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The Elemental King

Chapter 1: The Prince's Present

Serenity and Endymion had found a nice house in Azabu Juban. It was on the larger side for Tokyo housing and near where Serenity (Usagi ) grew up and her family's home. It had a yard, unlike most other homes in Tokyo. They had moved in shortly after the healing of the Inner senshi, whom they had seen around, but kept interactions to a minimum. Today the house was full as it was the young Prince Endymion Ichiro's first birthday.

Ikuko and Kenji had come by with Shingo, who was currently playing patty-cake with his nephew. Naru and Michiru were helping Serenity with snacks and the cake. It was a sunny October day and everyone had a smile on their face. The door bell rang as the girls were bringing out the cake. "I'll get that, Usako."

Serenity smiled at Endymion as he kissed her cheek and went to get the door. He soon returned with a package, "It was a courier with this for Ichiro but there is no from tag."

"Michiru, Haruka? Could you guys check this out for us, please?"

"Of course, Princess." As the two transformed and approached the package it burst open and knocked the two warriors back.

From the box emerged a ball of what looked to be plant life-form. "I took three from you last year and this time I shall have Gaia! Be warned you are now at war! Mahahaha. Happy Birthday, little one, for it will be your last!"

Serenity shivered in Endymion's arms. Shingo blocked Ichiro from the thing and the warriors prepared to engage in battle. The ball floated up toward the clouds and disappeared with a maniacal laugh. "Looks like the peace has ended... yet again." Sighed Rhea.

The ever knowing Pluto arrived shortly after with some surprise guests, "Sailor Universe!" "Sailor Light!" "Sailor Star!" "Sailor Nova!" "and Sailor Ocean!"

"Puu, said we didn't need to be transformed, " commented the three boys that followed. The sailors stuck their tonges out at their brothers before reverting to civilian form.

"Usagi, Kari, Stephan, and Alex! What are you doing here?"

"Solana, jade, and Avalon?" Asked Rose.

Yuri stood back to allow for the children of the sun and moon to be greeted by their parents not expecting hers to step up behind her, "Welcome back my lilly." Whispered Michiru.

After greetings and introductions were done as not everyone had met the next generation. Endymion Alexander stood in front of the gathered, "As some I have some privileged information I will be brief. Some of the warriors will soon be unable to be in the line of fire and we have come to fill the gap. Also we may need more help, but we will deal with that if and when the time comes, thank you."

Almost as if to at least partially explain Pluto stepped forward. "The outer senshi are needed to take up their posts at the edge of the solar system with the pieces coming together for a new alliance. We will be in touch, but sadly unable to assist with the coming battle." ( sorry, outer fans but they are not going to have a big part in this story.:( )

"How soon before we leave?" Michiru asked with a hint of sadness.


"Can you give us a little more time, Pluto? I mean I would like at least a few days with Yuri."

Taking pity on her comrade Pluto nodded, "Alright, next Friday. No later!"

A cheer went up only to be quieted by the birthday boy's scream. The group laughed as Serenity took her son inside to be bathed and put to bed.

An hour or so later Endymion found his family in the nursery. His wife held their son as he slept drooling on her chest, she didn't seem to notice or care. The lights were off except for the glow of the night light and the stars and planets of the universe that he had painted on the roof. Serenity looked up, "Why us? Every time..." She sobbed and pulled Ichiro into her even more. The infant just snuggled up close to his mother and began sucking on his thumb.

"Shush, Usako. Things will work out they always do." Endymion said as he turned on the music box that the outers had put together. It played around thirty soft melodies that included some vocals but mostly just instrumental.

Kari snuck in the room and approached her parents, "Dad, is right Mom. I mean we are here, proof that the future does end up peacefully." She paused. "The world follows you and respects the sacrifices that you and dad took to get them that peace."

Serenity turned to see her (as far as she knew) youngest daughter in the door way. "I just came to let you know that the house has been cleaned up. Yuri is with her family and the boys wanted to stay with Oji-chan. The girls and I are going to sleep in the living room tonight."

"Thank you, Kari. Hey, what is your full name and age now? I don't remember asking."

Kari laughed. "Serenity Kari-anne Elisabeth Rose, age is now 12."

"So that would put the boys at 14 and 11 and Chibi-usa at 13?" Serenity commented to herself, as she tried to remember the children's ages from their last visit.

Endymion noticed his daughter shake her head as she left. :Somethings have changed. I wonder how much has changed.: He leaned forward and took their son from Serenity's arms and placed him in the crib. "Let's get some sleep, Usako. It has been a long day." Serenity nodded and took one last look at their sleeping son before closing the door and heading to bed.