Hi there everyone! I revised this story and wanted to post the new version of it! I hope you enjoy it!

Plot: Bella is in a car accident and doesn't make it. This is her funeral.

Edward POV

Nobody dared to breathe or speak that cold September morning. The memorial service for my beloved Bella was taking place. Charlie, Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle were carrying the casket down to the burial site. My surroundings were completely invisible to me as one thought continued to pulse through my mind; my sweet Bella is in that casket. Thunder rolled through the sky, rumbling the ground below us with lightning flashing above us. It wasn't long until the burial was held and over almost in the same moment.

My family and I stayed behind at the gravesite after everyone else had departed. Lightning continued to wage war in the sky, making the sky come alive like fire. Somberly, we stood around her burial spot. Alice broke down into sobs, leaning onto Rosalie for support. Rose stared at the freshly covered hole with horror in her eyes. Emmett and Jasper both wore solemn expressions as they tried containing their grief; it had failed and they both begun to sob, holding their wives. I continued trying my hardest to stay composed, but my own strength was crumbling. Esme kneeled by her grave, placing roses and freesias on top of the dirt.

"Bella, you will always be my daughter. I will miss you terribly. I love you." Esme cried quietly, bringing her hands to cover her face. Carlisle knelt beside his wife while rubbing her back. Even the most put together man I know was sobbing tearlessly. It wasn't long before Carlisle started to speak.

"My dearest daughter, I am so incredibly sorry it ended like this for you. My biggest wish is that I could have saved you. You were truly the heart of this family. You brought us all together in a way that's hard to fathom. You became my daughter and I loved you like one. I am going to miss having to patch you up, just like I would have done to my own children. I can't express with words how much we are going to miss you. You gave me such pride and joy in having a human child to call my own." Carlisle's voice broke as he lost all his composure to the end. His speech felt like a stake had been drove right into my heart. Jasper came to stand next to Carlisle and Esme.

"Bella, you will never know how much I regret the day I nearly killed you. I will never get over the fact that you should be here next to us, not beneath the soil. I am so sorry this happened to you. You were a part of each of us and it feels like we have been buried with you. I'm sorry for always seeming distant, but I wanted you to feel safe around us. I am going to miss you. I will always carry this guilt with me and I am so sorry." Jasper spoke quietly, grief and guilt written into his voice. He sunk to the ground next to Carlisle and Esme, sobbing silently with them. Alice shakily stepped forward.

"You will forever be my sister, Bella. I still don't want to believe that you're gone. You didn't deserve this. I'm going to miss you so much. I'll miss the Barbie Doll Bella days and all the days we spent together. I love you and I would do anything in the world to have my sister back." Alice crumbled down into Jasper's arms as Emmett stepped forward.

"I would give the world to see you trip down the stairs one more time. I would give the world to hear you laugh at one of my stupid jokes, even if it was just for a minute. Bella, I'm sorry I teased you so much about being clumsy. I'm sorry for squishing you with my bear hugs and annoying you with pranks. This world is never going to be the same without you. It's like the sun has been taken out of the sky. I love you little sis." Emmett said softly, trying to muffle his crying as he sank to the ground with the rest of our family. Emmett was lost and full of pain, but which one of us wasn't? Rosalie kneeled beside Emmett and surprised us all by speaking.

"Bella, I am incredibly sorry for not treating you well. I should have been kinder to you. I would give up my entire existence to have you back. I really came to love you, even though I never showed you that. You are always going to be my sister. I am so sorry for being mean to you. That is something I will always regret." Rosalie cried before burying her head into Emmett's chest.

I was the last one left, but my mind couldn't function enough for words. My body moved involuntarily to stand beside my family. I looked at the mound of dirt which my angel was buried beneath. I swallowed hard, trying to contain the heart-wrenching pain and sorrow that seared throughout my body.

"Edward, it's okay. Just let it out." Alice said softly, causing the searing pain to rise up even more.

"Yeah, it's fine Edward. You don't have to keep this to yourself." Emmett encouraged. That was all it took before I broke and sobs racked through my entire body.

"Bella, my sweet angel. The words I want to say will not form sentences to tell you how much I need you here with me. My body is empty without you. I wish so badly to hold you in my arms once more and never let go. You are the air in my lungs, the life inside of me, the beauty that I see, the love that fills my heart, and the spirit that filled my soul. All of those beautiful things were ripped away from me. I would do anything to have you here with me. I love you and I always will love you. You are always going to be on my mind, for as long as I live. You will inspire every one of my actions. I will find a way to continue on and live because I know that's what you would want. I was empty until I met you. You filled the void I had inside of me and now, that's been taken from me. I will not love anyone like I loved you. It's impossible to be with anyone knowing that you are not here. I will stay true to you until the end of eternity, and even then. I miss your warmth, your smile, your big brown eyes, your kindness, your selflessness, your beautiful face, your blush, your body, your soul, and your scent. I will love you for all of eternity." At the beginning, I was whispering, but by the end, I was yelling to the heavens and seas above. My heart was releasing all of the built up emotions. One hot tear rolled down my cheek and onto the dirt, something that I thought was never possible again. My family looked at me with their eyes full of sorrow. "Goodbye forever my love."

A deep roar of thunder cracked through the sky before the heavens opened up and the rain began pouring down. Emmett and Jasper placed the headstone firmly into the ground. It read;

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

9/13/1987 – 9/27/2007

Friend. Sister. Daughter.

Forever in Our Hearts

The rain continued pouring down heavily as we stood at the grave of my beloved Bella. My body ached with how much I missed her. I would have to live on forever without her by my side. I would have to stop myself from letting depression take over and curling into a ball to let life run its course. I need to stay strong for her. She wouldn't be happy if I hurt my family like that. I couldn't let them down again. We all lost someone close to us, but I lost my soul mate. I lost my reason for living. That is something that can never be replaced. I would never replace Bella. I will love her for eternity.