Author's Note: Okay so the plan was for this to be posted at the end of the next chapter, just to give you guys a glimpse of what made Jude "feel the feels", but then it dawned on me I could post this as sort of a teaser with a couple quotes from the next chapter because (GASP!) I'm four pages into it. I'm writing it in between working (and I'm in car sales), so it's a toss up over the time I have to write. But rest assured! I am writing! I will make a youtube playlist so that the versions I have in mind will be easy to find.

Unfortunately while making the playlist and attempting to see how easily it could be found – I realized it was not so easy. Even when typing the entire name of the playlist. I suggest searching my name: "Jaclyn Miller". My youtube channel only has 7 videos uploaded to it and my profile picture is ofme with the butterfly filter from Snapchat. If you go to my youtube profile the playlist (named: Gone by Miss x Massacre {[ ]}) should be the first one as it was the one most recently made.

Alternatively, if you are unable to find it – review or message me and I will send you the direct link to said playlist.

1. Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait (Acoustic)
2. Let Her Go - Passenger
3. Its been a while - staind
4. Tonight - Stars
5. What I'm Trying to Say - Stars
6. This is How You Remind - Nickelback
7. Lovers' Eyes - Mumford and Sons
8. Sound of Silence – Disturbed
9. Hate Me – Blue October
10. You - The Pretty Reckless

"Jude, I'm sorry for what happened. I'm sorry I hit you."

'Please, please stop.'

"Why did you even open the door for him?"

"London, darling...they want you as a writer."

"So long, North America..."