Where You are is Where I Want To Be

Camp Rock Fanfiction


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Summary: Takes place after Camp Rock. Mitchie and her mom are on their way back home when there is a terrible accident, and Mitchie loses someone very close to her. Things soon become too much for her and she needs to run, but where will she go? Who could she run to?

Pairings: Mainly; Shane and Mitchie, will possibly be some Nate and Caitlyn and if that happens then I will obviously not leave Jason just hanging there all alone!

Anyways! On with the story, I hope you guys like it!


'Music's in my soul
I can hear it every day, every night
It's the one thing on my mind
Music's got control
And I'm never letting go, no no
I just wanna play my music
All night long


As the new hit by Connect 3 ended on the radio, Mitchie Torres turned and smiled to her mother, who returned it with a warm smile of her own.

"Wow!" her mother, Connie exclaimed. "I can't believe they already have their new single on the radio!"

Mitchie laughed at her mom's amazement.

"Mom! You know how much the label loved that song, that and Shane, Nick and Jason left the day after Final Jam so they could go record it right away. Things move fast in the music industry."

Connie nodded, understanding.

It had been two weeks since the rest of the campers had left for their respective homes, Connie and Mitchie had remained at the camp an extra couple of days so that they could pack up all of Connie's Catering supplies.

It had been kind of sad saying good bye to everyone at the end of camp, Caitlyn had become a second best friend to Mitchie along with the others she had become very close with.

But the hardest had been saying good bye to Shane; even though they had left the day after Final Jam, they had spent the whole day together and after he had left they had been taking advantage of Mitchie`s unlimited text messaging.

The last she had heard was they were about to begin their national tour, that had been postponed due to Camp, Peggy would also be joining them. Mitchie could only hope that they would make a stop in Chicago so she would be able to see them.

Mitchie sighed in contentment; now they were finally on their way home to Chicago, and after being away from home from a whole summer both Mitchie and her mother couldn't wait to get there.

Mitchie's father had returned home the night after final jam to look after the shop, and would be waiting for them when they got home.

"So, have you heard from any of your friends at camp yet?" Connie asked.

Mitchie smiled and nodded, then told her how she had had a short conversation the day before with Caitlyn. She had arrived back in New York safe and sound and was now getting ready for the new school year.

She had also received a call from Shane that morning, and he told her she would be more than welcome to come to their concert when their tour arrived in Chicago.

Connie smiled when she heard this, "So are you and Shane an item now?" she said winking at Mitchie.

"Mom! We are just friends!!" Mitchie squealed her face turning a dark shade of red.

Connie laughed at her reaction.

"Well you guys seemed pretty close in that canoe after final jam."

If it were even possible, Mitchie turned even redder.

"MOM!!" she exclaimed, and her mom put her arms up in mock surrender.

"Okay, Okay!" Connie said with a laugh.

"Thank you!" Mitchie said, but couldn't help but smile.

It was true that she and Shane Grey had amazing chemistry, but a relationship had never entered their minds…yet, Mitchie shook her head to push that thought from her mind. No they were just friends, end of story.

They continued on down the road, and both turned and smiled at each other; they would be home in only a couple of hours.

But as they both turned back to look at the road they were shocked to see a large semi coming towards them fast and swerving dangerously on the road.

Everything happened so fast.

Mitchie only had a moment to scream "MOM LOOK OUT!!!"

The last thing Mitchie remembered is turning to her mom and seeing the terrified look on her face.

Then everything went black.

(Allright! I know you guys all wanted me to update another chapter but I have read over this story and it is all over the place so I am just going to go thru and fix a bunch of stuff before putting up the next chapter.)