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"Master?" Obi-Wan's voice came out over the comlink. "Master, I found Tahl. She's in a bad way, so please hurry over here. I'm with the Young on their side, and you can get Tahl so the Jedi Temple can pick her up." There was silence.


"Just wait for me to come over there and then we'll talk," Qui-Gon said brusquely. "Jinn out." He shut off the comlink and sighed deeply. He was not happy, not at all. Obi-Wan had found Tahl first when he was strictly ordered to not leave the Young alone. Well, if he wanted to get over to the Young's side before nightfall, he'd better start now. Grumbling to himself slightly, he started on the long walk.

Obi-Wan glanced worriedly up at the sky; it was darkening. He hoped that Qui-Gon would hurry up so that they could take care of Tahl since she was hurt pretty bad. His worry quickly turned to relief as he saw Qui-Gon approach him, but that relief evaporated as he saw the look on Qui-Gon's face.

"Master – "

"Just get Tahl on our ship," he barked. "I'll talk to you once you're done with that." Obi-Wan obeyed at once, fearing what would happen once he had done so. His Master would yell at him. Well, should he be surprised? Qui-Gon had refused to take him on until the Bandomeer incident, then repeatedly looked for his mistakes and pointed them out, not even pleased when he had done something right for a change. Now he was going to get it, but he wasn't, or shouldn't, be surprised. Well, he thought, putting a mask of acceptance over his face, maybe I should just stay here, if Master's going to dump me off like the trash I am. These people here seem nice, and they need help too. Unfortunately, Master won't listen to my ideas, as if he ever did. He walked back down the ramp after putting Tahl in the bacta tank on their ship, steeling himself for the verbal abuse that would surely follow. When he saw Qui-Gon waiting for him, he hurried over to him, eager for this to be over, eyes downcast.

"Padawan," Qui-Gon said sharply, "when I say to 'stay there' it means stay there! You disobeyed my orders and put both yourself and Tahl in danger!"

"Master – "

"It's all your fault, Obi-Wan. If you had obeyed my orders instead of disobeying them, this wouldn't have happened, and yours and Tahl's lives wouldn't have been endangered." Qui-Gon stopped momentarily to catch his breath. "Come on, we're going home," he said frostily, striding up the ramp. He turned around to find Obi-Wan still standing on the ground. "Come on," he repeated forcibly.


"I said – "

"No, Master!" Anger burst out of Obi-Wan momentarily. "I can't do anything right for you, can I? I'm worthless to you; why should you care whether or not I'm coming back? No, Master, no disrespect meant," here he breathed, centered, and reached for his lightsaber, "but I'm staying behind." Qui-Gon suddenly felt his body freeze.

"What did you say, Padawan?"

"I said that I'm going to stay behind, and I'm not your Padawan." Anger coursed through him again. "I'm staying here because we should finish what we started, and must not abandon these people. They need us Qui-Gon, or have you forgotten? Everything except your precious Tahl is unimportant." He relaxed, unhooked his lightsaber, strode up the landing ramp and offered it to Qui-Gon. "Here, you can take this back for the others. I will not let everything we've done for these people rest unfinished." He backed down the landing ramp.

"Goodbye, Pad- I mean, Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon said stiffly.

"Goodbye, Master Jinn," Obi-Wan said respectfully. Qui-Gon turned and went inside, not looking back. Once the ship had started up and was soaring towards the sky, only then did Obi-Wan let his façade slip and tears run down his cheeks. He felt a twinge of regret pass through him, then repressed it and started towards the Young's camp determinedly.

He had more important things to worry about.

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