Atobe Keigo had everything in the world.

Many people were envious of him. He had so many fangirls surrounding him once he got to school. He was the captain of the tennis team at Hyoutei. He was especially famous for being able to beat Tezuka in a match, even though Atobe knew he had an injured shoulder that time. Because of this, Atobe was never quite satisfied with it.

However, Atobe now had a entirely different goal.

His personal goal was now to beat Sanada Genichirou. He figured, since Sanada had beaten Tezuka, if he could beat Sanada, then Tezuka wouldn't be a worthy opponent to him.

It was all a very complex math equation, you see.

Actually…not really.

Atobe Keigo had all the riches in the world, and had everything he had so desired, except for one thing.

Crushing Sanada Genichirou.

He, of course, trained for the upcoming Nationals, in anticipation of beating Sanada.

However, things didn't go quite as he had planned.

Even with Atobe actually making a honest effort in improving himself, he still had lost to the captain of Rikkaidai.

Even with all the riches before him, Atobe Keigo had failed in being able to achieve his one goal.

It was probably the only goal that was unattainable to the great Atobe Keigo.

It was for the first time in his life that he realized that money really couldn't buy happiness.

Because Sanada was too far away from him. As Sanada went up higher and higher, Atobe could feel himself slowing down to a halt.

For once, he didn't care a thing about what riches he had.

But even with this fact, Atobe Keigo knew he himself was still selfish.

Atobe Keigo was selfish, and he knew this fact alone would never change, no matter what the circumstance was.

He knew it was for a fact that he would want to keep Sanada Genichirou close by him, never letting go.

Sanada was an unattainable goal, and it made Atobe want to keep holding onto him even more.

He knew, though, that perhaps he wouldn't be able to hold onto him forever. Someday, Sanada would fly out of Atobe's grasp and challenge the world, leaving Atobe behind in the dust.


Wow. Another story with no dialouge. It was kind of, Atobe-centric Tango Pair. Mehs. Maybe I'll write a companion fic with Sanada's point of view.