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Part Three


For the next six months, I waited for the chance to start my plans over. However, I simply could not find another PAK which lacked the Loyalty Code.

Then one day, while monitoring the Massive's communications channels, I picked up a message to the Tallest... from Zim. For the first time in a long time, I was completely surprised: He was still alive, and had found a planet to conquer.

Quickly reestablishing my connections with Zim's PAK, I accessed his memories to get up to date. It seems the world that Zim found was a small M-class planet called Earth, whose dominant species appeared to be a type of nearly hairless primate called "humans."

Zim established a base on the outskirts of one of the humans' cities, in an area called a "suburb." He then created a disguise for himself- which, I admit, is rather poor. Fortunately, the humans are all quite stupid, and have bought his "disguise" without question.

All, that is, except a rather large-headed human named Dib...


Having absorbed all this information, I quickly formulated a new plan. If Zim were to conquer Earth, then the Armada would have to come and enforce the occupation. Then, the Tallest and my brethren Control Brains would have to reinstate Zim as an Invader and accept him back into the Empire (whether they liked it or not- the law is the law). Thus, giving me another perfect chance for vengeance.

All I needed was to help Zim take over- and how hard could that be?


Nearly two Earth years later, and Zim hasn't conquered so much as a city block. And why? All because of that filthy, big-headed human!

True, most of Zim's plans were his own, and were therefore flawed. But several originated in my own superior mind- and still Dib ruined them.

Using Earth's neighbor planet Mars as a battering ram, enslaving the humans through their worship of that "Santa Claus" being, seizing control of the Massive to bring it to Earth- each and every time Dib somehow managed to interfere.

And it does not help that outside forces also keep getting in the way. The Planet Jackers, Tak, Sizz-Lorr... the list goes on. However, I am a patient being, as I'm sure you've noticed. I was willing, for a time, to put up with these distractions and move forward with the plan.

Then the Tallest crossed the line.


They had Zim kidnapped and taken to Judgmentia, to be put on trial by several of my brethren for being "defective."

During the course of the trial, the Control Brains replayed Zim's memories of all the events I've manipulated him into doing over the years (I rather enjoyed watching that part on my hacked video feed).

Then, however, came the sentencing. Deeming Zim "the most defective Irken ever," my brothers sentenced Zim to be deactivated. As they drained his mind from his PAK, something within me snapped. These fools dared to try and kill my puppet!? The one being without whom my plans could not succeed!?

Using my connection to Zim's PAK, which was now connected to my fellow Control Brains, I reached into their minds. Before they could sense my presence, let alone recognize me, I attacked their A. I. programming with a passion.

By the time I was done, it looked like that "swiss cheese" humans are so fond of.

This effectively drove my fellow Control Brains insane. They now declared Zim the "most incredible Irken ever," and gave him control of the Massive for ten whole minutes. And the destruction that occurred in that ten minutes... beautiful.

As for Zim himself, the idiot thought the whole thing was a joke as part of a party celebrating his "amazing-ness," and accepted it at face value.

Or at least, part of him did.


You see, Zim couldn't accept the fact that he was hated by his entire species, so his conscious mind pushed the truth into his subconscious. I have been monitoring Zim's unconscious thoughts since then, and the results have been promising.

The initial feelings of sorrow and depression brought on by this revelation were mere embers- but not anymore. By prodding at Zim's mind, by whispering in his antennae, I have fanned those embers into flames of anger, and soon they shall be an inferno of hate and rage. An inferno that will consume the Irken Empire.

Since fate seems to conspire against Zim ever returning to Irk victorious, I have altered my plans. Instead of using Zim as a 'Trojan Horse' to bring the Empire down from the inside, I will use him as a battle ax to tear it apart from the outside.

When the time is right, when Zim's anger is properly fueled, I will direct it towards the Tallest. He will become the perfect solider. Using him, I will destroy the Tallest and my fellow Control Brains.

And then, after all these centuries, I will emerge from the shadows. I will finally take my place as the rightful ruler of Irk, and I will lead this Empire of weak little worms into a Golden Age from which it will never leave!


Right now, I can feel the Irken populace moving about above and around me. Fools. Let them enjoy their superiority while it lasts. Soon, their Judgment Day shall come.

Oh yes. Soon, there will be a reckoning... and I will have my revenge.


The End... For Now


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