Uzumaki Naruto lay on a bed. Not just any bed, Uchiha Sasuke's bed. He wasn't really lying down; he was tied tightly to the bedposts. Not to mention he was blindfolded, gagged and did I mention being tied down?

Naruto wondered how he got into this. It was his only day off, and he had to spend it like this. He had training tomorrow, and he was stuck like this; terrific.

Sasuke, grinning like a fool, He finally had his Dobe. And he was going to make use of him, like the Seme he was. He was going to make Naruto Uke. This would be a night he would never forget.

Just because Uke is in his name does not mean that's what he is. And he would make sure of this, him, being Uchiha Sasuke. To Sasuke, Naruto was an angel. A beautiful, elegant angel. Even if he was tied up to a bed; which was pretty kinky.

This is dedicated to my friend, who is obsessed with Sasuke and Naruto as a pairing, also known as SasuNaru. She got me into it as well so I blame her for this…

Sasuke felt hard already looking at the luscious blond before him. He had to admit that Naruto could put up a good fight when he wanted to. But he had the blond right where he wanted him, and Naruto wasn't going anywhere. If he was to show Naruto how much he'd truly cared for him, this had to be done.

Sasuke put his hand on the bed, making it dip at the sudden weight. Naruto begin to make sounds, but due to the gag he could do nothing more than such. Sasuke grinned at Naruto's helplessness; it made him seem more like a Uke. He hadn't spoken a word since He had entered the room. How Naruto got there and tied up was hell far beyond him. But he really didn't care at this point. All that mattered was the fact that Naruto was there, basically calling to be fucked.

Sasuke stared at the small frame of the tanned skinned, blue eyed luscious blond, who was fighting uselessly against the chains that held him. Sasuke watched him in amusement. Naruto knew someone was there, he just didn't know who it was. His eyes were covered with layers of red clothe and he was gagged with an apple with cloth around it so he couldn't scream for help.

Sasuke ran a pale finger over the blonds left set of ribs. Upon feeling Naruto shudder beneath the finger, he put another finger and glided them back up. Naruto wiggled so he could put his ribs in an odd position away from the fingers. Naruto had mewled slightly from the strangers touch.

Sasuke couldn't enjoy this unless he could hear Naruto moaning for more, without anyone or anything that could disrupt them. He sighed as he untied the gag, putting his other hand under the apple as to catch it upon falling.

Naruto was about to shout for help when that same hand, clamped his mouth shut. "Be quiet or I'll put the gag back in." Sasuke hissed. Naruto recognized the voice but couldn't place it to a face. "Wh-who are you…?" Naruto asked nervously.

Sasuke smirked. He sat on the bed, next to the blond. "I'll tell you after you are screaming a name… at a certain time… you'll know when the time is when it comes Naruto. And I'll answer one question about myself to you."

Naruto thought. "Are you someone I know?" He asked, sort of shyly. Sasuke grinned evilly. "Yes… I believe we know each other quite well." Sasuke ran a hand down Naruto's leg, and back up to his butt, where he stopped and squeezed a bit, making Naruto yelp a bit, tensing up. "You need to relax. Otherwise it'll hurt a lot more."

Naruto was wondering why he wasn't screaming from the top of his lungs to be let free. Oh yeah, he was going to be gagged again if he did.

Sasuke laid butterfly kisses on Naruto's ribs, making the boy shudder and let out muffled quiet moans. Sasuke smirked against Naruto's skin. Sasuke glided his pale index finger along Naruto's spine, causing Naruto to arch, trying to get away from Sasuke's finger, moaning more. Soon Naruto felt a warm, wet sensation going up his spine causing a gasp to catch in his throat and then moan, arching his back again.

Maybe Sasuke was going too far. Maybe Sasuke should release the poor blond. Pfft. Hell No. Sasuke finally, finally, had Naruto where he wanted him, and was alone for him to play with and have some fun. "We're going to have great fun Naruto. Just You, I, the bed and your moans will be here. As far as I see, there is nothing. We've been locked in here. I had nothing to do with this. I just woke up here. And there's a barrier around us so neither of us can leave." Sasuke stated.

Naruto still couldn't place the voice. He knew it was one he should know but when you're about to be made into a sex toy, you're not really going to be thinking straight. Naruto was scared out of his mind. Who was this person who he knew, that was male, that wanted to fondle him? Why was it always him? Why does stuff always happen to him? Why not… Then it clicked. "TEME!! Let me go!!"

"Figured it out huh?" Sasuke said smirking. Naruto could HEAR the smirk by the tone in the Uchiha's voice. "Damn it Sasuke!! Let me go!! I will not be your little sex toy!!" Sasuke looked evilly happy. "I disagree Naruto… I swear you'll be begging for more by the time we're half way through." He said, gliding a finger up Naruto's spine 

again. Naruto's back arched again. "nnnnn T-teme…!" Naruto tried to say it as a threat of 'get off me or die' but sadly it came only as a moan seemingly for more.

Now don't think it was, it just seemed that way. Naruto was a victim at the moment and he could do nothing to stop whatever Sasuke had planned for him. Sasuke, however, couldn't resist the urge to just touch the blond. Sasuke dragged his finger back down Naruto's spine going to one side making said blond arch his back again, groaning.

Sasuke smirked; his finger continued its way down Naruto's body. The index finger of Sasuke's hand ran down the boys spine, past his bottom and slowed dramatically. Sasuke put his pale smooth hand in between Naruto's thighs, separating them gently. His legs were so soft and thin; very much resembling female legs. Sasuke's spine had shivers running up and down from excitement. He finally had the Uzumaki. He finally had the chance to show Naruto he really did care and all his insults meant nothing at all. (Well, excluding the Dobe remark…. That seemed to fit him well. Besides Sasuke thought it sounded cute for what was soon to be his.)

Naruto gasped as the Uchiha massaged his thighs. For some reason, this was making Naruto very hot for the raven haired young man. He moaned at the gentle movements of Sasuke's hands. Funny how one so callused on the outside could be so gentle and caring to another person. 'Maybe,' Naruto thought. 'Maybe this isn't such a bad idea…'

Sasuke remembered something in a book he read once that he had found in Itachi's old belongings. Slowly, ever so slowly, his hands massaged down Naruto's entire leg, making said blond relax. Now the little trick Sasuke learned from that book, the younger Uchiha decided to use this, trying to turn on the smaller of the two males, unaware of Naruto's thoughts and sudden willingness to part-take.

Not hesitating further, Sasuke grabbed one of Naruto's feet; His left one to be exact. "Teme, what are you doing…?" Naruto asked suspiciously. "Don't worry Dobe. I've done enough research to know what I'm doing." With that being said, He commenced in pressing his thumbs into the blonds foot. Naruto groaned, feeling his member harden. Sasuke smirked. 'Wow… only one foot and he's already getting anxious… wonder what happens when I move to the other foot…?' He asked himself mentally as he finished with Naruto's left foot, moving to the right. Sasuke pressed deep into the depression of Naruto's right foot, sending shocks of pleasure through his body, only making his member start throbbing from being so hard, so fast, and having this much good – no, great- attention from one person.

"Oh… god Sasuke…" Said blond moaned out. Sasuke's member soon began to throb, but he had waited for god knows how long, and he could wait for a little longer. 

'Keep yourself in control Sasuke… you have to…' He told himself, trying very, very hard not to just be rough with the blond. But, come to think about it, Naruto might be virgin so he had to be gentle, and – god he hated it but – slow. Sasuke saw how the blond stopped struggling against his bonds, and decided something. "Dobe I'll make you a deal."

Naruto looked at Sasuke over his own shoulder the best he could. "What's that?" He asked, feeling Sasuke's hands going back up his legs again. God Sasuke's hands could work wonders. "The deal is, I let you go, if you don't run. Deal?" Sasuke was almost fearing the boy would say agree or whatever, then as soon as he was free, he'd book it away from the Uchiha.

Naruto couldn't even answer really. Not in words. He looked at his rival best as he could and smiled gently. "Don't worry… I won't run away." The way Naruto said that made Sasuke very sure of what Naruto said. He removed the bindings on Naruto's legs first. Sasuke moved up on the bed, putting his near Naruto's stomach. He leaned over, where his breath was on Naruto's neck, making Naruto shudder.

Sasuke smirked as he still held the binds. "You know… actually…" He said tying Naruto back down. "I think I like you better tied up. For the time being anyway…" He said standing up. "I'll be right back…" Sasuke stated leaving the room. He went back to the room where he himself had awoken. He wondered why he wasn't in his own room but dilly-dally, shilly-shally.

He had woken up with a duffle bag by his head. It had a note that read: To Sasuke. From: A friend or two. A few things that will be helpful with yours and Naruto's relationship. Love, Us.

He wondered what was inside. He opened it and saw strange things. He had seen many of these before just… not like this. One item had a note on it. He picked it out of the bag and took the note. It read: To make Naruto go crazy, insert in his hole. Add Lube first set to 2nd setting for full affect.

Sasuke smirked, grabbing the bottle of lubricant out of the bag. There was a note on this item as well. It read: set a timer for an hour. You can watch Naruto, or you don't have to.

Sasuke took the notes and put them back into the bag. "Just wait Naruto… you'll see…" Sasuke didn't need a note on the dildo to know what to do. He had one for himself when he was lonely. He had some of these things already. He had know he was like he was for some time now. He just couldn't bring himself to actually say that he was gay. After all, he did still have to revive the clan.

Sasuke walked back to the room, these items hidden away, and re-blind folded Naruto. "Teme what are you doing?" Naruto asked. Sasuke smirked. "You'll see Dobe… You'll see… Open your mouth." Sasuke said, putting his fingers on Naruto's lips. "And suck." He stated, waiting.