Kazooie's New Behavior

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Well, here it is, an actual new Banjo-Kazooie story. Yes, I promise that I'll finish this one up, as you can see, it will only have three chapters. Shocking? I think not. Anyway, this is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Nintendo 64 classic that is Banjo-Kazooie, one of the only rare platformers better than Mario. Read and enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo Jumbo, Spiral Mountain, and all other characters, places, and references belong to Rare.

One beautiful morning in the lush green Spiral Mountain, Banjo and Kazooie were sleeping peacefully in their humble home. Not bothered by Gruntilda Winkybunion the witch after defeating her at the Cauldron Keep, the bear and bird were getting plenty of rest, when the phone rang, causing Kazooie to wake from Banjo-s blue backpack and grabbed it with her right, red-colored wing.

"Kazooie the red-crested breegull is my name, being sarcastic and witty is my game," Kazooie stated as she yawned loudly, asking, "Who is it?"

The voice over the phone responded in an unfriendly matter, "If you don't come out with all your money, your house will BURN, and your relatives will DIE."

Kazooie did not think twice before she slammed the phone back down, waking up Banjo, who stretched and then scratched his head.

"Guh... who was that, Kazooie?" Banjo asked as he blinked several times.

Kazooie shook her head, replying frankly, "Oh, it was some bozo who probably doesn't have any kids."

"Kazooie!" Banjo snapped back, apalled, "Can't you be nice for at least once?"

Kazooie thought about it, and she then laughed, rolling her eyes. "Please! The only time I would be nice is if some spell were to affect me!" With that, she laughed her way back into the backpack and started snoozing again.

This gave Banjo a thought as he ran out of his house without Kazooie and his backpack, heading towards the nearby Mumbo Hut, home of his good friend, Mumbo Jumbo.

A few minutes later, Banjo has gotten to the lake of Spiral Mountain, on the western side of the mountain spiral as he was greeted by the humanoid shama, Mumbo Jumbo.

"Hello, bear. Where is bird?" Mumbo asked as he scratched his head.

Banjo walked closer to Mumbo and thoroughly explained, "Well, Kazooie is still being as mean as ever, and I need you to cast a spell on her to teach her some matters."

Mumbo paused for a moment, and he then pulled out a cotton bag, stating, "Sorry, bear, but you will need Glowbo for Mumbo to pull spell." He then pointed at the top of the spiral mountain. "Go up there and get Glowbo that hides and scampers on mountaintop.

Banjo nodded, and he gave Mumbo a thumbs up. "It will be a piece of cake, Mumbo!" The bear then ran as fast as he could towards the mountain, not weighed down by Kazooie or the backpack. As Banjo ran around the spiral, he went up as he eventually reached the top, spotted the Glowbo, and snatched it. He attempted to place it away, but suddenly remembered that...

"D'oh! I forgot! I left my backpack at home with Kazooie!" Banjo stated as he slapped his forehead, getting an idea. "Wait... that's perfect!" Holding the Glowbo firmly, Banjo jumped down from the spiral and splashed into the small creak surrounding the mountain, getting back on the grass and running towards his house.

Kazooie poked her head out of the backpack and glanced through the window, to see Banjo approaching. She sighed. "What does that idiotic bear want now? Can't he see that all I want is a nap?"

Before she could state another statement, Banjo bursted through the door and grabbed Kazooie by the neck, pulling her and his backpack off the stool as he then placed the backpack on his back and placed the Glowbo inside it. He then started running towards back to Mumbo's Hut, albeit slower with Kazooie inside.

"Banjo, what are you doing?" Kazooie asked as she bobbed up and down with Banjo running along the small slopes on the dirt-paved road.

Banjo only grinned as he approached Mumbo, taking out the Glowbo and handing it to him.

Mumbo smiled, placing the Glowbo in its bag and putting it close to his mouth. "All right, bear, one magic spell coming up. Eekum Bookum, Eekum Bookum, Eekum Bookum eko bum..." As he chanted and dance, the Glowbo's magic started to take effect, as a strange pink aura surrounded Banjo and Kazooie, entering Kazooie's body. Kazooie squawked as she moved violently in the backpack, before settling down and letting out a sigh.

"Did the spell work?" Banjo asked politely as Mumbo stopped dancing and placed away his bag.

"Spell worked. Go seek friend for test run on Kazooie's new behavior," Mumbo stated as he waved goodbye to Banjo and Kazooie, who ran through the hole within the mountain and headed into the Jinjo Village, venturing through the cavern with ease.