Anger's Betrayal Ch. 16

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Previously: "I told dad that he was to leave everything that had anything to do with you up to me, that he wasn't allowed to yell at you anymore, that I would deal with any crisis that happened when we were hunting, and that includes punishment too if need be. "So what do you think little brother, Should we give dad another chance?"

Sammy thought about all the things that Dean had just told him and about how their dad had been acting over the past few days.. He knew Dean would watch over him and be more protective now without a doubt. He also thought about how much Dean loved the hunt and that Dean seemed more alive during a hunt than at any other time. How could he begrudge Dean the joy of doing something that he truly loved, and besides he really missed the three of them being together.

"Yeah Dean, I think we should. Dad really is trying to change and we're just beginning to become a family again. I think we should give it a shot" Sam knew he had made the right choice as soon as he saw the smile that immediately lit up Dean's face.

"Cool! Now we just have to tell dad when he gets back" Dean stated as he patted his little brother on the knee. If the truth be told, he couldn't wait to get on the road again in the search for a new hunt. He felt more free when he was hunting and truly loved the life, but he would honestly give it up in a second if it was what Sammy needed to be happy.

"So what do we do now?" Sammy asked as he fought off the urge to yawn in front of his big brother knowing that Dean would force him to take a nap if he knew he was tired.

"Right now, you need to rest dude" Dean said as he watched Sammy try to smother a yawn. "And don't try to tell me that your not tired because I know how bad those coughing exercises wear you out."

Dean waited as Sammy lay down and then pulled the blanket up over his brother and gently tucked him in, before climbing into his own bed once again. Within minutes, Sammy's breathing had evened out as he faded off to sleep. As Dean lay awake in how own bed, he reveled in the knowledge that things would soon be back to normal once again, well normal for a hunter's life anyway.


When John and Bobby returned to the boys room moments later, they found both boys in their beds peacefully sleeping. Knowing that the boys definitely needed the rest, Bobby whispered to John "I'm going back to my place to turn the den into a bedroom. Sammy's going to be pretty weak when he's finally released and it will be a struggle for him to climb the stairs to their regular room."

"Thanks Bobby, I don't know what we would have done without ya man. You were there for my boys when they needed you the most."

Seeing the sincerity that was shining in John's eyes, Bobby said "Yeah, well those boys mean a lot to me you know ya damned idjit." as he tried to lighten the tone of the conversation.

"How well I know that since you threatened to shoot my ass full of buckshot on more than one occasion in their defense" John replied with a snicker.

"And I still might" Bobby said as he left the room. He left the hospital secure in the fact that both boys were out of danger and well on the mend.

Back in the boys room, Dean was just beginning to stir as he noticed somebody else in the room. He opened his eyes to see his dad sitting in the chair between his and Sammy's bed with one hand resting on Sammy's chest. "Hey dad" Dean said as he let out a huge yawn.

"I'm sorry if Bobby and I talking woke you up Dean" John stated as he looked over at his oldest son.

"Nah, where did Bobby go anyway?" Dean said as he glanced around the room.

"He went back to his place to turn the downstairs den into a bedroom for you and Sammy. He was worried that Sammy would be to weak to climb the stairs when he was released, and besides that, you've still got a pretty good limp yourself to even think about trying to climb stairs."

"I could have done it Dad" Dean said since he didn't want John thinking he was weak.

"I don't doubt that for a minute son" John said as he smiled at the stubbornness of his eldest child. "We just knew you would want to be in the same room with Sammy while he fully recuperated from his bout with the pneumonia."

"You're damned right I would" Dean informed his dad since everybody already knew how protective he was of his baby brother.

A few moments of silence passed before Dean decided to let his father know what they had decided.

"Hey dad?"

"Yeah Dean?" John said as he returned his attention to his child.

"Sammy and I were talking while you and Bobby were out of the room"

"About what?" John asked.

"About us being a family and going on the hunt again."

John tensed in anticipation of what Dean's next words would be. "And?"

"And…We've decided that were ready to hunt, to be a family again. We'll hit the road with you again as soon as Sammy is up to it" Dean said as he watched a look of utter happiness cross his father's face.

"Damn, you don't know how happy you've just made me kiddo" John shouted happily as he pumped his fist into the air. This day was truly turning out to be one of the best days of his life, next to getting married and his boys being born of course.

"What's with the shouting?" Sammy asked as he rubbed his eyes with his fist. He was woken up from a deep sleep and was feeling the effects of drowsiness.

"Oops, sorry Sport" John said feeling sorry for waking his youngest son. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"S'okay Dad, I don't mind" Sammy mumbled.

"It's my fault Sammy, Dad was so happy when I told him we were going back on the hunt that he forgot you were asleep" Dean said to explain what had happened.

"S'good De" Sammy said as his eyes slowly drifted closed.

"I guess we better keep it quiet for a while" John whispered to Dean as he watched Sammy drift off to sleep once again.


A couple of days later, Sammy sat on the bed dressed in jeans and a tee shirt as he waited on his dad to return from talking with Judson. He was being officially released today and couldn't wait to get out of the frigging hospital. As he sat, his leg bounced in nervousness as he wondered what was taking so long.

"You getting anxious there kiddo?" Dean asked he nodded towards Sammy's leg.

"What the hell is taking so long Dean? I'm ready to get out of here" Sammy said as he chewed on his lower lip.

"Relax dude, Judson is just giving dad our release papers and the instructions for the medications you'll be taking until your lungs are fully healed from the pneumonia" Dean said just before he saw their dad opening the door and walking in followed by two nurses pushing wheel chairs.

"Aw crap, tell me I don't have to ride in one of those things" Dean said as he rolled his eyes at the thought of sitting in a wheelchair. Those things were so not cool and would ruin his reputation with the hot nurses in the pediatric ward.

"Sorry Ace, but it's the rules" John stated as he helped Sammy into one of the chairs while Dean grudgingly sat in the other. The nurses pushed the boys out of the room and followed John to the elevator. After exiting the elevator, the nurses pushed the boys to the reception area where they waited while John went to get the Impala.

John helped Sammy stretch out into the backseat while Dean climbed into the front seat to ride shotgun. After making sure that both of his boys were seated comfortably, John climbed into the sleek, black Impala and started the drive towards Bobby's place.

After a thirty minute drive, John pulled into Singer Salvage yard and parked his car as he saw Bobby walking out of the house. After climbing out of the car, he said "Hey Bobby, can you make sure Dean get's in the house okay while I get Sammy? The kid fell asleep on the way here."

"Sure thing John" Bobby replied as he watched Dean got out of the car under his own power.

"I'm good Bobby" Dean said as he limped towards the house with Bobby walking protectively beside him, ready to catch Dean in case he faltered in his steps.

As Bobby walked with Dean, John reached into the back of the Impala and placed an arm under Sammy's knees while he wrapped the other around his back, near the shoulder area. He gently tugged his youngest across the seat and then hoisted him up to carry him inside.

John followed Bobby inside the house as they led the boys to the room that would be their bedroom for the next few weeks. John gently deposited Sammy on the bed that was furthest from the door knowing that Dean would want the one near it so he would be Sammy's first line of protection in case of trouble.

As Dean lay in his bed that night watching Sammy sleep, he felt a deep sense of contentment come over him knowing that things were once again as they should be in the lives of the Winchesters.

THE END………I am thinking about doing one more sequel to this story called ANGER'S OUTCOME that delves into just why Sammy left for Stanford. Was it a quest to be normal, or was there something else more sinister or heartbreaking to it? What do you think--is the sequel worth writing?