"Oh Banjo, did I ever tell you how nice Mr. Bottles' house was?" Kazooie stated as she let out a chuckle. "I do like that it's underground. It has a nice touch to it."

Banjo murmured to himself with curiosity as he entered Bottles' house, shaking his head as he bumped into Mrs. Bottles. "Oh hey, Mrs. Bottles!"

"Why hello, Banjo. And Kazooie," Mrs. Bottles stated as she sipped some coffee, glancing up at Kazooie. "Did you do make up, Kazooie? You look different."

Kazooie chuckled as she waved her right, red colored wing at Mrs. Bottles. "Oh, I'm feeling peachy, Mrs. Bottles! Nothing odd or unusual here!"

Mrs. Bottles murmured as she rubbed her chin. "I find that... odd to believe."

Banjo sighed as he rolled his left hand, trying to explain why Kazooie acted differenty to Mrs. Bottles. "I had Mumbo change her personality. As you can see, she isn't being nasty or mean spirited."

"Oh, so that's what it was!" Mrs. Bottle exclaimed as she nodded her head, "That's quite something. Surely my no good husband would be happy to hear about this."

Kazooie rubbed her chin with her left wing. "I do say, my lovely dear, where is the old chap, anyway?"

Mrs. Bottles giggled as she slightly blushed, closing her eyes as she placed her left hand on her face. "Lovely? Oh well, I..." She shook her head, clearing her throat. "He went to Hailfire Peaks. He mentioned something about a Dry Bowser being there."

"Dry Bowser?" Banjo gawked as he shook his head, knowing trouble was brewing. "Oh, I got a bad feeling about this already. Come on, Kazooie!"

"I do say, Banjo," Kazooie commented as Banjo dashed out of the underground house, heading up back to the Jinjo Village and towards one of Jamjars' many silos. "Please slow down! I might fall out of your wonderfully colored blue backpack!"