Title: Walking Together

Author: greatfountain

Pairings/Characters: None/Kawato, Mikoshiba

Rating: PG

Summary: Kawato, Miko-chan, and looking together.

Note: Dialogue only, because I felt like it.

Note 2: A reminder: this is dumb. They're all kind of dumb, really. XD

"Sensei, I don't know how you do it."

"Do what, Mikoshiba?"

"Not kill us! Not end up in a mental institution!"

"I'm so relieved you guys are so hard and walking together I don't really mind, Mikoshiba."

"'Walking together'?"

"It's like… instead of all of you walking your own paths—and maybe getting lost on your way to find your dreams—you all met at a crossroads and started down one path together. One of you even has a map to lead the way! You're all finally looking in the same direction, instead of getting distracted."

"So, you mean that… when we were doing all of that other stuff, we were looking back, and away, and every possible way but forward, but now you've drawn our attention to the…uh…'bright and beautiful' things before us?"

"Exactly! You guys messed up before, but you're working to fix it, and you're like new people!"

"I think we kind of are. Playing baseball has changed us. We don't have any interest in all that other crap anymore. I mean, I've always loved baseball, so I don't know how the other guys feel, but playing with them is so…special."

"Now do you see it? That's how I feel whenever I look at you guys. Seeing you guys fighting for your dreams so hard is enough for me!"

"I…guess so, Sensei. But they still kind of drive me nuts. Can't they shut up for five minutes?!"

"I've…maybe thought that too, but I won't yell at them for it. For now, just go with it. As long as they're not hurting anyone, there's no reason to ask them to quiet down. You guys are a rowdy bunch, but people like you because life is never boring with you around."

"Thanks for reminding me, Sensei."

"Ahhh! It's this far already?! Crap, I missed my turn ages ago!"

"…good night, Sensei…"

Aww, Miko-chan, don't be so easily annoyed! XD