January 9, 2009

Hey all! So...here's the deal: I have something important I wanted to tell you guys! I'm going to be re-vamping Spell. There were a few things that I did in this story that I could have written better, and I want you all to see that, so I'm posting this note so that you'll see it soon. I'm posting it tonight, the first re-vamped chapter, which is the prologue. I'm hoping that you guys will enjoy it, and that you'll like it just a bit more than the original. There will be a difference from the original and the Vamped version. I'm going to keep the two seperate, because the Vamped version is going to be a bit more realistic, a bit more dramatic, and there might be a twist or two in there that even you guys might not have expected me to do. ;) Check it out!

Finally, thank you all for being such a huge part of one of my biggest successes on this wonderful website! It's been one hell of a ride...one that I just can't help but hop back on. ;)

Much love,


P. S. - The story is going to be called "Spell: Re-Vamped" just so you know what to look for. ;)