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"C'mon, stay with me" Trent said, winking at his goth companion. Gwen stared up at him with half-lidded eyes, groaning at the thought of another hour without sleep.

It was night three of their non-sleep challenge here on Total Drama Island. After their vigorous run and stuffing lunch, the campers were forced to stay awake for days on end. Now, the two teammates- Gwen and Trent- were finding methods of keeping the other awake. So, in their secret quest to learn more about one another, they agreed to play "Random Questions." When one of them started to fall asleep, the other would ask a more detailed personal question…to wake them up and learn something knew. So far, Trent had learned that Gwen was different than any other girl he'd ever met, and Gwen learned that if she didn't have a "type" before, she did now-Trent.

"Okay, favorite fruit?" Trent asked.

"Watermelon. Favorite color?"

"Orange. You?"

"Midnight blue…."

"Ooooh, mysterious. I like that." Gwen smiled up at him. Gosh, he's so…nice. Gwen thought to herself. And tall. And…oh my gosh, I'm following a trend! Of liking Trent! A trend of Trent! Say THAT five times fast…

Gwen laughed aloud, and Trent looked down at her. "What? Did I say something?" he asked, afraid he had done something embarrassing.

"No, no, not at all! I'm just…being Gwen." She asked, praying he didn't think she was totally wack.

Trent faced her, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "I like you being Gwen." He opened his mouth again as if to say something, but was interrupting by a strange sound. He dropped his arm and turned to see a disturbing image that left Gwen's mouth hanging open—

Owen was sleepwalking. Naked.


By the time the duo had gotten over the shock, there were only six people awake or not disqualified on each team. Gwen and Trent were half awake and half playing their game.

They were lying on their backs, head to head, staring at the night sky. Just as Gwen was about to cave in and fall asleep, she heard a sweet voice softly say "You still awake?"


"Okay, well let's get you awake then, shall we?" Trent hoped she could hear the grin in his voice. "Alrighty then, where's the little dipper?"

After a long yawn, the goth girl replied "See the big dipper? Follow it up to that bright star and you're at the little dipper."

At the sound of soft snoring, the two teens flipped on their stomachs. They looked over at a boulder that had two sleeping girls on it- Katie and Sadie. A question occurred to Trent.

"Aww, they even fall asleep together…" Trent looked over at Gwen, head propped up on his hands, looking up at her.

"So what about you, Gwen? Any close friends back home?" Mentally he added, any boyfriends?

"Oh, well…" Gwen couldn't think of any good way to state she was a complete loner. "No, not really. I march to the beat of my own drum, I guess. I try not to talk to people, and people try not to talk to me…" she allowed her voice to trail off.

"What? Really?" Trent looked completely shocked. He couldn't believe this amazing girl didn't have a ton of friends, let alone a boyfriend.

Gwen chuckled nervously. "What, why do you look so shocked I don't hang with people?"

"But…you're just so…interesting!!" Trent exclaimed, sitting up. "I mean, you're the most down-to-earth girl I've met…and you just seem so smart and great! How could people not want to be near someone so fascinating?"

Gwen's pale cheeks colored instantly. "You really think I'm that…interesting?"

"Well, yeah! How could you not have known that? Plus, from what you've told me, you're talented too. Although…" Trent put on a playful tone, "You still haven't shown me your sketch book…"

Gwen spent the next five minutes trying to convince him she wasn't that good, but unfortunately he wasn't buying it. After a while, as the fourth day neared, Trent fell asleep, making Gwen the only one left on her team awake. She looked over at Trent, who was smiling in his sleep. Gwen wondered what he was dreaming about…not knowing it was her.

A few hours later, just before the sun rose and the stars disappeared, Gwen saw a shooting star and wished with all her might she and Trent would somehow get together before the camp was over.

And, somewhere, off in the distance, she could hear Owen clambering back into camp.

He was still naked.


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