"Mrs. Chang, please put down the toad."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. Longbottom. I just love toads." Neville's side had healed, but his cold had gotten worse. Somehow he got out of the hospital, but Cho and his friends still visited him back at home.

"Oh, she gan have 'im for a while," Neville managed to croak out before sneezing again. "Toads are magical in China, too," Mrs. Chang explained, unable to take her eyes off it, "and this one's just cute. Why didn't you buy Cho a toad?"

"We've gone over this before, dear," her husband sighed. "She wanted an owl, I got her an owl. Owls are more dignified anyway."

"Except mine," Ron said bitterly. Pig had ruined his last birthday party by running wild, setting the cake on fire, and knocking butterbeer all over Hermione's evening dress.

The door to the bedroom opened.

"Take off those boots! You're trailing mud!" complained Mrs. Longbottom, but Ginny and Hermione were so excited they didn't care.

"Great headline! 'Chang case forces motion to dismiss Morgianna's rule. Other restored rules are to be 'wiped out',' states Minister Shacklebolt'. Front page of the Daily Prophet!" Hermione grinned, waving the paper too fast for anyone else to read it.

"The Quibbler did it last week," Luna pointed out.

Harry managed to snatch the paper and continued to read. "'Malfoys indicted after post-duel brawl, family in debt. Dark artifacts begin appearing in shops'. There's your interview, Mr. Chang. Says here that Neville and his Gran are next in line."

"Terrific. Another bloody interview," Neville groaned. "Last time, I ended up sneezing all over the reviewer and choking on my lemon drop. Honestly, Harry; I don't understand how you stand it"

"I don't suppose you have Lemon Drop disorder, do you?" Luna asked.

Neville merely blinked at her.

"Dumbledore had it," she insisted.

Cho broke the pause. "Um, Harry? Does it mention anything about my needing to get married?"

"Well, let's see." He struggled to get the ruffled paper back together. "Poison ring….St. Columba's cave…St. Mungo's for recuperation…here it is: 'the Ministry has called off the marriage with Draco Malfoy and wedding plans with Mr. Longbottom have been postponed indefinitely."

Cho would have hugged Harry if she didn't feel Ginny's glare pouring into her back like a hex. Instead, she beamed at her parents and Neville.

"The map is safe. I'll have to deal with it later," Mr. Chang smiled back, "and you're safe too, Cho. Longbottom, if there's anything I can do for you-"

"No, n-nothing," he stuttered, taken aback.

"Then I have a request," Mrs. Longbottom spoke up. "Could you clear this room? The boy needs his tea and a lot of rest, and he won't rest if all you people keep ragging on him like this."

As the visitors finally all shuffled out of the room, Cho stopped and turned.

"Postponed indefinitely. Hm. Neville? What do you want to name our first girl?" She giggled nervously.

Before Neville could speak, his grandmother shoved Cho out.

"He wants to name it at some other time. Now, let him rest."

"Did I thank you for saving my life, yet?" She stalled for time.

"Yes. You're welcome. Besides, I've waited quite a few years to do that to the Malfoys."

"Well, um, thanks again. Night, Neville. Mrs. Longbottom."

"I don't know. Maybe Luna."

Cho blinked herself awake to look at Neville. "Hm? Whassthat?" she mumbled.

He raised his head off her soft stomach. "Oh, I just remembered that a while back you asked me what to name our child. I guess it depends whether it's a boy or a girl." He kissed her navel before putting his head down again with a sigh.

She scratched his head, thinking aloud. "If it's a boy, Cedric. Or maybe Toby." "Toby?"

"Remember when Hermione turned you into a dog?"

"Oh yeah." He blushed for what felt like the fortieth time that night. He looked up to smile at her. "What if it's a girl?"

She smiled back. "We've got some months to think about it." All was well at last.

The End.