Ok guys. I'm going to respond to all my reviews (so far) There will be more of these, But I'm going to respond to ALL of them. Yes, including the ones I've already responded to.

First I'm going to copy down their comments and reply later

We're going in reverse order of chapters though.

Chapter 4

InMyWildestMemories: Aww . . . I feel for ya, Sasu-chan - waking up to a note SUCKS.

InoLovesSasuxNaru: short but cute! i wonder what Sasuke will do if Naruto tries to actually feed him like some little kid XD ZOMG squee


Ino Loves SasuxNaru

alice.academy.girl: OMG!You are like so good at this story!Keep writeing!

ramen-child: OMG! I THINK IM GONNA HAVE TO HATE U NOW FOR ENDING IT LIKE THAT! 00 falls to knees WHY DID IT HAVE TO END THIS WAY?!...allthough...i must say...THAT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! 6 THUMBS UP! its not very hard for me to get turned on but DAMN I LOVED IT! I absolutlely love the whole Seme ends up being uke thing! (assertive Naruto is So sexy!) Especially Sasuke's fetishes and your funny metaphores


AliceFreak: um... not the ending i wanted oh and potatos are a breakfast food when not hashed is that even a word? so ha ya naruto was right oh. ya i'm a dork.


loved it very much

lots of love


NaruSasu-lvr: hysterically claps and bounces in chair WOHOOHO!! that was awesome!! i prefer narusasu and when it seemed to b sasunaru in the beginning im like "it would b better if it was narusasu but i'll give it a try" and then i read and was like woh! total dominance turn around! i loved it i just might have to read it again!! i loved how u described how great sasuke felt being bottom cause i've thought that way toou know cause of course sasuke has a kinky side ehehe...! anyways this was so good 100/5!

Tuxedo's Mask -xox-: That was so cute!! :3 lol... cant wait for more

Answers for the chapter four reviews

InMyWildestMemories: Who left you with only a note? I know I never did, seeing as you always woke up before me and went to go talk with my mom not leaving a note or anything. For all I knew you went home. ''

InoLovesSasuxNaru: Short sweet and to the point as I always say! Just like Me!I'm 16 and I stand a good 5'1'' if I'm lucky XD

alice.academy.girl: Well thank you I am getting lots of wanting to have a sequel. I just might.

ramen-child: Well I'm glad you likes it... but honestly... I didn't need to know you are turned on by it. That's usually something you keep to yourself XD oh well. We all know Sasuke has fetishes... . Why does everyone make comments on my metaphors? oh well... whatever works I guess XD I will only make a sequel if people really like this story. (meaning I need twenty more reviews or more.) It's not that your opinion doesn't matter, but I need Majority. I don't want to write it out and have no one read it. Ya see? Also, asking works better than demands XD

AliceFreak: I'm sorry it wasn't the ending you wanted. Tell me what kind of an ending you want and I'll try to incorporate it into the sequel. If I make one. I love Naruto being right over Sasuke XD and yes, anyone who looks up SasuNaru/NaruSasu stories... is a dork. XD

Kisa167: Oh but I CAN end it there... all I have to do is... NOTHING. I love being loved.

NaruSasu-lvr: I'm glad you got what you wanted after being led to think otherwise!Sasuke always has a kinky side... XD That's why it's fun!!

Tuxedo's Mask -xox-: uhhhh... I hope you realize that was the last chapter... perhaps you meant a sequel?

Chapter 3

xXxFrostyIceCubexXx: Naruto should be Uke, thanks for the non existent Naruto Seme warning.

Kimi333: What the heck?! Why did they swich?! No! I hate NaruSasu. Ugh. Gross. SasuNaru is MUCH better.

SasuNaru Beyond: Oh...my...god...(in yaoi heaven) You ish AHMAZIN! I loves chu : GREAT SASUNARU STORY!

FozyGirl: ıt was a very good stpry can't waıt for the next ... ıf there ıs one P

InoLovesSasuxNaru: zomg that was hawt n zmexy! i can't beleve that was your first solo lemon! (i just wonder what ever happened to that vibrater Sasuke had at one point 0.0 ) lol can't wait to read more!


Ino Loves SasuxNaru

Kisa167: Sasuke should always be top... ermm yeah other than that it was good! I liked it just Naru.. should be the uke.

lots of love!


Inu-Bitch: Nice. i like it. i sent a request to be your freind on myspace. my myspace name is Naruto Girl. I can't wait to hear more. I am working on my first fanfic if you have time please read it and let me know what you think. it is called Past prestent and future

InMyWildestMemories: squirming and jumping around in chair, but can't stop reading) WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE, THESE . . . METAPHORS?! God, you, you . . . AH! You don't even know!! (spazzing out)

And I would like some mention in your co-op lemon partners above, ya know! (sticks out tongue)

Rath x: That was so intense!

I loved it!

I especially liked Naruto overpowering Sasuke :3

Update soon!

adds to favs

B3uTiFuLxXxSAiNT: :)

HatakeKasumi: Your lemon was pretty good but it could use some more foreplay...Two questions: Will Naruto always be seme in this and will there be m-preg?

AliceFreak: OMG that was one of the best i have ever read that was awesome please continue writing so i can continue reading!


xXxFrostyIceCubexXx: I honestly don't believe I should warn you. It's my story and the way I see it is, as long as they're together, who cares who's top and bottom? I don't think a story isn't worth reading just because I don't like who is top and who is bottom. I find that to be a very ignorant way of looking at whether a story is good or not. So thanks for the review.

Kimi333: Well how about this? You write a SasuNaru story and you make Sasuke Seme. I Don't care which is on top as long as they love each other.

SasuNaru Beyond: Thank you. I appreciate the fact that someone agrees with me. Thanks! I thought the role switch was a good way to practice how to get better at writing for me. As they say, Practice makes perfect.

FozyGirl: I think so too. There is a fourth chapter and now this. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're the ones I really appreciate. The people who have good things to say. I mean I like having reviews good or bad, but the good ones are what make me feel good and want to write.

InoLovesSasuxNaru: you can't? o.O woah I didn't think it was that good XD oh... about the vibrator... I'm not really sure what happened to it. XD I think you're the only one who really noticed it was gone XD

Kisa167: Don't worry my friend I will give Sasuke a chance (and then he'll never give it up. XD) because I understand Sasuke is the preferred Seme. I know this because of some of the reviews I've gotten. Yours I can handle because it was saying he should have been Seme in a kind and constructive way. Not full on out rude. Thanks

Inu-Bitch: Thanks. And I accepted your friend request as you know. I really haven't had time, but I will soon. I promise.

InMyWildestMemories: Oh would you shut up? Gods... And I have no idea where my metaphors come from. They just pop into mind really. I know I don't know. You're spazzing too much to actually explain. And yes you helped me with some lemons big deal. Oh yeah. (grins) Telephone. LxLight. heh heh.

Rath x: Awesome!! I liked that part too!! I'm glad you liked it. Hope you read the last chapter.


HatakeKisume: Those my friend are the right questions!! No, in the sequel Naruto will no always be Seme. And I think it would be fun to have it be an M-preg. See what I can do. Let's see how creative I can get with the next lemon and story. (mostly the Lemon though XD)

Alicefreak: (blushing) Was it really? Well.. uhh.. Thank you. / I hope you got to read the last chapter though. Other wise things will be left very uncertain. Actually... I did that anyway XD

Chapter 2

Kisa167: TeeHee I like this very much

lots of love and update soon


InMyWildestMemories: Course you love torturing people . . . (grumble grumble)

Anyway, it's very good, as always. I can only advise you use a spell and grammer check one last time.

Ivy (Anon): Ah this is so sweet and sexy Can't wait for chapter 3!

KyuuketsukixChan: Ek! I love it! I can't wait for more -

InoLovesSasuxNaru: that was kick ass HAWT! can't wait for the next chapter! XP god! why you gotta make ppl wait for stuff like that?! you are so mean!... but i love it! XD glomp huggles write more! write faster! FASTER! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -lightning flashes, scary music- DUN DUN DUN!

lol... so i'm randome, but I can't help it! your story was more entertaining than the dream i had last night, and in that dream I cosplayed to school, there was a bounce house made of green Jell-O, I tried (and failed) to strangle a blue pig and blew up 2 robotic T-Rexes with a Tank! ya, my life's great right now... esp after your fanfic! it's been a while since I read a good fan fic and gave more than a one-liner review, so keep up the good work, what you're doing is making alot of SasuNaru fans very happy!

Keep writing! Hope to read more real soon!


-Ino Loves SasuxNaru

HatakeKisume: That was so sweet!! I love the second to last paragraph where naruto shuts sasuke up. Perticularly when he says 'so kiss me damn it' that was so awsome!!

(note: I'm leaving two reviews out because they have really no meaning as they only wrote they wanted me to update.


Kisa167: YAY!! I'm glad.

InMyWildestMemories: Yeah I know. I need to go and do that so people know a retard didn't write this XD The only reason I didn't before, is because I was still learning about everything about submitting stories. Yes laugh if you must. Quote from L time!!

L: You may call me whatever you like, but I am taking your cake.

Ivy (Anon): Well Thank you my friend!!

KyuuketsukixChan: Glad to hear it!! ('.') (-- Supposed to be a bunny)

InoLovesSasuxNaru: Dude.. I appreciate your enthusiasm... but seriously... you're scaring me.

HatakeKisume: Well I'm glad you like how I got Sasuke to just shut the hell up.

Chapter 1

bluedemon92: OMIGOSH! I'M SUPER HORNY!

Pay Backs a Bitch: that's hot

zero434: uw i wonder what happens next (laughs)

HatakeKisumi: Why'd ya have to leave off there!? why!? Continue I'm desparate here!

InMyWildestMemories: O.O Oh god, TEME! No nononononono! (Whimpering) Poor Naru-chan . . .


bluedemon92: o.O that's... nice to know...

Pay Backs a Bitch: I agree. (purrs)

zero434: lol yeah. Gee, I wonder XD

HatakeKisumi: hopefully not too... desperate...

InMyWildestMemories: (grins) Don't feel bad for him too much. XD

Well you guys. I guess for this story, until I get more reviews for a sequel, this is goodbye. So long and farewell!! I hope you have fun reading my other stories!!