Where You are is Where I Want to Be


Chapter 9: Held

Welcome to Chicago

Well they were finally here, Shane thought to himself as they passed the welcome sign that marked their arrival to city of Chicago. It was a very busy city, Shane noted as he looked out the tour bus windows, marvelling at all the lights and people that populated it.

This was also where a said Mitchie Torres lived, and Shane just couldn't wait to see her.

Not only had he fallen for this girl hard at camp (not that he ever mentioned it often to save himself from never-ending teasing) during the summer he had also hadn't spoken to her in several days and this was beginning to worry him.

Though he wasn't sure why, he just couldn't seem to get the feeling that Mitchie was in some sort of trouble and he wouldn't sit still until he found out whether she was okay or not. And he needed to know if she was okay.

The first thing he did when they arrived at the hotel was flip open his phone and called her.

"Hi this is Mitchie's cell phone, just leave a message and I'll get back to you." BEEP

Shane sighed in defeat, this time it had gone straight to the voice mail this time, now he was really starting to get worried.

His band-mates must have noticed his worried Shane's worried expression because Nate asked. "Is Mitchie still not picking up her phone?"

Shane sighed and shook his head.

"No, the phone didn't even ring this time, guys I am really worried about her." He replied.

Jason walked over to him and placed his hand on Shane's shoulder.

"Dude, I am sure she is fine, maybe she is busy out shopping for you Christmas present and forgot to charge her phone or something." He said.

"Yeah," Nate agreed, "You know how girls are, she is probably so busy shopping and getting things ready for Christmas, I'm sure she will call you back when she's seen that you called."

Shane nodded, but still wasn't really convinced, something just didn't seem right.

"PLUS! She knows you are in town, she has to know when we will be staying thanks to the paparazzi so she will come visit us for sure!" Jason added with a smile on his face.

Shane nodded and smiled, "Yeah, you guys are probably right, well let's start unpacking and then maybe we can hit up the stores for Christmas shopping."

Nate and Jason nodded and smiled as they heaved their heavy suitcases on their beds to unpack.

As Shane followed his band-mates he still couldn't help to think of Mitchie and whether she was all right. Something and he didn't know quite what it was that made him think this, but something told him that something was or had gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Though he tried to concentrate, throughout the entire time they took trying to shop before giving up when they were chased down by crazy fan girls, he couldn't seem to get that bad feeling out of his mind.


Mitchie opened her eyes slowly, her mind finally coming back into focus, it was early morning, or late afternoon from what she could tell light coming in from the small window in her "cell".

She must have fallen asleep for a couple of hours, the pain and exhaustion had finally taken its toll on Mitchie, she silently cursed, because of her concussion she shouldn't have fallen back asleep but nothing could be done about it now.

Also if she hadn't slept at all, she wouldn't have the extra energy needed for planning and making her escape.

Though she knew she had to do it, she was terrified of what she would be doing in the next few days, when she made her escape but if it failed she would…well she didn't want to think about that now.

It was either escape now and live; or wither away in this prison.

Now how was she going to get out this room?

She looked around the room and felt a moment of despair, she had already tried getting out of this room, and hadn't been able to…how would a couple days later make any difference?

It was at that moment that she noticed the pile of boxes on the ground where she had been earlier buried under, and before that had been looking through some of them.

Why hadn't she thought of this before? There had to something useful in those boxes, with that in mind and a new hope she made her way over to the boxes.

Which was of course until she remembered that she had an injured arm and leg.

She had to crawl over to the boxes, which luckily were not as far away because of the small size of the room.

After she had planted herself in a comfortable position on the ground she pulled a box over to her and began in her search.


"But Dad, that isn't fair! Why couldn't they just go and see her in person! He must have made her lie!"

"I am sorry Sierra, but they only investigate severe cases where they have very concrete evidence, there wasn't enough proof here that they would come out and see her."

Sierra looked at her father with disbelief.

"But I told you that I saw all of her bruises, they couldn't have been from falling or tripping! Isn't that proof enough?"

Sierra's father nodded and sighed. "I think so, and I know it was enough for you too, but for them, they get many calls every day and if they came at every call they would probably not be there to help the ones who were really in need."

"But Mitchie is in need! She is in trouble I haven't been able to get a hold of her for a couple of days! What about that?"

Her father walked over to his daughter and gave her a hug. "I know sweetheart, but there is nothing we can do at the moment, but as soon as we find a way to help Mitchie we will do it. I promise."

Sierra nodded, and after a moment, told her father that she was going to go for a walk to the park to clear her head.

Her father gave her a sad smile and nodded before telling her to make sure she was home for dinner in a few hours.

Sierra hated lying to her father but if she had told him where she was really going he probably would have never let her leave the house.

Once she reached the end of her street, instead of making a right to the park nearby she turned left and started walking slowly towards her best friend's home, praying that she could at least find out if Mitchie was all right.


It had turned out to be early morning when Mitchie had first awoke because the light coming from the small window had continued to brighten over the last few hours that Mitchie had been looking through the many boxes that now littered the storage room floor.

The boxes held a whole assortment of different items; some was camping gear from when Mitchie and her parents used to travel each summer. It was in his box Mitchie found rope, a hammer and torches.

She used the rope and torches to make splints for her arm and leg, this took a while because she had a hard time breaking the torches to the right size to fit her leg and arm, and she had no knife to cut the rope and had to just wrap a whole line of rope around both arm and leg.

This helped in a way to give even more support on her leg and kept the sticks in place.

Once that was out of the way, she a had moved on to the next box, and so on finding a few things here and there but not as often as she would have liked.

She was about half-way through searching through the boxes when she heard someone moving around, she stopped and listened, fearing it was her father coming to investigate any noise she had been making.

But as she listened more closely she noticed it was coming from outside the house and knew that her father never ventured outside and wondering who would be outside.

It was then when someone stopped in front of the small window and blocked her light.

"Hello? Is someone there?" Mitchie called out hoarsely, she was surprised she was still able to talk at all after not having any food or water for the last several days.

"Mitchie, is that you?"

Mitchie almost fainted in relief; it was her best friend, Sierra.


Sierra almost fell over; she had found Mitchie within minutes after arriving at her house.

At first she wasn't quite sure where to look for her best friend when she had first arrived; she knew she couldn't knock on the front door and just expect Mr. Torrez to let her see Mitchie.

No, he would have made some excuse that she was sick and sleep or something silly like that.

So she had started walking around the house trying to see if she could see any movement within the house and find out if Mitchie was all right.

She had just made her way into the backyard when she heard some noise coming from one of the rooms in the basement, she wasn't quite sure if it was Mitchie or not, because she had never been in the basement whenever visiting with Mitchie.

So with a chance that it was Mr. Torrez she kept quiet, which was why she was so shocked to hear Mitchie voice come from the small window she was standing next to.

Well at this she thought it was Mitchie, her voice was nearly lost it sounded like, which made Sierra very worried.

"Sierra, it's so good to hear your voice." Mitchie said.

"Mitchie, are you okay? Why are you in the basement?"

Mitchie's silence answered Sierra's question.

"He put you down there didn't he?" Sierra said, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, he locked me down here several days ago, and I haven't eaten in more days than that, and…he hurt my leg, arm and my head."

Sierra shuddered and felt tears come to her eyes.

"Oh Mitchie…we tried calling the social workers-"

"I know." Mitchie interrupted. "I had to lie, or else he…well he…" Mitchie didn't finish and Sierra let out a soft sob.

"Oh Mitchie, I hadn't even thought of that, we…I was just trying to…"

"I know its okay. I am going to try and get out of here." Mitchie replied softly.

Sierra wished she could actually see her friend instead of hearing her thru and filthy small basement window.

"But how are you going to get out? Is there anything I can do to help?"

She heard Mitchie sigh.

"No, I don't want you getting hurt Sierra, I would never forgive myself if something happened to you. But there is something you can do; there is someone you can get to help me."

"Who?" Sierra asked, wonder who Mitchie was thinking of.

"Shane Grey. He-"

"What?" Sierra interrupted. "As in THE Shane Grey, from Connect 3? The one you went to camp with and like fell for but never really told him? THAT Shane Grey?"

"Yes, now Sierra I need to focus. He is probably the only who can help."

"But what can he do?" Sierra asked again.

"I just, I don't really know- I just- He is the only one who can help us at this point. Go to their hotel tomorrow night, find Shane and tell him who you are, he should remember me telling him about you, if not just tell him you are friend with me and get him to come here, and meet me by this window. The best time for me to try and escape is in the early morning, it is usually when my father passes out and is the heaviest sleeper then."

Sierra nodded and said. "Okay. I'll make sure he gets here to help you. Please be safe."

"I will. Good Luck" Mitchie said.

And with that Sierra made her way back home, hoping and praying she would be able to get Shane Grey, she would do anything to make sure her friend got out of that horrible home.