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Chapter Ten
Hamburger-a-gogo Land

Sasuke watched Hinata as she leaned against his shoulder as she slept. If you had told him a few years ago that he'd elope with Hinata he'd laugh in your face. If you had told him that he would have sex with her he would have punched you in the face. But he was doing both and not regretting a single minute of doing so.

He kissed her temple and looked across the isle at his brother and soon to be sister in law. Itachi was fast asleep but still had a very serious expression on his face while Hanabi was sprawled out across her seat with her head in Itachi's lap. They were so much more tolerable when they were asleep. Neji emerged from the plane bathroom and was surprised to see Sasuke still up.

"Why are you still awake?" Neji questioned.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted in his usual antisocial way.

"You're an ass Uchiha. I don't know what Hinata-sama sees in you. But-" Neji paused and stared at the angel asleep on Sasuke's shoulder. "It must be something special."

Neji then sat down in the seat in front of Sasuke and Hinata and put his ear plugs in. Sasuke let Neji's words seep in. He was an ass. He was rude and crude and he never knew when to say the right things. He lacked tact and wasn't the kindest person in the world either. And yet Hinata still stuck by him after all these years. Through all the fights they had and the girls that would hang on him-she still stayed by his side. He knew that this wasn't going to be the wedding she dreamed about. No where near that dream. He could still remember playing house with her when they were little.


The two little kids were in Hinata's room with her Barbie dream house opened and her dolls scattered on the floor. Sasuke had his arms crossed and he was pouting in a corner. Hinata tried to pry his arms open but he wouldn't budge.

"P-p-please!" Hinata stammered and Sasuke hissed.

"No! I'm not gonna be that dumb blonde!" he pouted.

"But he's gonna be my husband! Sasuke you gotta!" Hinata whined and Sasuke could feel his resolve breaking.

"Why can't I be your husband?" Sasuke asked curiously and Hinata blushed.

"Be-Because! You're my bestest friend! And, and Sakura already called you!" Hinata explained as she fiddled with her fingers.

"No one calls me! I make my own decisions and I've decided that you're my
wife so that's final." Sasuke huffed.

"Why do I have to listen to you!" Hinata frowned and Sasuke smirked.

"Cuz I'm older than you that's why!"

"Fine." Hinata sighed at his very logical explanation.

Even in her dreams she wasn't going to be married to Naruto. Sasuke always got in the way. She dreamed of having a small white and orange wedding with all of her friends and family there. Sasuke was going to be her maid of honor and Itachi would be her bridesmaid. Neji would give her away to Naruto and she would live happily ever after with lots of blonde haired blue eyed babies.

When she explained that to Sasuke earlier he called her stupid and said that her babies would look like that. He said they would come out ugly because Naruto was ugly. She didn't believe him. So instead of her dream she ended up playing house with Sasuke until her mom called her down to go home. She was never going to play house with Sasuke again.

End Flashback

Sasuke chuckled at the memory. He still held true to the fact that Hinata and Naruto's babies would be ugly because well Naruto was ugly. Plain and simple. He felt his eye lids grow heavy and he let the sweet blanket of sleep engulf him.


Hisashi paced around his office as his secretary clicked from news channel to news channel in vain hope that they might see the children. Fugaku had called him earlier in an angry tizzy over where his heir had gone. Apparently they'd checked every where and still couldn't find the youngest Uchiha brat and his brother. Curiously Hisashi had gone
upstairs to check on his children and nephew. He found every last one of them missing from their beds so he called each of their friends only to come up empty handed. No one knew of their whereabouts. He ran his fingers furiously through his hair as Mitsuki came up behind him and massaged his shoulders.

"Don't worry so much. I'm sure they'll turn up eventually." She cooed and then turned him around so that he was facing her. "In the meantime let's have some fun."


Mikoto looked longingly at the front door, hoping that her boys would come bursting through it. Where had they gone off to? Hinata was missing as well and so were Neji and Hanabi Hyugaa. They must all be together but where had they gone? Were they safe? Had they eaten? Fugaku was mentally pulling his hair out and Mikoto didn't know if it was fear for the children's safety or the fact that he may loose his only heir? She sighed and moved her gaze away from the door and to her lap. The children hadn't been gone long enough to file a missing person's report and that was also the last thing they wanted to do. When you were as powerful as the Uchihas and Hyugaas there was no such thing as bad publicity. Personally Mikoto didn't care how bad it looked to the public but her husband ranted on and on about upholding the Uchiha name. Blah blah blah. She loved her husband but sometimes he could be such a prick.


The plane landed in Las Vegas, Nevada and awoke everyone on the plane. They drowsily gathered their carry-on items and head down the stairs to get off the plane. When they reached the sunlight Hanabi yawned and stretched.

"Hello Hamburger-a-gogo land!" she smiled and people looked at her funny.

A person mumbled the word tourist and the group tried to control the now energetic girl because she had now seen the gift shop. She would surely buy everything they had in stock.

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