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She sat looking out the window of her living room. The world outside was dark and stormy. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched the clock. As it turned to 12:00, she looked back outside. Sitting alone in the dark with a single candle burning, relaxed her normally but not tonight. Tonight she felt as if eyes were watching her. She peered out into the darkness. Was that night a dream or was it real? Was he a fantasy or reality? She couldn't tell. All she did know was every time she closed her eyes all she saw was him. He haunted her every minute.

She rose from the sofa and walked toward the kitchen. Suddenly her candle went out. "What the hell?" Then she heard the sound of wings. A light began to fill the room, but in the middle wasn't him. Instead a woman stood with an evil smile. "So you're Sarah." Sarah looked at the woman. Was she dreaming or was this really happening?" The woman walked toward her. "I'm Queen Mizumi. I plan to use you to gain something I want." Opening a bottle in her hand, she smiled. Suddenly a wind filled the room. Sarah closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her. When she opened her eyes she was surrounded by darkness. Queen Mizumi laughed as she put the cap on the bottle. "I have his weakness. Now I will use it to become Goblin Queen." Laughing, she disappeared and returned to her kingdom.

Inside the Caste beyond the Goblin city, the Goblin King awoke. Looking around him, he could feel nothing wrong in his realm, but something had woken him. He decided he must be nervous about the ball the next night to declare his heir. As he closed his eyes, a beautiful girl with emerald eyes came to view. Sarah. What would she say when she discovered that she had lost Toby after all? Would she still refuse him? Slowly he turned to sleep dreaming of her, as she would be now. Now she wasn't a child, but fully gown. Time would tell if she loved him as he her or is everything was nothing.