Author: The Plot Bunny Whisperer
Dear Journal
Rating: PG
Remus/Shacklebolt implied
Summary: CrackFic. Dear Diary sister/sequel. "Dear Journal, Got an interesting owl from Malfoy's mum today. Apparently, Voldemort tried to kill Malfoy so she sent him to Anger Management Therapy."
Warning: Implied slash.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't care, don't sue.


AN: Wh00t! It's doooone! ...Well, it's always been done, but YAY! I dun hafts update it anymore!

Thanks all, for being loyal and loverly readers! :D



Dear Journal,

Woke up with bad hangover.

Found out I passed a law stating that lemon drops were illegal while drunk.

Apparently I made yesterday National 'Be Nice To A Dark Lord' Day, also while drunk.

Hermione made me abolish that one.

Remus says I am never to act as the minister in a wedding while inebriated ever again, especially not for people who are drunk.

Shacklebolt says he is my loyal servant forever.

Am never drinking Firewhiskey again.

Harry J. Potter
Minister of Magic