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Synopsis—Sent to Japan on a diplomatic task, Hellsing find themselves unwillingly paired with their adversary, Iscariot...and soon face-to-face with their personal Judas…

Chapter Title—Unexpected and Unwelcomed

Chapter Synopsis—At Hellsing, things can always get worse even as Master and Monster have a tête-à-tête…about betrayal.

Author's Notes—As you can imagine school is approaching like some topical storm, and naturally I am called to action. All I can say is, thank God for summer vacation. So in conclusion, I am trying as hard as I can to write and more importantly continue to write. However, I think recently I have bitten off more than I can chew. Such a shame really, because I have so many fan-fictional stories I want to write, update and post—but time slides away like sand in a hourglass. Never fear, as I said in my profile "If I post a story I must finish it," and so I will finish all my stories…

Anyways, I was happy to write this chapter than primarily focuses on my two characters of Hellsing—Sir Integra Hellsing and of course, Alucard.



Unexpected and Unwelcomed



OOO Vengeance is Cold OOO

The pudgy short figure sitting in the solace of the shadows smiled, and even in the darkest black his pearly white teeth gleamed brightly. He clapped his white-gloves together like some overexcited child on Christmas morning, who was desperately and impatiently waiting to open the first present. Nevertheless, he was patience knowing that soon he would taste the fruits of his labors, and it would be bittersweet like heavily aged wine. The Mad-Major of Millennium sat comfortably in his chair with his golden almost amber eyes on the wall of TV screens before him. A steaming cup of hot cocoa sat next to him, with its contents half empty.

To his left, as always stood the silent and dead-eyed Captain.

Couched down beside him, Schrodinger was licking his paws and sleeking back the stray grays hairs spouting on his point and perky ears. The catboy smiled mischievously, as yet another sugar cube disappeared mysteriously from the silver-serving tray and found its way into the pouch in his cheek. He sucked gingerly on it and purred, kicking his leg as the Major snatched under his chin. "Such a good boy."

Suddenly came the shrill sound the telephone and he answered with a too cheerful, "Hello there…"

Schrodinger growled at the disruption, which was nothing out of the ordinary since he was an attention hog.

"Down Schrodinger…" a feminine voice warned playfully—it was none other than Rip Van Wrinkle, swinging her musket over her shoulder and swaying on one foot. Smiling, she lifted up her butcher-blue eyes, which were cold as ice except towards her comrade, friend and lover, the Captain. "All good things come to those who wait, isn't that right Captain?" Like always, he didn't response nor gave any inclination he registered what she said. However silence was a good enough answer and she ambled away, humming none other than Der Freischutz.

The Major interrupted, "By your orders, we are to have minimum contact. This may not even be a secure line, and what then? Be cautious, you are stepping on thin ice, boyar." O

"I am fine," came the receiver, sharp and cold. "I want to know the process of the situation. Now. Updates are late."

Taking another sip from the teacup the madman chastised playfully, "Like a chessboard, the pieces are set and now, we play the game. Things are progressing smoothly, Sir. They shall come straight into the palm of your hand." Ending the sentence, the madman whose desire lied not in gold, but in chaos shattered the glass in his hand.

"Now…let the years of bitterness come crashing down like the wrath of God."


Looking out over the green garden that swathed Hellsing Manor in a tangle web of thorny hedges, Integra Hellsing sucked heavily on a Henri Wintermans cigar and the smoke rose form her lips and nostrils as heavy as the physical and political obstacles bestowed on her. Besides, the black suit and red ascot match her mood, which to say was very grim and murderous. Trying to calm the storm, her azure eyes dropped and studied the murky, beady contents in her teacup—and from there, Integra saw a reflection of herself, which was troubled, grim and angered by forces out of her control. She felt herself drowning within it, and plunging downwards into the endless abyss of betrayal, chaos and death. The imagery was too overwhelming and she looked away.

The taste of the tea, however lingered thick on her tongue and glistered brightly on her lower lip. The Thames River before entering London was—according to Mr. Rhoades, the very water Lu Yu's Ch'a Ching, the Book of Tea considered perfect for brewing green tea—oxygenated, mineral-laden water from a free-flowing underground limestone stream.

Taking another sip, her thoughts quickly turned towards the sleek, quiet and mysterious Rhoades. True, the Hellsing-Daughter did not trust him completely, but currently found him to be of more use alive than dead. Regardless of his loyalty, Rhoades made excellent tea.

Still, despite its taste and smoothing effects Integra growled bitterly under her breath, "Stupid sods," and then added, "Useless stupid sods."

Soon came that voice smooth as velvet, "A Englishwoman, like a priest should never curse."

Of course, there was nothing like a No-Life King ruining the moment with his redundant and hypocritical sermons about self-righteousness.

Opening her eyes, Integra saw Alucard standing before her with his hands in his pockets, eyes gleaming under the orange shades and an over-friendly smile playing on his lips.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Integra demanded hotly.

That only made his smile increase tenfold and he strolled closer with one hand on over his heart. "But how can I possibly sleep, my Master? Like Police-Girl, I am simply elastic about our," he paused and added with each with dripping sarcasm, "little—modest—painless—most honorable, rendezvous to Japan. I am positively beaming with joy and anticipation, aren't you?" Approaching, he pulled out the spare chair and flipping it around, sat backwards with his elbows resting comfortably on the back. Alucard sighed comfortably and continued nonchalantly, "Besides a vacation might do you some good. It might smooth out the wrinkles and make you much more expectable to certain company—"

"Stuff it," she warned angrily, rising from her chair and banging her fists on the table. "You are such a sadist."

Alucard dripped his head hack and laughed mechanically. "Ha! What a boring thing you can be, Integra."

"Know your place, pet," Integra rounded on him. "I am not entertainment during your boredom episodes."

While others would cower at the sight of her boiling anger, the vampire did not. He explained with deliberate sweetness, "Well Police-Girl is with her 'boyfriend,'" he said tasting the modern term. "So circumstances have forced my hand to settle with second best."

"Second best?" she asked surprised. "Second best, am I?"

"It could be worse," Alucard said kindly, "you could be first."

Integra narrowed her eyes at him. "Your favoritism is sickening at best."

"Spare me that look, Integra." The No-Life King paused and replied sweetly, "Come and sit down. You may not be entertainment, but company nonetheless."

Cautiously with red demonic eyes watching her, she returned to the chair. "Good. Doesn't that feel much better? Besides, it is time to have a tête-à-tête about the change of events," he leered, "I feel incline to remind you that pride is a sin, Integra and I believe you are among the Top Ten Most Wanted."

Hiding her eyes in her hands Integra moaned as if in pain. "Please don't tell me that you were watching cable with the Wild Geese again."

The Director of Hellsing, despite her disappointment could not tell Captain Bernadette and his men how to spend their paychecks, since that was their own personal interest. A majority of time it went to strip joints, porn shops, liquor stores and Besta Fasta, a Italian restaurant that had knew the Wild-Geese's orders by heart. One delivery ended in disaster. Now, they had gathered up their money and purchased cable—over 1000 channels, including the Naked-Channel, which Sir Integra had the terrible misfortunate of seeing. Worst of all, Alucard was with them. Better yet, now that Alucard had taken an interest in the tin-box known as the TV, he had gone as far as to demanded one in the subbasement and directly across from his chair. Of course, she refused.

So, now he was doing this out his bitterness on her.

"Is this another lecture, Alucard—because if so, there are better, and more important things to occupy my time with…"

"Stop, don't be such a sour puss."

"You have been spending too much time with them"–-Alucard, a 500 year-old vampire taking up and further using modern terminology was evidence enough. "And if, as you said—an Englishwoman and a priest should not curse, than a Midian of your seasoning should not use modern lingo, wouldn't you agree?"

"Than rapping is completely out of the question then, Master?"

Integra blinked trying to dust aside the cobwebs in her ears. "Excuse me."

Smiling, he was only too eager to explain, "Bernadette is quite the musician."

"Sure," she said taking a sip of her tea. "If you like noise."

Alucard tried to coaxed her, "Honestly, it isn't all that bad."

The Hellsing Daughter rolled her eyes and voiced her complaint, "Please…ill tasted rhymes along with meaningless clatter does that constitute as music—just noise."

Knowing the extent of his Master's stubbornness, the No-Life King shrugged his shoulders passively with his eyes closed as if asleep and said, "Very well, we all have our differences, which of course makes each of us unique. His voice changed in pitch along with the topic, "Be lenient, my Master. We all have our charms and our passions. They inspire us…give us purpose that could only be divine   " he paused as if to imply that his was physically with him.

"Don't tell me that Captain Bernadette is constructing a record?"

"Maybe." But the smile on his face told her otherwise, instead it screamed a yes. "Of course, if he was it would most likely be about his current employment. However with the disclosure agreement in play, he cannot and most likely will never publish." Alucard paused allowing the information to weigh in. "I even have a part in the chorus."

Integra nearly choked on her tea. "You must be jesting.

A choppy sing soul voice rumbled out of his throat, "I am a pissed-off vampire with revenge on my mind…I've a Jackal in my hand and a gleam in my eyeO"

"Enough," she scoffed.

"Very well. Returning back to our original discussion…Integra," he said, like a parent trying to have a serious chat with his rebellious child. "Why did you do it? Why?" However, when coming to his Master, Alucard always turned from seriousness to sarcasm. The vampire continue with his voice deep and husky, "You do not submit—never surrender to the useless, redundant and desperate demands of others, so why the sudden change of position? Correct me if I am wrong, I thought you liked to be on top. Or perhaps, you wanted a change of view."

"Like Captain Bernadette and the rest of the Wild Geese, your thoughts always turn to the perverted," she said filled with disappointment.

"You are avoiding my question," he noted.

"And rightly so, seeing how I am in no position to obey you—especially you of all individuals."

"Why?" he asked, almost pleading and begging for a reasonable explanation. "Indulge your pet with an answer…"

Integra exhaled a tiring sigh, and the air drained from her lungs as if it was her last breath. "Like you said," she answered carefully, "…pride."

As if he knew the response from the beginning, Alucard noted gleefully, "Of course, of course."

"I grow so weary from all this drama. Nothing can be simple." She hid her face in her hands and sighed. "Politics is a double-edged sword, and I," she paused taking in a deep breath to refill her vacant lungs and her voice was as weary as her eyes, "grow tired from its cuts."

"As I hear, it may be the instrument to your demise."

"Iscariot says so," she said bitterly hissing the vile name.

"And the Royal Order of Protestant Knights."

Rolling her eyes Integra scoffed, "As if their opinion has significance to me."

It grew uncomfortably after that comment, and Alucard smirked doubtfully with a row of white fangs glistering brightly. Looking to the side the No-Life King clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth, apparently weighing the words that were about to slip from his lips. Finally he said, "You are denial. I thought today would be evidence enough that their opinion actually mattered, and better yet, served as a catalyst for your actions. Make no mistake Integra, they knew what exactly would get you to comply. They were counting on your pride."

Clearing her throat Integra fingered a loose strand and required, "Are you saying that I can be so easily manipulated?"

Alucard said plainly, "As with anyone."

Integra asked with a smile, "Including you, O No-Life King?" 

"Especially me."

Sometimes discussion such as these were healthy, because the vampire-pet was so brutally honest that it helped shinned light on the circumstances, which were otherwise shrouded in complete darkness—however, Alucard was not always honest with his own thoughts, especially the ones involving her. Some he boasted openly like the incompetence of her mortality and sometimes the weakness of her sex. The opinions he confessed were designed to needlessly test, mock and criticize her. It was entertainment for him. Nevertheless, a selective few opinions remained dormant in that dark and perverted thing called his mind. Funny, they were the ones she wanted and was afraid of knowing. Sadly, the Hellsing Seals forced him to comply physically, not mentally, so his thoughts, opinions and secrets could never be mandated by her command, and that in itself was something Alucard liked to dwell on. He would say, "Poor mortal child. That must be frustrating, my Integra. While my body is subject to your will and whim, my mind is mine alone—however, I am willing to trade tick for tack."

Again, his voice interrupted her thoughts, "Whatever are you thinking? What plagues your mind?"

"Betrayal…" she whispered as if confessing a desire to a lover.

There, she had finally said it.

The vampire rose to his feet in one smooth motion and with one hand sliding along the table, strolled closer. "Betrayal…" Alucard tasted the word as if he was maple a tender new Blood-Concubine. As if it had a mind of its own, his dark pink tongue flicked the air and swathed his lips in glistering saliva. "It is bittersweet."

"I know you have seen your fair share, Count."

Of course, she was referring to his younger brother and fledging Radu. O

"And now you can say the very same thing," he noted. Reaching out, he ran his fingers through her platinum hair—it being the only thing Integra gave him permission to touch. Of course, she was a silly thirteen year-old child when she said so. However going back on her word would be a sign of distress and weakness, which he would feed on like an addict. At his touch the Hellsing Daughter stiffened in her chair and glared at him with those piercing sapphire-stone eyes. His voice carried as much warmth as his skin, which is to say none. "Betrayal is inevitable in this game, you should know this—ever since with your uncle, Richard."

Integra hissed with venom, "I want my Judas."

Alucard nodded and asked as causally as a waitress taking a customer's order, "Interesting. How do you want him?"

She replied as earnest as she could, "Sprawling at my feet…disemboweled and hung by his entails. O"

The vampire, who was unfeeling to chaos, mayhem and murder, blinked at her comment and bluntly released the strand of platinum hair entrapped between his thumb and forefinger. Alucard walked away and spoke over his shoulder "Mmm, violent are we? But, " he added forcefully, "Before that, have you actually consider that we shall be halfway around the world and away from Headquarters—this would be perfect opportunity for Millennium to completely decimated us. Sit in the nest and wait for the host to return home." 

Instead Integra smiled, as if to I-know-something-you-don't-know. "I have already taken precautions against that notion, Alucard."

"Really?" he exclaimed.

"I am disappointed that you think I would not do everything humanly impossible to ensure the existence and furthermore survival of the Hellsing Organization, the tribute of my great grandfather and your first Master, Abraham Van Hellsing," she said. "Do you doubt me so much?"

His smile disappeared at the mention of Abraham, and his eyes took on a menacing edge to them—but only for a moment. Alucard signed, reaching into his trench-coat and pulled out a Medical-blood bag, punched a straw into its weak plastic sheath and sucked gingerly on it. The powerful and lingering scent of stale blood filled the air. The vampire plopped into the comforts of an elaborate leather chair and crossed his legs, one over the other. "Perhaps…" then he added the other obvious threat, "Millennium could be enticing us to our doom."

Turning around to see him face-to-face, Integra raised a skeptical brow, placed her elbow in the table and placed her chin in her palm—her typical pose when confronting a verbal challenge. "Than I have you as a insurance, Alucard."

Laughing like a demented spite, Alucard beamed with much pride and pleasure. "Very true. As Captain Bernadette says, 'I am your bitch," and pleased to serve my mistress—but," he paused, "whomever is the figure in mind for running operations awhile we are on vacation?"

"It is not vacation. It is business," she corrected evenly. "And you get one drop of blood on that chair, I will kill you. Not shoot you but kill you." The vampire batted his eyes like an innocent child, who just got caught with his greedy little paws in the cookie jar. Mouthful of blood, Alucard displayed his hands still waiting for answer to his inquisitive and practically endless questions. So she indulged him with a quick firm reply, "Colonel Richard Sean Fitzwilliam." O

Swallowing Alucard beamed, "Ah…"

Colonel Richard Sean Fitzwilliam was an honorable, dedicated and handsome man with dirty blond locks with graying temples as result from recent and tragic event, warm chocolate eyes, finely shaped cheekbones bronzed from the sun, board forehead and thin tight lips. Innocently the Police-Girl once said that the Colonel seemed to have emerged from a boy-meet-girl romance novel and was simply too good to be true. The again, Seras was always a hopeless romantic, as evidence by the loads of novels hidden—rather obliviously—under her coffin mattress. It is said, "English lesson 101, you write what you know," however there are certain liberties when writing, such as imagination and the ability to exaggerate and gray certain truths. O Today, true romance and not porn without decent plot, was far and rare in between. In conclusion, this perfect-man had his fair share of demons and like Rhoades was plagued by guilt and grief. After all, he was only surviving member of his garrison, which was butchered by the white demon, Incognito.

Hence they had a common enemy Integra had found herself an ally and some rumored, a lover—which of course, was a hideous lie. If such an accusation were even true, her vampire pet would smell his human stench on her skin, and besides the kiss on her gloved hand, there was none.

"Ah," he repeated with less joy. His thoughts might have been unspoken, but were clearly implied. "Him."

Now it was Integra's turn to openly express her mirth, "Isn't this a rare sigh—a No-Life King pouting like a child. That might be jealousy in your voice."

Alucard warned firmly as if she was chastising a bad child, "Don't mistake my disappointment with envy."

Integra explained her reasoning, "The Colonel will run operations while I am preoccupied, and in my absence, he is second best. Such a choice is appropriate, seeing how he is an experience candidate and I have," she paused almost as if the words were completely foreign to her, "and I have complete trust in him."

"Be cautious, Integra. Your Judas is someone you trust."

"I know," she said. "I have more enemies than friends, and now I will take whatever or whomever I have."



Next chapter is called Personal Inferno.

Okay, stupid me forgot last chapter footnotes so here it is:

O "God designed men to stow his seed where he may, however he programmed women to limit the crop to one farmer." O—This is from Frank Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. I heard this and realized I had to use this in a story, because it is so priceless, even if it is sexless and crude. We don't know a lot about Pip's granddaddy so I wanted to expand on his character and besides like Frank, this is something an "Old-fart" would say when talking about how things were back in his day.

Okay, now this chapter's footnotes:

O Radu O—As I have it, Radu was Alucard's younger brother and first fledging; however their relationship shattered when the No-Life King found out that he betrayed him to the Turks.

O "I am a pissed-off vampire with revenge on my mind…I've a Jackal in my hand and a gleam in my eye…O"—On YouTube, a brother and sister who dub over Hellsing videos, and generally make fun of thing—more specifically Hellsing related…have created a song called "Hellsing Paradise." It is a parody. The following lines are taken directly form that song, sung by Alucard himself. The brother and sister really do an excellent job to get the voices believable. Besides they are so funny, and lately I have been meaning to use some of their quote in Hellsing fanfictions, now I did. (For you Madn05. He he he!"

They called themselves "StupidUndRetarded." Check it out. 

O "Sprawling at my feet…disemboweled and hung by his entails" O—As I have said before, Integra needs to watch what she says to Alucard, because I promise you he will take it every seriously. Mmm, it's a spoiler.

But the bigger question is "who is the Judas?" Bonus question!! I shall give you a hint—you have more than likely met him.

O "Colonel Richard Sean Fitzwilliam." O—He like Stephen Rhoades had a very short role in my other Hellsing fanfiction called Bloodlust, and I decided to use them again. Of course, the story is not centered on him. And no, there will no romance between him and Sir Integra. None. In fact he will have little part in it, partly because I want to focus more development on Rhoades, who has a much bigger part in The Dying Rose. Let's just say, there's more to him than meets the eye.

O It is said, "English lesson 101—Write what you know," however there are certain liberties when writing, such as imagination, the ability to exaggerate and gray certain truths. O—isn't this the truth of it? That is why we read and especially write fanfiction.  

I guess I will see you later.