Well, I really shouldn't be starting a third chapter story, especially with the fact that I'm struggling to update even those, but I couldn't help it. Now a little information to back up the story, Sakura is Naruto's bestfriend, and although she likes him a lot, every move she's ever tried has crashed and burned, so she's settled with just best friend. Sasuke's is pretty self explanatory. And Sasuke, has ever had a 'homosexual experiance' -cough cough-lies-cough cough- But Naruto is openly gay.haha. And as you'll see they lead very differnt lives

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Warning-Compulsive has been known to write lemons, limes, cat fights, deaths, love, heart breaks, and depressing moment. Be sure you know what you're getting yourself into.


I've been a book keeper for a long time. Well not of this store, but in general. The Book Store I own now, was recently passed down to me from my father, who got it from his father, the whole and so on, and so on thing. You get it. I guess what was also passed down in the family was the bad eye sight. Thus the glasses.

But the most recent installment was my little helper, Lee. Lee was never late and kept track of books very well, and for the most part, a keen source of entertainment. Often eager about beginning the work day at four-fifteen, he rarely showed up with bad attitude. He was only a high school student though, so when he came upset, it was usually opposite sex problems.

Around the time he comes, I leave off, for a break.

But today was different. I left and when I returned there was Lee hopping around with a big smile on his face,

"Wow, Lee, I don't believe I've ever seen you this happy to see me, after a break!" I dropped my bags behind the counter, and patted him on the head, he shook it.

"What?" I asked, still smiling.

"You aren't really happy to see me, are you?"

"No, Ucihah-san, no I am really happy to see you! It's just, I had to wait for you to get back before asking, can I use the restroom."

"Oh, good jashin, go!" I chuckled lightly. Like I said, good source of entertainment. After Lee had scurried off to the restroom, a man walked in. He was no average man, about my height blond hair, and the way he was dressed, you'd think the last place he'd be, was in a Book Store.

Naru POV

It's been a while since I've actually taken the time to look at a Book Store. And, I mean, despite what everyone thinks of me, I enjoy reading, a lot! When I'm not partying, working, and just hanging out, I very busy with my reading. But I've kept it on the down-low, because nobody needs to know that side of Naruto, Uzumaki. Nobody.

I mean, I've been in here before, during my collage years, and high school years, yes, but after that...me and my books fell out, while I caught up on some well earned, fresh-out-of-collage-partying.

When I got back to them, I realised I didn't want to re-read any of them. I had moved on. That was part of the reason I returned to this store.

Pushing open the door, the man looking down at his paper work intrigued me. He glanced up, and I could have sworn he started for a split second, then returned to the papers. I walked up to the counter and flashed my five star smile.

"Is there something you need help with?" He seemed less interested than I thought he would be. I put it away,

"Um, yes, actually. I'm looking for something that would catch my interest. Any suggestions?" I guess we'll have to this the old fashion way.

"Rigth this way."


This man was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Wait, no. I have no interest in men. Where was Lee? How long does it take to piss?

Lets just show him the most boring books I can think of so he won't have a reason to come back. No more distractions.

"Here one of my personal favorites, Wuthering Heights." Ugh. I dread this book. I would rather get kicked in the balls every four minutes, than read this awful book once more.

"Absolutely fabulous book, I would read it all day long if I wasn't so busy. Such interact detail, and the writing is nearly flawless. Read it at least four times!" Wow, I don't believe I've ever lied so much in so few sentences.

"Go ahead, check it out." I said, handing him the book.

I made my way to the book case against the wall that cornered this one. Walking over I glanced down to his feet, catching a glimce of his butt. Which, was quite a sight, before I tripped over a shoelace. Hitting the rough carpet, the man turned around,

"Are you okay?"

Did I just check him out?

"Yeah, this always happens."

And now, of course Lee comes out.

"Oh, my jashin, did Ucihah-san fall? I must go get my camera, this is a memorable moment, this never happens." He called running back into the back room. Lee was dead when I got my hands on him.

"Happens alot, huh?" I returned to the situation at hand, where I had been caught in a lie.

"He's not here often."

"Hmm." I returned to my paper-work. The one thing I couldn't do wrong, seeing as, since this man came in I've failed at everything else. From my sexuality, to just plain walking.


Wuthering Heights? Was he kidding? Not only was this book boring, the plot was said to be so thick you'd need a comb to get through it! The reviews online were pretty rough. But, if he wanted me to read it. Hey, I'll do it. Not because I want to, but because I want to see this guy again.

"Ring 'er up!" I chimed, slamming the book down.

"Really?" He asked, bewildered,

"I mean, really? Well, good choice." He sneered. Smiling really wasn't his thing.

"Yeah. I want this one. The way you boasted about it," I ranted, my hands flailing in the air,

"And I mean just look at the binding," I got in his face,

"It practically moans 'Rape'-uh-'Read Me.'" I smiled, realising I got a bit carried away there. But there he stood, wide eyed, lips dried, and he gulped.

"O-Okay." When a flash came from the side. I backed up finally, and there was that little guy the had busted 'Uchihah-san' earlier. Oh, man was he gonna get now. The other man shot the kid a dirty look, and the he grinned,

"Oh, look at the time, gotta pee again? Damn this pea sized blatter!" And he hurried off again.

"Let me ring this up for you." He said through cleched teeth,

"I never caught the name." I claimed out reaching my hand,

"Sasuke, Sasuke Ucihah." He placed the bag on my hand.

"Naruto, Uzumaki." I smiled again turning for the door.

"Thanks for the book!" I called near the door,

"And, Sasuke?"

"Hn?" I turned toward him and made a finger gun,

"I'll be back." I made a little bang sound, and exited. I stood on the outside of the front door, and I heard the sound of clattering shelves, and a body drop.

"Works every time."

I know, I know it sounds kinda boring now, but I've got big plans for this baby. It's gonna go places. Like I'm really excided to write this story!