Chapter 8: Rei & Makoto's Rescue

Makoto spent the day at the bicentennial garden, she felt at home there. She was pretty sure she had done the part of her task but, how does she best someone she doesn't know?

Meanwhile, Rei spent the day trying to track down Amy. Amy was suppose to have met her for breakfast but never showed and no one was able to tell her where she was. Rei sat staring into the fire, although all the fire kept showing her was ice.

Suddenly she was knocked back on her butt by an over powering vision of a youma attacking three teenagers and a baby, who all looked suspiciously familiar. Recognizing the bicentennial gardens she raced out of the temple and toward her destination.

At the gardens Rina, Kari, and Solana were enjoying a nice day with Ichiro when suddenly the plants around them started to grow and reach.

Makoto sensing something changing in the plants followed her instincts and without thinking grabbed Ichiro and pushed the girls onto the nearby cement patio. "I don't know what is after you or how it effects the plants but get out of here."

"What about you?" Asked Solana taking her cousin.

"I will try to distract it and hold it off while you get out of her and stay on cement." Makoto instructed as she summoned her green thumb and tried to wrangle the plants.

Rei ran into the group as they were exiting. "Come here I can protect you." Summoning her fire ability she created a shield of flames and used it to surround the group.

Uranus, Neptune and Ocean watched from a distance, "Why are we just watching?"

"Because sweetheart, the Queen wishes to give them the opportunity to rejoin us and to do that we need to be able to trust them and to that end we need to observe them in action." Neptune calmly explained.

Makoto finally was able to trick the plants into tying themselves up. While Rei's protective shield kept the plants at bay by burning anything that touched it. Neptune and Makoto both noticed something in the water at the same time. Both dove in and chased whatever was in the water. Makoto coming up successful, and without even knowing how electrocuted the alien fish to death before handing it over to the senshi.

In a flash both Rei and Makoto disappeared. The younger senshi smiled which became contagious and the elder senshi returned to normal and said, "Not even a senshi can change destiny."

Haruka frowned at Michiru before turning to the youngsters, "Who wants some ice cream."

A unanimous cry of agreement went up and they raced toward Haruka's car.

On the moon ...

"Congratulations you have both earned my blessing now return to a home long forgotten and find the powers of old." Selene's voice echoed as a red and green light flew past her home on their way to the homes long forgotten.

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