I'll be there 11

Whatever Andy expected upon her return to the townhouse, it certainly wasn't Mr. Maison pacing in front of the house, obviously agitated, his cell phone in his hand.

"Mr. Maison? Can I help you?" Andy asked somewhat hesitantly.

"She won't let me in! And she hung up on me! I am in charge of a bloody hospital and she ignores me! Who does she think she is?" To say that man was furious would be the understatement of the century. Miranda could have opened the door easily from her bed, just like she could set the alarm system from there, but for Miranda easy was not an option.

"She knows who she is and I can assure you, it would be wise for you to remember that as well. After the unpleasant complication regarding the operation, you can consider yourself fortunate that you are still in charge of said hospital. Now please come in. I'm going to talk to her."

Andy opened the door and guided the rather speechless man into the kitchen. "Have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?"

"No. No, thank you!" It was quite obvious he wanted nothing more than to get out of the house.

"Fine. I'll go and speak to her. I'll be back shortly." Andy wasn't looking forward to the forthcoming talk at all. It was unbelievable. She was out of the house for a mere two hours and had to come back to this mess.

Carefully opening the door to Miranda's bedroom, blue eyes bored into her's immediately. Andy knew instantly that they were at DEFCON 3.

"Andrea, where have you been?" The young woman remembered now why they called Miranda 'the Ice Queen'. She had the ability to chill you to the bone with just a glance and a few whispered words.

"You know where I've been, Miranda. We talked about that."

"You left. You always leave me." There was unexpected hurt in the editor's voice that surprised Andy.

"And I always come back, Miranda. Now please tell me why I found Mr. Maison in front of the house." Her tone was gentle. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she sensed that there was more to this than the obvious.

"I didn't want to talk to him." She did that dismissive little wave she always did at Runway to get rid of her underlings.

Andy took a deep breath. "Yes, I gathered that much. When will you talk to him?"

"Send him out of the house and tell him to call in ten minutes."

Andy massaged her throbbing temples. "Miranda, can't you just talk to him now? "

"No." Of course not. That would be too easy, wouldn't it?

Andrea wordlessly headed to the kitchen. She knew when a battle was not worth fighting.

"Mr. Maison, I am very sorry. She wants you to leave now and call her in ten minutes."

It was almost fascinating how his faced turned red. Like a ripe dark cherry, ready to burst from the rain. He didn't say anything and Andy was grateful for that. As he marched to the door, the young woman couldn't help but offer, "I guess I should tell you, when Miranda says ten minutes, she means ten minutes. Not nine, not eleven. Exactly ten."

He slammed the door so hard that Andy wasn't certain he'd heard the last bit but in truth, it wasn't her problem.


That was her problem.

Slowly, taking her time to calm down, she made her way up, like a sailor following the call of the siren, knowing that rocks were ahead, but not caring.

She entered the room and saw that Miranda was still hidden behind the huge walls she had pulled up since Andrea had left. Noticing that the drip was ready to be taken out, she quietly moved over to the older woman and removed the IV line. "Can I get you anything? " she asked carefully.

"Your chatter annoys me. Are you unable to sit and be quiet? Is that too much to ask?"

It was very difficult to swallow the answer that was upon her lips, but Andrea did it, for a reason she could not quite define.

The phone rang and Andrea watched Miranda taking a deep breath before she picked up.

"Come to the point." It was so typical Miranda to chastise the man before he even got the chance to speak.

A series of emotions washed over the editor's face, so quickly that Andrea couldn't identify all of them, but she definitely saw a flash of fear in those blue eyes.

After just a few seconds, she hung up on the poor man. Her rigid posture yielded as she slumped forwards, covering her eyes with her hands.

It took Andy a moment to comprehend what was happening.

Miranda was crying, sobbing even.

Andrea moved over and sat on the bed, gathering the crying woman into her arms. "Miranda." She started to rub soothing circles on the editor's back. "Miranda, what's wrong?"

For a moment the older woman looked into brown eyes. "It's clear," she said as if she couldn't believe it. "Negative!"

Andrea didn't understand. "What Miranda? What is clear?"

"The test! It's negative. No cancer. God, I couldn't have gone through that again." Tears of relief were still streaming down her face when she buried her face into Andreas shoulder again.

Andy felt her own eyes water at the news and tightened her arms around Miranda. "That's wonderful!" She leaned back and took the editor's face into her hands, looking into her eyes. "Miranda, you're fine. Everything's fine!" And suddenly she leant forward and kissed the older woman soundly, expressing her joy in her very own way. When she realized what she was doing, she pulled back in horror. "Miranda, I'm so sorry! That was..."

"Wonderful," Miranda finished for her. "That was wonderful."

"But we need to..." Andy was near a panic attack. She kissed Miranda Priestly for God's sake!

A delicate finger on her lips stopped the young woman. "Shh... I know, we need to talk about this and we will, but let us enjoy the good news first please."

When Andrea nodded, Miranda released her mouth. She was happy. Truly happy.

"Yes, let's enjoy the good news." Andy moved to sit beside Miranda and carefully pulled her into her arms and Miranda snuggled close to her, resting her head on the young woman's chest, enjoying the feeling of Andrea's fingers gliding through her hair in soothing strokes.

"Will you tell me what happened?" Andy asked carefully, hoping that Miranda would trust her enough to talk about it.

"I started having cramps and went to see my gynaecologist. She did an ultra sound and found the tumour. It was big, so instead of a biopsy it had to be removed. It had to be a hysterectomy as well. I sent the girls away and got it done."

Andrea held her tighter for a minute and placed a small kiss on her head. "You say that so calmly as if you'd had your appendix removed. I can't imagine what you've been through."

"I can assure you, I was anything but calm. I couldn't have gone through that again. The thought that my girls..." she couldn't finish the thought and pressed her head deeper into Andrea's calming presence.

"Shh...it's all right. You're fine. You'll be able to see your girls marry and have children."

"You were not surprised," Miranda stated, pulling away a little to look into Andrea's eyes.

"That you've been through cancer treatment before?"

Miranda nodded. It was one of the best-hidden secrets of the older woman's life. Not even her children or former husbands know that.

Shaking her head, Andy started to explain. "Once I started getting the hang of my job, I did some research to see if I might stumble upon some information I could use to make your days easier."

Miranda smiled inwardly. That was what made her Andrea different from any other assistant. For them, it was just following orders as effectively as possible. Andrea wanted to make her days easier, wanted to get things done, so that Miranda wouldn't have to deal with them at all. So that she wouldn't even have to give any orders to solve the problems..

"I found a few articles about your one and only holiday in over twenty years – a very long one at that - and the new style you sported when you came back. The silver hair and the new haircut. It was so unlike you to do something like that. I assumed you were forced to do so. I am aware that after chemotherapy, one's hair can grow back a different colour and so I assumed that was what had happened. I didn't know for sure, of course. I heard rumours that you had a changeover to complete the Ice Queen look and at first I believed them, but the more I got to know you the more I knew that they were wrong."

Miranda was initially stunned into silence. Then, she admitted quietly, "I always knew your sharp mind was dangerous."

"Not dangerous, Miranda. You know that I'll never speak with anyone about all that, right?"

"Yes, I know, my darling," the editor soothed and pecked Andrea's lips. "I have absolutely no doubt about that."

While an emotionally exhausted Miranda slowly drifted off into a peaceful slumber, it dawned Andy why the editor had refused to talk to Mr Maison. Could it really be? Had Miranda really waited for her to be by her side when she heard the results of the test?

"What are you thinking about?" A soft voice interrupted her train of thoughts.

"Oh, I...Did you wait for me earlier? I mean, is that why you didn't want to talk to Mr. Maison? You wanted me to be with you when you found out?"

Miranda, whose arm was still resting across Andrea's stomach, snuggled a little closer. "I think you already know the answer."

It was true then. "Where do we go from here?" Andy was afraid of the answer, but needed to ask the question all the same.

"Where do you want to go?" Equally afraid of the answer she might get.

"I'm..., well, I..." Andy stuttered, followed by a shy whisper, "What if I don't want to go at all?"

At that Miranda lifted herself to look into the brown warm eyes. "Then stay. By God, if you really think you might be able to love someone like me, stay."

"I know it, Miranda."

"You know what?" Miranda asked, not quite understanding what Andrea was saying.

"That I love you." She leaned forward to share a wonderful sweet kiss. "I love you."


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