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They both got out of the car and Walked through the tourist office, Ianto was at his desk and smiled warmly but Gwen didn't smile she walked round the desk Ianto's smile faltering and the next thing she knew Ianto was on the floor clutching his jaw.

"That was for shooting my sister, and that" she yelled as she kicked him in the ribs, "Is for shagging my boyfriend" she gasped and turned and walked through the secret door. Ianto stood up, blood was flowing from his nose and lip freely he glared at Candace and stalked off to get a cloth.

Candace quickly followed her sister through the door who was practically running down the long corridor. The cog door rolled back and they both strolled in. Jack was at a workstation typing something and as he turned his head it connected straight with Gwen's fist he fell to the floor, "That was for not protecting my sister and that" she said as she jumped on him and punched him again " was for shagging ianto" Candace looked at her sister as she laid into Jack her blows getting harder and stronger everytime, "That was for not bothering to come find me, and that was because you couldn't come find me because you were shagging the tea boy, you left me Jack" and as if all the energy had drained from her she slumped forward pounding jack's chest as the tears finely fell from her sparkless eyes. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

Candace turned to walk away and went straight into Ianto her head connecting with his now clean nose only for it to start to bleed again.

"Oh god Yan I'm so sorry" she said as she lifted his head to check the wound. He pulled his head back and stared at the position that Jack and Gwen were in and stalked to the settee.

Candace crept away quietly none of them noticing her leave. She went down to the cells and picked up a stool and placed it in front of Janet's cell.

"Hello Janet" she said, the weevil nodded in reply.

"Do you think it was right me telling Gwen about everything" she said staring at Janet's black eyes except when it was just her they flashed a sandy gold. It nodded his head up and down.

Candace stood up folded the stool and opened the cell she entered it and then shut it behind her. The weevil just stood there and watched as she sat down on it's bed and Janet hugging the wall made her way over to Candace, it seemed scared of Candace not threatened just knowing that there was more under the surface then anyone knew.

Janet sat down and Gwen extended her hand as a sign that she was not going to harm her. Janet extended her hand and took a hold of it. She grabbed it tightly but that was just her strength she didn't ,mean it maliciously.

The weevils flesh was usually hard rough and crinkly but as she took Janet's hand in hers the flesh was smooth and wrinkle free almost like a human hand. Candace pulled her hand away slowly and as she left go the weevil's hand turned back to it's original form. She got up and said goodbye to Janet and exited the cell.

"Now i know i can heal people but Weevils" Candace said to herself walking through th Torchwood basements.

As she got up to the main floor, the place was deserted, she looked up and saw Jack and Gwen talking in his office and then saw Ianto strolling back in with coffee in his hand.

"Ianto can I have a word" she said as she walked off to the boardroom Ianto following. They shut the door and sat down either end of the table.

"I'm so sorry" she began as she took a sip of her coffee and ran her hand through her long black hair.

"Cand you don't need to apologise I probally deserved it" he said with a grin as he looked at her.

"No you didn't Yan, but Gwen's not herself she's still recovering you know" she said with a shrug.

He nodded and said " I can't even imagine how she must feel at the moment" he said a little hesitant.

"I'm glad you understand Yan" she replied as she stood up and walked to the door. She paused by the door and turned around, she walked round to Ianto and put her hand on his shoulder

"Oh and did I say thanks" and she lent down and placed a kiss on his cheek, her lips lingered a little to long not that he minded and so close that at least half of her lips were on his.

With that she turned and walked out of the boardroom. Ianto stood there mouth agape at what had happened and quickly followed her out.

"I know Jack I'm sorry" said Gwen as she leaned on Jack.

"I know how it must have been but honestly it was nothing" he replied back and kissed her on her lips. He lifted her up and opened the hatch to his bedroom, he scooped her up and carried her down the ladder.

Two hours later they lay in the same position that they had been since they got onto the bed. On top of the covers still fully clothed just holding each other as if either let go they'd lose them for good.

Candace had drifted off, she had the sword that had been with Gwen when they found her. Her head slumped against her desk.

Visions ran through her head, of people burning, people's cries and people being exterminated.

Her body began jerking violently and there was nothing that she could do about because she was still asleep. Her body came off her seat and she thumped to the floor, blood spurted out of her mouth where she had bitten her tongue, she gurgled as she was choking on her own blood, automatically she flipped over onto her front and the blood slid from her mouth but still it wasn't stopping. The shaking began to stop and crackling could be heard, her hand had volts of lightning skating up and down her hand, on her other hand flames erupted from her palm. The convulsions stopped and Candace lay there limp on the floor.

"So we better check to make sure Ianto and Candace ain't killed each other then" said Jack as he opened his office door Gwen closely behind him. He looked down and Candace's workstation was a mess her papers were over the floor and her chair lay on it's side. Only then did he realise the familiar adidas shoe poking out from behind the desk.

"Candace" he yelled as he jumped the stairs two by two. He slid down next to her and noticed the puddle of blood under her head, he flipped her over and noticed that nearly all the blood came from her mouth but some had come out of her ears.

"O my, Cand" yelled Gwen as she slid next to Jack yanking her sister into her lap.

"Come on Gwen we need to get her to the med Bay" said Jack as he lifted her up off of the ground and placed her on the bed.

" Right looks like she had some sort of fit or something, Ianto get down here now" yelled Jack as he laid her down on the autopsy table.

Ianto flew from around the corner.

"I want you to run a scan of her quickly okay, Gwen I want you to wipe away the blood from her okay" he said as he began hooking her up to machines.

"Scans are running Sir" said Ianto fiddling with some buttons. Gwen ran around like a headless chicken. Searching for the gauzes and things to sterilise the wounds.

When she finally found them she began to dab the blood off of her sisters body.

"Sir, everything in her body is fine" Ianto said as he put the scanning equipment.

"What could it be then" Jack pondered as he finished hooking her up to the machines.

"Jack is she gonna be alright" gasped Gwen as she also finished wiping the blood off her sister.

"Well her stats are all fine" he said as he looked at the young girl in front of him.

Candace slowly opened her eyes but quickly shut the them, the light of the autopsy adding more pain to the already slamming headache she had.

Gwen noticed her sister as she began to come around.

"Can are you okay, come on speak to me" Gwen asked as she leaned over her sister.

"Yeah I'm okay, what happened" she asked as she sat upright.

"Woah, take it easy, we don't know you had some sort of fit, how you feeling" Jack asked kindly taking the younger girls other hand.

"Surprisingly fine, except for the banging head ache I've got" she replied unhooking herself from all the machines.

"Do you think that's a good idea" Ianto asked walking forwards.

"Yeah I do I'm fine honestly" she said as she slowly got to her feet. She shakely walked over to the stairs and climbed them.

"Where are you going" Gwen asked chasing after her.

"I need some aspirin and a coffee" she replied walking to the cupboard and pulling out two aspirins. Ianto who had followed had put the coffee machine on.

"Look there's something I need to tell you, I've hid this secret for years, but recently the power has been getting stronger then ever and that's what caused me to have a fit, well I reacted to a premonition" she said sitting down in the boardroom.

"Cand what are you on about" Jack asked, they were all sat around the table.

"I have abilities" she stuttered out. They all looked at her.

"I'm sure that fit has done something to her" Ianto whispered to Gwen.

"No I can do things, which people shouldn't be able to do" she replied standing up.

"What do you mean" Gwen asked.

"I mean this" she said and she flicked her hand and a ball of blue electricity floated above her hand, as on her other hand a fireball hovered on her palm.

The rest of the torchwood team looked on in awe, at the youngest member of the team.

"What the hell" Jack gasped as he looked on.

They don't look too pleased thought Candace as she stood there stopping the electricity that was flowing through her hands.

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