Authors Note:

Authors Note:

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This is placed three years in the past, right after Lucas purposed to Peyton.

Disclaimer: I own the fiction, that is it.

His heart was pounding, his blood racing, his mind screaming. They were publishing his book. He had expected another rejection letter, but this was, this was amazing. He wanted to scream with happiness when he turned off his blackberry phone. "I need to go to New York!" He said, quickly, and the woman behind the counter nodded. "Their publishing my book..." He whispered, but the woman heard him. "Wow. Must be a dream come true." She said, smiling at him.

She didn't know those words broke his heart.

Peyton Sawyer was the woman he wanted next to him if his dreams came true, and if they didn't come true. And here he was, chasing and reaching his dream, and she was gone. Peyton Sawyer had denied him, making him question if she ever really loved him like he loves her, if she ever really cared, or if it was all a teenage infatuation on her part, the belief that love was her only way out of all the pain.

He stared blankly at the woman, trying to hold back his tears that were coming. He nodded defeated and pulled up Peyton's cell phone number on his phone. He looked at it and sighed. She was the only one for him. Lucas and Peyton, forever, that was the way it was meant to be. He wanted her to be there.

He dialed her number as his heart started to race once more. His mouth became suddenly dry when she answered her phone. "Hey Lucas." She said, faking happiness, and Lucas knew she was. "Peyton, there gonna publish my book!" He said happily, and Peyton gasped. "Lucas that is so awesome!" She said, smiling to the phone, wishing she was hugging his tightly right now. "Lucas, we need to talk." She said dully, and he sighed. "I know we do." Peyton sighed. "You left early this morning." She said randomly, and he closed his eyes. "Peyton, you told me that my dreams were going to happen and now they are, so please, just hear me out. I love you, and I always will, but you denied me. I just, I was worried that when you woke up it wasn't going to be normal." And Peyton sighed to the phone.

"It's never gonna be the same." She whispered into the phone, and both of them closed their eyes and remembered when she had said that in the library that day, both knowing that those words meant everything, but never saying it. "Peyton..." Lucas whispered, and Peyton interrupted. "Listen I gotta go, but I love you, okay? I do, I love you. And I do not want this to be the end. Please tell me it isn't." She begged into the phone and Lucas sighed.

"I can't say that."

He heard Peyton sigh and choke back a sob as she whispered her goodbye.

And the realization hit him.

None of his dreams mattered without her. She was the one he wanted by his side forever and always, he wanted to wake up to her blonde hair and Led Zeppelin. He wanted them. Lucas and Peyton.

But he knew it was too late.

"Here you go, Mr. Scott, one ticket to New York. The plane should leave in about three hours." She said, smiling as she handed over the ticket. "Thank you." Lucas whispered as he walked away from the counter.

He scrolled down his blackberry to phone numbers. Peyton's. It was so hard to say goodbye, so heart breaking, it just wasn't fair. But this was goodbye, forever.

He clicked on her phone number and pressed the button he had been praying he would never have to press.


Authors Note:

I am a huge Jeyton and Brucas fan, but Leyton's kinda growing on me.

I know the ending was sad, I guess I just thought they needed the closure.

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