Just a Sunset by AndromedaMarine

He'd forgotten how beautiful the Atlantean sunset was until the day his unexpected friend had died. He'd forgotten how peaceful it was to sit on his balcony just as the sun left the horizon and think. He'd forgotten almost everything about the sunset. Until then he'd seen it as just a sunset, not the end of a day or the natural beauty nature was pristine at creating. When his friend had died, he found himself on the balcony, watching the glowing sun set.

Simple events had caused the two earthlings to become unforeseen friends. And simple events ripped the friendship away. While death was a part of his life almost daily, the man was still broken by the loss of his friend. Some would call their connection 'more than friends' because of the obvious affection they had for each other.

Now it was no longer just a sunset. It was a symbol for the circle and end of life. As the last ray slipped from view, leaving the cloudless sky scattered with white, distant stars, the broken man felt tears start to slip down his cheeks. Not just a sunset. It represented their love, and when the sun would rise the man would recognize that just as the cycle of the sun is, his love for his friend would never die.

The man tore his gaze away from the horizon and stared down at the diamond ring in his hand. Unexpectedly simple events had robbed him of his chance for a long, happy life. The woman he loved would tell him to get on with his life, and that was exactly what he was going to do – once he accepted the loss. Just a sunset had been his revelation, and just a sunset would tell him what to do next.

A sunset had been Carson's confidant the day Laura Cadman died.