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She stared out the window as the scenery flew by while they drove. She had no idea where they were going. Something was bothering her, and he could tell, but he hadn't said anything. He remained quiet watching her sigh a lot, watching her sit uncomfortably in the passenger side of the car. She had her arms folded heavily across her chest and she was biting her lower lip. He was concerned for her. He always had been. She was suffering. He knew her well enough to tell.

Besides her current mood, she always felt safe with him. Protected. He gave her butterflies. No one ever gave her the feeling she always had whenever he came around, which, mind you, was quite frequently lately. She was beyond frustrated. She wanted to say something so badly to him right now. It was impossible, however, as she figured deep down it was forbidden. There was nothing worse than a forbidden love.

Mikaela had long left Sam. It was to protect each other, finding that the Decepticon's constant movement had forced their hand so to speak. She still loved him in some way, as he did her, but neither would admit it ever again. Truthfully, there was someone else, even if the someone else hadn't known it himself. Even Sam hadn't made her feel the way she did for the other one.

Now, after the years, after the publicity, she had managed to get underground, away from the Autobot and Decepticon war, away from Sam, at least she had hoped for good. She remained an outcast while Sam became the hero with Bumblebee always at his side. There were so many Autobots and Decepticons that she swore that they could take over the world if they wanted to. Too many to count. This one that visited her had landed not long before she went underground, so she knew who he was, as did everyone else, but she was his friend and he hers, so they still met behind closed doors so no one saw them. She swore she would forever hate the warring factions because of what they had done to her, to Sam, to their world. But not him. She had tried, but it seemed the more she tried, the more he wormed his way into her heart.

So here they sat. They had been driving for quite a while headed nowhere in particular, just the fun of being together. It had started to rain when they decided to stop under an abandoned underpass. No one would look for them, she was sure, and no one would find them. She still had her arms folded heavily, staring out the window, though her face was more frowning then distorted into anger, "You've been quiet tonight,"

She nodded, but said nothing. How she wanted to tell him so badly. No one would accept it, she knew it. And he would be forced out of the Autobot forces because there was a reason he was coming up missing more and more lately, "Are you alright?"

She squinted, still staring out the window, barely holding back tears. She so wanted to tell him, but she was afraid. Man was she afraid. She had never feared so much as much as she did now. Even Mission City. She was stalling, he could tell. He knew her so well now, it was amazing how much he knew about her, "Mika,"

"What?" she finally answered him, snapping her head to not just a dash, but a man sitting next to her, his sparkling blue eyes were always ones to pull her into a trance. She stared a long time before moving her look away from his, again wishing she could tell him how she felt. Did he feel the same? She was so afraid he didn't. What if he didn't? She would make a fool of herself in front of him, and she cared too much to embarrass herself like that, "Is there something wrong Mika?"

No answer. She only turned to look back out the window as if something had caught her attention, refusing to look into those beautiful eyes that were still staring at her, she could feel it, "I'm your friend, Mika, you can tell me anything."

Friend? What if I want you more than just a friend, then what, huh? "I know," she responded. She was lying. She felt she could never tell him that she loved him like this, "Want me to take you home?"

She dropped her hands onto her legs, sighing in defeat and he moved a hand to hers and held it tightly, "Anything for you, Mika," He said to her. God how she just wanted to kiss him. Hold him, feel the muscles in his arms. Feel him holding her in an embrace. He had, but not like the way she wanted to be held by him. The embrace made her feel so good. Made her want more, but he would release her before she could do anything. Damn it, why? Why can't things be simple?

He sat there silently as he watched her. It pained him so badly that she was suffering, and it pained him even more that she wasn't talking to him about it. She talked to him about everything. Was it really something that bad? He wanted to hold her, tell her everything was alright, but there were limits that Optimus had set in order when they all got there in the first place. They weren't to have any kind of relationships past friendships with the humans, and this was proving hard on him. He did in fact love her with all of his spark. He had no idea why, he would die for her. He was always one to not listen anyways, so what was once more? Only the fact he would be kicked from the Autobots as an outcast for disobeying a 'law' Optimus Prime had set down. He mentally cursed, "I'm here for you," his voice was so gentle, and he never missed when she swooned to it.

/Sideswipe, come in, this is Prowl./

Such timing! /Yes, Prowl?/

/Where have you taken off to now? Sunstreaker is worried sick. You have been gone for over 2 days./ Wow, had it really been that long?

/There is Decepticon activity within your area, I want you to check it out./

/Why me?/

/Because you are closer, Prowl out./ The link went dead.

Slag, why did he have to call him now? Why couldn't he bother someone else? He didn't want to fight, he wanted to be with Mikaela as often as possible. He stared at her a while longer before he started his engine and shifted into gear. This made Mikaela look at him, even though he was touching none of the car's controls, he was still watching her, leaning back taking in the last moments until he could escape to her again, "Prowl called," he said to her as if to answer her before she even asked.

"What's wrong?"

"There's Decepticons around here, I am taking you home for now, he wants me to check it out,"

"I can't go?"

He shook his head at her and frowned, "I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I lost you, Mika,"

"Sides, I'm stronger than I look,"

He smiled at her and looked back towards the road, "You know I won't be gone long," he rocked the car as he hit a low gear, leaving black marks in the pavement in 3rd gear and smirked at her when she gave him a devilish smile. He knew she loved cars, especially fast ones, and he was for sure fast. He was also what they call an exotic car, one that wasn't even manufactured in this country. He had found it while him and his brother were stumbling through a dealership which had nothing but exotic cars. They were lucky to have found that place.

Sideswipe turned on his comm. to his brother, one he had deliberately off, and the first thing he got as a reward was a very pissed off twin brother.

/Sides, where in the Pit have you been!?/

/I'm fine, Sunny./

/Don't call me that/

/Alright, Sunshine./

/Shut up, you slagger, I know Prowl contacted you./

/Then why didn't you go and check out the Decepticons for me?/

/Because, oh dear brother, I am already at the site he wanted you to go, and I need back up/

Oh no.

"Sides, is everything alright?" she asked as she noticed he really quickened his pace.

"Sunstreaker," was all he got out, "I'm sorry, Mika, he needs me,"

"It's fine, Sides, I know how you and your brother are," she mused with a hint of a small smile.

He looked at her then smiled before approaching her home, where he slowed down until he was stopped. She felt the sudden urge to kiss him, but refrained as she stared into his eyes, "Come back, you hear?"

"Of course," he grinned, "It would take more than some Decepticons to stop me from getting to you,"

She smiled at his own grin and then for some reason that urge hit him again. Oh what the hell, and she leaned in to give him a peck on his cheek but he turned his cheek as she got closer, just as she did. He smirked as she planted the kiss right on his lips and neither of them gave it up quickly. They stayed locked in that embrace for a few seconds before she finally broke from the kiss and gave him a look. He wasn't sure if that was possibly the first time that she seemed unreadable. She gave him a small smile then the smile disappeared as she moved her right hand to search for the door handle, "I.. uh, I didn't expect-"

"I did," was all he responded as she lifted the handle with a jerk and the door lifted up over her head and she smiled a few more times, unsure of what to say. Had he really did that on prurpose? He only watched her bewilderment as she stared at him until the door closed, and suddenly he sped off, spinning wheels hard, and she turned to go back to the house, but the sound of someone yelling made her look to his disappearing body, "Yeeehawwwww!!"

Defiance is so rewarding sometimes. She smiled as she watched him leave.