In sasukes hospital room. He Hears outside. Guy 1 "Give me my ball. Bitch" Guy 2 "Your just mad 'cause I made is out the window ballin' " (Gunshots) Womem Crying " Oh My GOD Did he shot him?" "OH MY GOD IS THAT HIS BRAINS?" Sasuke Turns and lays down and starts dreaming. Sasukes Dream. "Oh yeah oh, fuck, suck it Yeah Naruto. Sasukes Nightmare. Itachi slaming him against the wall" DIDN'T I TELL U ABOUT BEING GAY! " DIDN'T I TELL U ABOUT BEING GAY! BITCH, BITCH, NIGGA. (Sasuke) no, no itachi don't put that in my butt please don't put that in my butt. (Itachi Whispering) Why not don't fight it. A light saber?? (Sasuke wakes up) It was just a dream (Mad) Fuck. Naruto outside the door "Oh, wait till sasuke hears about this one" (Sakera walks in with paper bag) Fuckin Niggas killing each other basketball games. How you doing sasuke woul you like a delicious apple. (Sasuke) Bitch, no one wants a damn apple, but I'll take one though. (Sakura looking around) were did I put my vibrater.

(Naruto Sighing) Sakura has you can see its plugged in a wall and its leading under the sheets take your guesses its split right now, gay. (Saukera hits naruto on the head knocking him to the floor) "SHUT UP NARUTO! (Naruto in pain) OWW. What the hell, man? (Sakura ) You know what it is. (Naruto mad) I hope it explodes in your ass never mind you'd problem like it. ( Sakura sighs) hes just mad cause I let you have my virginity sassuke (Sakura cutting the apple) Oooh, you can fuck any day, anytime you want you. Sasuke hearing itachis voice in his head "I'm gonna show you want its like to be gay you already know what it is" (Sakura still taking) you can titty fuck me, ass fuck me, I just want you to skid on my face your warm jucies. (Sasuke still hearing itachi's voice) We had somwthing special we kissed Makes kissing noises ( Sakura still talking) You hear me I know you hear me sasuke here's the apple bon appetite, nigga (Saukes smacks the stuff out of sakueras hands) GET THAT SHIT OUT MY MOTHER FUCKING FACE! Everything lands on naruto and he jumps up WHAT THE FUCK! Sakura Did you want apple sauce? Naruto Vibrater blow up yet? Sasuke turns and stares at naruto (Naruto) Whats your dumbass staring at. Sasuke This mm. Saukera looking at naruto and sasuke (Saukes) Naruto stop resisting my sexy Naruto Here we go again Sasuke (turn little children away now) Suck my dick no homo. ( Sakura Screaming) NO!! Naruto Confused What come on you cant say suck my dick no homo that defeating the purpose that's extra homo. (Sasuke growls) Suck my dick no homo DO IT NOW NARUTO! Sasuke growls again and jumps out the bed You and I both know the you were made for me baby hot, sweaty sexNaruto growls (Sakura ) No you guys can not do this without me LETS HAVE A THREESOME! PLEASE! NO SASUKE AND NARUTO! Naruto smiles The only way I'll have a threesome with you guys is if sasuke is shackled in a closet and I'm doing it Sakura But, That's not far I want sasuke to take my virginity. Sasuke Will come on then, Bitch Sasuke walks out the room The End?