chance to get out.

Oh God, what had he done!