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Al walked over to his neighbors house to see what she was doing. When he opened the door he saw Emma standing in the middle of the room crying. She was wearing the locket that he had given her for a birthday present. Emma also had on her pink shirt, but for some reason it had a tint of red on it. Al ran up to her to try to comfort her but when he tried to hug her he couldn't. It was like he wasn't even there with her.

"Why!" Emma sobbed to Al." Why did you leave me? I was so scared and you just left me Al!"

Al shook his head. No he thought This isn't real. I haven't seen you in two years.

Al started running away from her but no matter how far he went he could still hear her sobbing.

"Al?" Someone said. He felt a violent shake and woke up from his dream.

Al woke up with a start. He saw his brother Ed looking at him strangely.

"Are you OK Al? It sounded like you were having a nightmare."

Al shook his head making a metal sound. "It's nothing Ed. Don't worry about me, please." He asked his brother.

Ed just shrugged. They were on their way to see Mustang so they can give him Ed's report on their latest mission. It had been a long week and Ed couldn't blame Al for having weird dreams. Al waited for Ed to fall back asleep before he started thinking about his dream.

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