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Vampire Lust

Chapter 2

Where are you?!

Sasuke entered the outside world running threw woods. The outside world was a distant memory to him now. And the light was burning him. But he ran threw the shade trying to dodge the light. He wouldn't die from light. Or melt. It burned, a lot.

3 hours later.

He was getting thirsty. But he knew he had to old his urges in. Something happened to Sakura. He soon saw the huge wall surrounding Kohona in the distance. He hasn't been there in so long

Has it changed?

Will they remember me?

Will they let me in?!

Sasuke came towards the gate mangers.

"What is your business here?" the guard said.

Sasuke looked around

What would Sakura say?

"I'm here to deliver a message from the underworld." Sasuke said causally

"You may enter" the guard said as the gate opened.

Sasuke ran threw the gates taking in all the eyes watching him as he ran.

Out of curiosity he opened his mind letting there thoughts flow in.

(Bold font men)

(Underlined font women)

The peoples thought enter his:

Who's that hotty?!

He's strange.

I wonder if he'll be interested in me.

Ohh sleep with me!

He better not try anything are ninja's got better.

He closed his mind sick of what the women were thing about. He looked at his hands, they were twitching. He need blood, he could smell blood everywhere. The scent calling him like a shark in a pool with a bleeding person.

Sasuke looked up a little too late bumping right into someone falling back.

"WATCH WHERE-- Sasuke?"

Sasuke sat up looking at a blond haired man.


"I have a name!"


"There you go!"

"You're still loud"

"I missed you, you've grown…your fangs are really big…"

"I'm thirsty…"

Naruto got up and backed away from his old friend.

"I'm not going to bite."

Naruto ran to Sasuke giving him a huge hug.

"ok now I might."

Naruto jumped away laughing.

"So Teme, why are you here?

Sasuke's eyes shot open.


Sasuke ran towards the hokage, building.


Sasuke ran into the building, running up the stairs running straight into office.

"Is Sakura here?!" Sasuke shouted it his fangs showing.

"Sasuke calm down close your mouth" she said softly.

"She left to come here 5 days ago! She should be here!!" Sasuke shouted.

"Sasuke she didn't come."

Sasuke fell to the floor. He clutched his head. He needs blood. He couldn't take it.

Naruto slowly walked towards him thinking he was sad about Sakura.

"Sasuke, its ok we'll find-"

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!" Sasuke shouted.

Naruto jumped. "What's wrong?"

"Give me an unwanted animal! Give me SOMETHING WITH BLOOD!"

Naruto ran out of the room, and returned with a newly dead pig.

Sasuke grabbed it and sat in the corner facing the wall. And sunk his teeth in to the lifeless animal

This tastes so bad…but it shall do.

When Sasuke was full her placed the pig on the bottom of the huge garbage pail.

Blood leaked from his mouth and everyone in the room backed away scared….everyone but Naruto.

Naruto handed Sasuke a napkin Sasuke took it and wiped his mouth

"Help me find her." Sasuke said

"We can't"

"Your talking about Sakura, the person who's a vampire but is still helping you, who was you apprentice."

"Hokage-Sama, we have to help Sakura-Chan"

"Fine, Naruto get the old teams and bring them here now!"

2 hours later

Sasuke sat on the chair waiting for everyone to arrive. Ino was the first; she stared at him in thought. He didn't even want to open his mine to no what she was thinking.

Soon everyone arrived.

"Sakura, has gone missing, she's been helping us know how strong the underworld is, and what to do.

We have to find her." the Tsunade said.

"And why does he have to be here?" Kiba asked.

"Cause he's the one who wants us to find her."

"Awe Sasuke-kun needs help." Ino said about to touch Sasuke

Sasuke moved away "Awe-No! If I was human I wouldn't need your help!" Sasuke said letting his fangs show.

Ino jumped back staring at his mouth.

"You can survive with out blood right?" Ino said pointing at his teeth. "No I can't survive."

Ino ran behind Kiba

"Then I don't want to go"

"I can survive on animals"

Ino stepped away from Kiba

"Good To No."

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