"Dude, what the heck?" Kassie said as she looked at Morgan eccentrictly.

"What? I am claustrophobic!" Morgan said as she sat down on a nearby chair and crossed her legs.

"Yeah, whatever get a life. Your not even that trepidated, your just scared to admit that you didn't want to sit by Billy" Kassie rolled her eyes and smacked Morgan upside the head.

"W-W-WHAT!? That's not true, I've been claustrophobic sense I was like...eight."

They both looked at each other and stared into each others eyes. Morgan got up from the chair and digged in her pocket to search for her i-pod, she plugged the headphones in and put them in her ear. Kassie snatched the i-pod.

"NO MORE SLIPKNOT FOR YOU!!, you can't always listen to them when your depressed"

"Stupid butthead" she sat down on the bed and burried her face into her knees.

"Why are you obsessed with him anyways...he dosen't even pay attention to you, so you should just forget about him and stop being so obssesive" Kassie expostulated as she thought about Billy and that she had a crush on him too but she kept it to herself.