Gwen looked with disgust at the slop on her plate. We're supposed to eat this? she asked herself, until Chef plopped a straw on her plate. Ah.

Her disappointment that Trent wasn't up yet was surpassed by a shivering Heather sitting across from her, dropping empty stuttering threats. "I—I—"

"You look a little blue, baby" Leshawna said, laughing. Heather ignored her and sneezed all over the two of them—Gwen could hardly tell the difference between that and the food on her plate. Oh well, she couldn't bring herself to feel bad—that's what Heather got for trying to be so bossy.

"Well hello, Beautiful", Trent said walking up behind them. Looking at Leshawna and Heather he added "Mind if I steal the pretty lady for a bit?". Ignoring a rude comment from the sick black haired girl, Trent smiled at Gwen. "Want to take a walk before the challenge today?" he asked.

"S-sure!" Gwen replied, still recovering from the compliments, and stood up. She was more than happy to leave what the producers were trying to pass off as food.

The two made their way into the sunshine, enjoying as much of the day as they could before what was sure to be a hell of a challenge. Gwen smiled as the warm air reached her face, and cast a quick glance at Trent. He smiled back…but something seemed off. It was like he was nervous about something.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah! I'm—just thinking. I miss you. It seems like lately one of us is hurt or sick. I'm glad I'm getting to spend time with you."

Gwen giggled—it was true. Feeling bold, she grabbed his hand. "Me too" she said with a shy smile.

Trent squeezed her hand, not wanting to let go. But during the rest of their walk around camp, he couldn't get the courage up to say what was on his mind…

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